Statements Invalidate
"Official" Accounts

Update: Authorities Question Klebold Suicide
After Teacher's Testimony Invalidates Scenario!
By John A. Quinn <>
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Nearly 2 months after the nation's worst school shooting incident, Columbine High School art teacher Patti Nielson has given her first public statements to the Denver Post about her experiences at the school on 4/20/99.
The implications of Patti Nielson's statements, although thoroughly edited and perhaps unintentionally shaped by the Post to correlate more closely with the "official" version of the circumstances of the Columbine tragedy, are so tremendously significant and CONTRADICTORY to that official version as to boggle the mind.
Her statements thoroughly discredit and invalidate the prevailing disinformation promulgated by investigators about the massacre, revealing many gaping holes and indicating startling, glaring and massive falsehoods in the official version of events.
It's safe to say that at this time that nearly everything investigators have told the public regarding the Columbine massacre can be considered worthless, misleading and manipulative disinformation of the first and worst order.
Yet very careful attention must be paid to the astounding clues which have come through in her statements to catch the the extraordinary import of what she has reported, as they are juxtaposed alongside this prevailing official version.
Though Nielson has not previously made any public statements about her experiences that day, she of course has been questioned by the same investigators KNOWN to have pressured and coerced witnesses into changing their testimony regarding other gunmen AND has heard the same fallacious news reports about the massacre as most other people.
Being an obviously intelligent person, she couldn't possibly be unaware that both law enforcement and mass media have settled on the fiction that Harris and Klebold acted alone. She of course would've realized this is in complete contradiction not only of her own experience but every single early news report, scores of statements made by witnesses and victims, and ALL statements made at the time and during the first few days following by law enforcement personnel as well as people like Jefferson County DA Dave Thomas and Colorado Governor Bill Owens--to the effect there was NO WAY Harris and Klebold could have carried out mayhem on such a scale without the assistance of accomplices and/or co-conspirators.
In her statements made in the Denver Post interview Patti Nielson seems to be trying to find some way to reconcile these unavoidable discrepancies, yet is clearly unable or unwilling to discount all of what she initially witnessed and experienced. Nielson probably realizes as well there is something quite troubling going on and that she herself could be in danger if she makes too much noise about such discrepancies.
Nielson and student Brian Anderson observed and were shot by what she described repeatedly as a MAN outside the school wielding a TEC-9 automatic handgun while they were in a hall around the corner from the library at 11:20 AM. Yet EVERY SINGLE "OFFICIAL" ACCOUNT states that Harris and Klebold first entered the school cafeteria on the LOWER level from outside at this EXACT SAME TIME. There is in fact no doubt that two gunmen who APPEARED to be Harris and Klebold did enter the cafeteria at this time and begin shooting. Teacher Dave Sanders, after yelling a warning to students in the cafeteria, ran upstairs with the gunmen following behind him. Sanders was reportedly mortally wounded by gunfire upstairs, not far from the library.
THESE two gunmen were reported to be wearing headphones. This fact MUST be kept in mind as the web of deception, deceit, trickery and disguise regarding the actual events themselves and the subsequent morass of accompanying intentional disinformation, distortion, lies along with understandable honest confusion on the part of many is picked apart and carefully analyzed. As there seems little doubt it was these two who subsequently entered the library where most of the dead and injured were shot and where the two were seen close up by some students who knew one or both by sight, these two most likely really WERE Harris and Klebold.
Columbine High School is situated on a gentle slope, which is why there are different entrances to the school from both upper and lower levels. It is completely impossible for the gunman who shot Nielson and Anderson to have been Eric Harris. Furthermore Nielson has made a very significant statement giving additional weight to this tremendously important point as we shall see.
Patti Nielson, 35, is quite youthful looking and in fact was mistaken for a student after she got out the school later that day by law enforcement and hospital personnel. She was on duty in the school's north hall as a lunch hour monitor when nearby student Brian Anderson alerted her to the fact that a person outside dressed in black was shooting a gun into the parking lot. As Nielson watched through the glass doors she thought at first this was part of a video production or some kind of prank. She went to tell him to stop because she "thought he was doing a dumb thing" when this MAN turned, grinned and shot her. As she saw the glass doors between them crack from bullets she realized the scenario taking place "was very real."
