Russian Warns One Big
EMP Could Cripple America
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Our luncheon speaker was Representative Kurt Weldon (R-PA) who led an early May delegation of U.S. congressional representatives to meet with members of the Russian State Duma to discuss ways to end the US-NATO bombings. Weldon repeatedly expressed the opinion that President Clinton wants the bombings to continue for irrational reasons which are unclear to his congressional critics.
During the question period, I asked Weldon, "Given the weakness of the Russian missile alert system, especially with probable year 2000 computer problems, and the irrationality of both President Clinton and President Yeltsin, who already several times has threatened nuclear war over the bombings, what do you consider to be the percentage chance of nuclear war in the next 12 months." (My question and his reponse were the first and only reference to nuclear war during the conference, except for one panelist's sarcastic comment about using nuclear weapons against Belgrade.)
Weldon said (somewhat paraphrased): "This is why we in Congress are working so hard and doing our own negotiations. We are worried about the Russian nuclear safety issues. We are worried about the possibility of nuclear war over the instabilities this war has caused.
In fact, I have a story to tell. When the eleven members of our congressional delegation were sitting there with the members of the Russian Duma, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Foreign Policy Committee, Vladimir Lukin, warned the Americans, 'You have to understand that if we want to cause you a problem over this, we could. Someone, we don't know who, could send up a missile from a ship or a submarine and detonate a nuclear weapon high over the United States. The EMP (electromagenetic pulse) would take away all your capability.'** So we in Congress take this whole situation very very seriously."
This warning is even more direct and threatening than President Yeltin's several warnings that the bombing of Yugoslavia could eventually lead to World War Three or that Russian would massively retaliate should one US bomb stray into it's territory.
**Note: an electromagnetic pulse from a high detonated nuclear weapon could burn out most unprotected electrical and electronic equipment, unprotected computers, solid state electrical components of aircraft, modern autos, trucks, tractors and most consumer equipment and effectively bring America to a halt.
As I understand them, EMP weapons have a radius of coverage of about 25 to 50miles from their detonation point (still quite a problem). Does anyone knowif Lukin's statement that the EMP from a nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude could affect the entire U.S. is true?
Jon Bell

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I just read the article via Sightings about the Russian threat that a single EMP could take out the U.S. electronics capability, and a Jon Bell asked if a single pulse could do this. I don't know if I'm sending this to the right adresses, but here is my response:
One single pulse at a high enough altitude could do serious damage, especially if it targeted the megalopolis along the East Coast, but a single pulse almost certainly would not take out *all* of North America's capabilities. A series of them, however, say six strung over the continent, would undoubtedly knock out the vast majority of our computers, cars, TV's, electronic records, and so on. (And it almost certainly would wipe out Canada and Mexico along with the U.S.) This is a relatively cheap weapon the Russians can use, and there's a good chance that they (and the Chinese) can simply up the EMP capabilities to beyond what we shield for, since shielding is far more expensive than creating the burst in the first place.
Maybe we should also remind people that the Chinese stole EMP technology from Los Alamos right along with everything else.
Take care. As ever,
Danny Adams