Death Education Classes
Were Taught At Columbine High!
Death education classes have been taught at Columbine High School, it has been learned.
The school that became the site of one of the nation's worst massacres this week, was in the headlines in the early 90's for offering death education classes to confused students!
One student even planned to kill herself after attending one of the classes, ABC NEWS reported in a 20/20 profile back in 1991.
"We talked about what we wanted to look like in our casket," student Tara Becker told ABC in an interview.
"Tara Becker believes she was seduced into a suicide attempt by her Death Ed class."
Tara was a junior at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado, reported Tom Jarriel.
A transcript of the stunning ABC NEWS broadcast was obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.
Anchor Hugh Downs introduced the segment: "Your child could be in a class that only a few years ago might have been unthinkable- death education. These classes are supposed to prepare young people for coping with death and while most schools make it part of a health class, some actually make it an entire course."
Becker told the news magazine: "I had thought about [suicide] as a possible option for a lot of years, but I never would have gone through with it, never, because I wasn't brave enough. The things that we learned in the class taught us how to be brave enough to face death."
Jarriel summarized: "Graphically introducing death to impressionable young minds is at the core of the controversy over death education in our public schools. Will students walk away from here with clearer understanding of death or with nightmarish memories that might haunt them for life and perhaps, inadvertently, suggest death as an answer to adolescent problems?"