Spike Lee Says Charleton
Heston Should Be Shot
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House Republican Leader Dick Armey of Texas blasted filmmaker Spike Lee again Sunday for his ``totally outrageous`` comment that the president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston should be shot.
``Charlton Heston does not deserve that kind of a cheap shot from this second-rate movie producer,`` Armey told Fox News Sunday.
Lee, asked what he would do to combat violence in the United States, was quoted in Saturday`s New York Post as saying the NRA should be disbanded and Heston should be shot ``with a .44-caliber Bulldog`` magnum pistol.
He made the comment last week, at a screening of his new movie, ``Summer of Sam,`` at the Cannes Film Festival in France.
Heston, a veteran Hollywood actor known whose roles have ranged from Moses to cowboys, and his pro-gun organization have come in for fierce criticism in recent weeks after school shootings in Colorado and Georgia.
``It seems Spike Lee is obviously more stupid than you can be by accident. He doesn`t have a bit of an idea of what he`s talking about. His comment on the president of the NRA was totally outrageous,`` Armey said.
Armey, in a statement Wednesday, demanded Lee ``apologize immediately`` to Heston and the NRA and called on ``liberal elites`` to condemn Lee`s ``embrace of violence.``
``Spike Lee must know that many youth look to him as a role model,`` Armey said. ``I hope no child in America takes his comments as an encouragement to use violence to settle disagreements.``
The Republican-controlled Congress is debating a number of gun control measures in response to the school shootings.