Considering the kick a TEC-9 automatic handgun has, the man was a damn good shot. The fact that the bullets were almost certainly deflected by having passed through a double set of heavy glass doors probably saved both their lives; nonetheless he was such a good marksman that all or nearly all of his few shots still hit his intended targets; Anderson and Nielson both avoided by inches being killed instantly.
Ms. Nielson, as noted, is an art teacher who by virtue of her job would have to be a fairly observant person, and she is obviously quite intelligent and well able to express herself. Bearing this in mind she has made a most significant statement about this moment.
Nielson said of the gunman she saw: "I thought he was SMALL, but I FOUND OUT LATER he was PRETTY TALL!"
What Nielson is clearly indicating here is that during the days after the massacre she became aware that Eric Harris, who apparently bore SOME resemblance to the gunman who shot her and Brian Anderson, was tall. Nielson was NOT personally familiar with Harris and would not have recognized him by sight. The person SHE saw who LOOKED somewhat like Harris was SHORT, yet the "real" Eric Harris--one of two claimed by officials to be the ONLY gunmen that day--was noticeably TALL! What's more Nielson has continually referred to this person NOT as a teenager but as a MAN, both during her 911 call and in all subsequent relevant statements.
It's simply inconceivable Patti Nielson would somehow perceive the gunman to be significantly shorter than he actually was. However after being repeatedly deluged with the prevailing media blitz to the effect that ONLY Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed the murders that day, it seems Nielson eventually came to the understandable assumption that the person outside the glass doors was Eric Harris because he LOOKED like Eric Harris.
Nielson has NEVER said that the man she saw was wearing headphones, as were the two assailants who entered the cafeteria at this same time. NOR did she say this person, still outside the building when first seen, was carrying the dubious "duffle bag" investigators have hypothesized to explain away how the two known shooters supposedly got such vast quantities of explosives, propane tanks, weapons and ammunition into the building. For that matter none of the witnesses in the cafeteria saw either of THOSE two shooters carrying any "duffle bags" either!
Considering the fact that teacher Dave Sanders was shot but not killed by one of these two yet then bled to death over the next four hours while law enforcement personnel--now KNOWN to have been in the building from shortly after 12 noon onward--did NOTHING to locate and remove Sanders AND other injured or dying victims, it's likely Sanders and perhaps others were intentionally ALLOWED to die because they ALSO knew too much: because they saw something or someone which could invalidate the official falsehoods later spewed out about the massacre.
When examined and considered carefully, these facts simply DO NOT ADD UP. Ms. Nielson has in fact provided a major clue here. The reason there was so much confusion about the number and location of the gunmen involved in the massacre and also how the involvement of other assailants became such a clouded issue is because some of the other assailants either looked like Harris or Klebold OR were MASKED to look like one or the other! There is simply no other explanation!
These events involving Nielson, Anderson and a gunman UPSTAIRS all occured at THE SAME TIME Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had entered the cafeteria DOWNSTAIRS and begun shooting. It should be noted here as well that the "real" Harris and Klebold were NOT especially good shots, as they were not able to hit very many people in the crowded cafeteria!
Nielson and Brian Anderson, both now wounded, ran into the school library around the corner. "It was the fastest place to go for help," Nielson said, as she knew the library had a telephone. There was no librarian or other staff personnel in the library when they entered.
Patti Nielson ended up in what turned out to be the primary killing room at Columbine that horrifying day; where she heard two gunmen murder ten students and seriously wound nine others. Once again a number of her statements about her time in the library provide valuable clues as to what actually occurred which are clearly at odds with the official distorted versions of events.
Moreover, it seems a distinct possibility that the library became a focal point BECAUSE the gunman who shot her and Anderson figured they had entered the room and wanted them finished off as they were living witnesses to the fact that there was at least one gunman OTHER than Harris or Klebold at Columbine, in a different area at the same time!
Nielson yelled to the library's occupants that there was a man with a gun shooting people in the school and then called 911: the first person to do so from the school after the shooting broke out from her hiding place behind and beneath the librarian's desk.
She recalls hearing gunshots and what she describes as "whooping it up" in the hall outside. She could tell then that a number of people were involved and that at least some were seemingly students or other adolescents. Nielson said "It felt like there were more than two... There was adolescent type shouting. I don't remember exactly what was said, but it was like kids enjoying themselves and having a great time." It MUST be kept in mind that this was during the SAME time period that Harris and Klebold were known to be DOWNSTAIRS in the cafeteria.
