Seventeen Congressmen
File Federal Suit Against
Clinton To End War
By Ted Barrett/CNN
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Seventeen U.S. congressmen filed suit against President Bill Clinton Friday seeking an end to military strikes against Yugoslavia.
The representatives, 15 Republicans and 2 Democrats, say the hostilities violate the 1973 War Powers Act which requires Congress to declare war or otherwise vote in favor of the military action.
The suit charges that "Defendant William Jefferson Clinton is unconstitutionally conducting an offensive military attack against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia without obtaining a declaration of war or other explicit authorization from Congress and despite Congress' decision not to authorize such action."
In a series of votes earlier this week, the House of Representatives failed to muster the votes to either declare war or support the ongoing airstrikes against Yugoslavia.
The suit argues that the War Powers Act requires troops be removed from military action 60 days after hostilities begin -- in this case May 25th -- unless congress okays their continued involvement.
Filing the suit are Ohio Democratic Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur. They joined Republican Reps. Tom Campbell (California), Bob Barr (Georgia), Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland), Dan Burton (Indiana), John Cooksey (Louisiana), Philip Crane (Illinois), Walter Jones (North Carolina), Donald Manzullo (Illinois), Charles Norwood (Georgia), Ron Paul (Texas), Tom Petri (Wisconsin), Marshall Sanford (South Carolina), Joe Scarborough (Florida), Bob Schaffer (Colorado), and Thomas Tancredo (Colorado).
U.S. District Court Judge Harold H. Greene has been assigned the case.