A police dispatcher answered Nielson's 911 call as the students huddled beneath tables and behind chairs and Patti relayed the details about what was taking place at the school. Nielson told the 911 dispatcher that a man with a gun had shot at her.
The woman dispatcher told her law enforcement personnel along with paramedics and firemen were on the way to the school while Nielson began to recite the Lord's Prayer. This indication of Patti's religious beliefs proved to be a very significant point in itself, as will be explained below.
"I could hear the shots and the bombs," Nielson recounted. "I felt like we were going to die." She then heard gunmen come in the library and begin shooting so she crawled beneath the desk, leaving the phone off the hook as the 911 dispatcher DISTINCTLY told Patti to keep the line open so that some kind of contact could be retained.
The line was subsequently disconnected after a total of about 25 minutes and interestingly Nielson said SHE did NOT hang up. Why the line would EVER be disconnected from the other end in such a situation is truly suspicious; even so this indicates that there is a taped recording at LEAST 25 minutes long of the shooting in the library. How interesting as well that the telephone connection was SUPPOSEDLY inadvertently (certainly INCOMPREHENSIBLY) cut BEFORE any purported suicides by Harris and Klebold took place. Again, it seems unbelievable the connection would have been cut in light of the dispatcher,s EXPLICIT request that the line be kept open!
Keep in mind that Nielson had been heard reciting the Lord's Prayer during her 911 call AND that the gunmen asked the girls who were shot there if they believed in God. Keep in mind that Nielson was a youthful-looking 35; so youthful-looking people OFTEN mistook her for a student. Keep in mind that Nielson and Brian Anderson were seen to have run in the direction of the library by the person who shot them; a person who looked FACIALLY like Eric Harris but could NOT have been. The first few minutes of Nielson's call to 911 have been released and it is impossible to ascertain that she was a teacher from this call.
When these facts are juxtaposed they strongly suggest that the library became a focal point of the slaughter SPECIFICALLY because Nielson, perceived by many to be a student, was seen by HER assailant to have run towards the library. Nielson made statements during her 911 call indicating she had substantial knowledge of early events in the massacre. She was clearly someone who "believed in God" due to the fact she was heard reciting the Lord's prayer during the 911 call: the shooters asked ONLY FEMALE STUDENTS if they believed in God before killing them. Of course, the phone lines would have been tapped by perpetrators of this thoroughly coordinated, logistically complex assault
These facts strongly suggest Harris and Klebold were directed via RADIO COMMUNICATIONS heard through their HEADPHONES to enter the library in particular to find and kill a female student known to have entered the room who "believed in God." Why would Harris and Klebold, who supposedly "hated" the school "jocks" more than any other clique or group of students, NOT go into the gym area RIGHT DOWN THE HALL from the library and shoot people there?
Nielson couldn't see the shooters, but she could hear them. "They were saying the most disgusting, vile things . . . You could tell they were having fun."
Nielson furthermore noted the behavior of Harris and Klebold was so bizarre and whacked out that Nielson had absolutely NO DOUBT the two were extremely high on drugs of some kind and/or alcohol, yet officials have stated repeatedly this was NOT the case.
According to Nielson, the killers "were just gross. There were theatrics involved, and they seemed to be acting out some war game. One second they were mean, the next they were laughing. I thought they were on illegal drugs, but I guess the autopsies show they were not, which is also kind of bizarre, because you can't believe anyone in their right minds would do this. They were so crazed." During this time a bomb was also detonated.
Nielson has also said she found it incomprehensible that police had not yet arrived as she was well aware the school was only a couple of minutes from the Sheriff's Department headquarters. "I thought the police would show up at any moment. But they didn't," she noted.
Incredibly, Patti Nielson's luck held out as the killers, after reportedly firing over 100 shots in roughly 15 minutes, ran out of ammunition and left the room.
Whoa! Hold up here!! Ran out of ammunition?!?! Nielson stated that one of the shooters said "Let's get down to the commons," and AFTER the two gunmen left the library she could hear gunshots and bombs detonating downstairs for a long time!
And how could this correlate with official stories that the two killed themselves? If they did run out of ammunition, how did they get more? Was this additional ammunition supposedly part of the inconceivably huge quantity of materials these two purportedly brought into the school alone that day, undetected by anyone? Nielson NEVER said the person who shot her and Brian Anderson was carrying ANYTHING AT ALL!
At this point most of the surviving students escaped from the library and left the school, obviously NOT worried about being shot by either Klebold or Harris as they were aware the two had run out of ammunition. But Nielson, apparently somewhat in shock, hadn't realized the students had left and she herself remained hidden. Finally after a period of time she came out from under the desk to confront the gruesome sight of the murdered and wounded victims of the rampage. She thought she was the only person alive in the library, though she later found out two of the students still there had not died. Convinced the gunmen might return momentarily she hid herself in a cabinet under a sink. The time was 11:45 AM. and Nielson could still hear shots being fired and bombs detonating.
Nielson stated that she was eventually told by police that explosive devices consisting partly of propane tanks had been fired at by Harris and Klebold in an attempt to cause a major explosion. Significantly she says police told her the two "were such bad shots they didn't hit the tanks. If they had, everything might have gone up." Yet the SHORT MAN who had fired at her and Brian Anderson initially from outside the glass doors was obviously quite a good shot, as every single shot he had fired through two sets of thick glass doors found it's mark! And it,s NOT very hard for even a bad shot to eventually hit something with either an automatic weapon or a shotgun. The fact Klebold and Harris were OUT OF AMMUNITION could have prevented them from igniting the bomb with gunfire, however.
Police also suggest that the two did not get closer and fire because they didn,t want to injure themselves. Yet THIS contradicts investigators' own now-thoroughly-disproved fantasy that the two were on a "suicide mission" and took their own lives just minutes later in the library, which it is now proven they did NOT do! Furthermore Klebold and Harris had shown little regard for their own safety when they REPORTEDLY broke off the natural gas line in the science lab and threw a grenade or pipe bomb into the gas filled room. Not exactly consistent with what police have said about their actions regarding the propane bomb!
Yet another unexplained discrepancy is the fact that huge pile of shell casings were reported found down the hall from the library, yet no murders were committed in this area. WHY would Harris and Klebold have just wasted hundreds of rounds of ammunition if they had planned and intended to kill as many people as they possibly could? And WHEN did they supposedly do this?
A further serious question is raised by what is now known from Nielson,s testimony. If Klebold and Harris did NOT commit suicide before 12 noon as we have been misled to believe for so long now, WHAT PREVENTED THEM FROM CONTINUING WITH THEIR MURDEROUS RAMPAGE for the next two hours?! Even if out of ammunition they CERTAINLY could have easily detonated the nearly 70 explosives STILL UNUSED in the school in keeping with their reported desire to kill as many people as possible.
Every which way we turn here we now find the "official" story of what occurred during the horrendous massacre at Columbine High massively discredited and FULL OF HOLES. It simply cannot be denied at this point that this story is now 100 percent dead.
Nielson recalled, "I could hear helicopters up above, and I thought they were probably from the TV stations, and I wondered why the SWAT teams weren't there yet. I thought at any time someone would come in and say 'It's all right to come out.' It didn't take that long to get to the school. Then I thought that the gunmen might come in and say it was OK to come out because they were the police, and they'd have me. I was scared to death, and I was thinking about all those students dead in the library."
She also feels that some people DID come into the library again due to sounds she heard from her hiding place. Whoever THEY were, they didn't stay long, probably thinking everyone in there was dead.
She heard the sound of breaking glass when injured student Patrick Ireland escaped through the window, and later saw two women library aides creeping past. She motioned to the two, one of whom told her they were returning to a broadcast room where they had been hiding; a small room used as a TV studio where student programs were taped and broadcast in the school and locally. Nielson stayed put as she felt the killers might want to make some kind of public statement or announcement and thus might go in the room to broadcast their demands. According to Nielson the time was 1 PM.
Some time afterward, there was some noticeable movement in the library but absolutely talking whatsoever, followed by what she says was one very brief blast of gunfire. "I didn't hear any conversation, any yelling, just rat-tat-tat," she said. Nielson has indicated that it was probably nearly 2 PM when this occurred. This would certainly have been the time Harris and Klebold met their end--in one fashion or another.
Yet Nielson's testimony regarding this period of time not ONLY conflicts substantially with MANY statements previously made by law enforcement regarding a number of tremendously important points up till this time in the chain of events, it flat out blatantly, incontrovertibly and permanently INVALIDATES what has been stated over and over by law enforcement investigators regarding THIS TIME--when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris SUPPOSEDLY committed suicide. Furthermore, considering that Nielson's and everyone else's account describes Harris and Klebold as vocalizing loudly and continually their delight in the carnage they were unleashing and otherwise making a SUBSTANTIAL amount of noise, it seems more than a little odd the two would have been so utterly and completely SILENT this time around. In fact it is thoroughly implausible.
There is NOTHING in what she has said which proves that it was only Harris and Klebold who entered the library and killed themselves without a word--OR DISPROVES the possibility the two did NOT enter alone and/or under their own volition.
In fact what Nielson describes sounds VERY MUCH as though Harris and Klebold were silenced and forcibly brought back to the library and EXECUTED. By OTHERS, that is. (In fact as this report was being written, investigators announced on 6/13/99 that they now question whether Dylan Klebold committed suicide at all! More on this below).
By this time, close to 2 PM in the afternoon, SWAT teams had been inside the building for nearly TWO HOURS! In yet another instance of conflict between Nielson,s statements and those made by officials, she recalls having heard gunfire CONTINUALLY, from both near and far, during this entire period. A number of accounts report that police were exchanging gunfire with (some of) the shooters, but police have indicated in their statements that this was NOT the case. Then what was the source and purpose of the gunfire Nielson has reported hearing for so long? On top of this why have law enforcement been so insistent (at least up until the publication of this MASSIVELY conflicting information) that the two KNOWN gunmen had committed suicide by around 12 noon that day? And exactly WHAT were these so-called SWAT team members who undeniably entered the building around 12 noon DOING in there then? Keep in mind there is strong evidence that both FBI and NATO paramilitary units were on the scene here from the word GO!
Finally at about 4 PM the library aides she had seen earlier came to her hiding place and told her it was safe to come out; oddly, when she emerged she was handled roughly by SWAT team members, told to put her hands on her head and was frisked.
After making her way outside and being driven some distance away by police, Nielson was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to the gunshot wound in her back. "The paramedic who treated me asked me if I believed in God, and I told him I did. He said it was a good thing because only God could have saved me. The bulled had grazed me. An inch more, and I would have been dead." As noted earlier if the marksman shooting at her and Brian Anderson had NOT been firing through double glass doors she very likely would have been killed.
And we ALL have to thank God that Patti Nielson survived, for her sake and that of her family and friends and ALSO because she has disclosed some astounding and extraordinarily significant information about the true nature of the bloody rampage that day and what was actually going on at Columbine that day.
There is virtually no doubt that strenuous efforts were undertaken that day to make sure that Patti Neilson, presumed by her attacker as well as many others to be a student, would be "terminated" due primarily to the fact that she could provide eyewitness testimony blatantly contradicting what has since become widely accepted as fact regarding the Columbine massacre. Nielson could and now did provide such crucial testimony specifically in regard to the TIMING of events transpiring simultaneously in different areas.
Nielson's statements show irrefutably that she witnessed and was shot by a third conspirator/accomplice at the SAME TIME as Harris and Klebold were in another part of the school building. Her statements prove once and for all that there WERE other gunmen involved in the massacre that day and the ENTIRE OFFICIAL STORY IS A PACK OF OUTRAGEOUS, WRETCHED UNTRUTHS. The implications of this are truly horrifying IN THE EXTREME!
UPDATE: Klebold Suicide Now In Question! It is now an absolute certainty that the official story about the events that transpired at Columbine High School on 4/20/99 has been unequivocally proved so riddled with holes that it's been permanently sunk into it's own grave; in the depths of a literal hell where it should rest for all eternity.
In addition there is every reason to believe that this extremely significant information revealed in Patti Nielson,s statements and resultant PROOF of conspiracy and coverup concerning the massacre compelled investigators to issue a statement just ONE DAY LATER to the effect that they are NOW DOUBTFUL Dylan Klebold DID in fact commit suicide, due to the location of the bullet wound in his head which ended his life! How STRANGE it took them 2 months to figure that out and make it public, only a day after Nielson's testimony was made public, which completely and irrefutably destroys their story on that issue and many others. Hmmm and double hmmm... You know, it's becoming increasingly clear one just can't believe a single thing investigators have ever said about any and all aspects of this case from the very beginning.
One final note. If anyone STILL believes the official yarn now unraveling before our eyes about the Columbine High School shootings, there,s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn they might want to buy... once they get their money from the tooth fairy.
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