5 Teens Charged With
Conspiracy To Blow Up
Brooklyn School
NEW YORK (CNN)-- Five boys at a Brooklyn middle school were arrested Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to bomb their graduation ceremony after police found a bomb-making manual and apparent hit list on school grounds, authorities said.
The identities of the boys, aged 13 or 14, have not been released.
Chiara Coletti, a New York City Schools spokeswoman, said all five were good, computer-savvy students. Four had very good attendance records at McKinley Junior High.
Coletti told CNN that a female student overheard the boys talking about the alleged plot to set off a bomb at McKinley's graduation ceremony on June 28.
She said the girl told a faculty member and the police were notified.
A police search turned up a bomb-making manual, a list of potential victims and letters to be sent to those potential victims. No bombs or bomb-making materials were found on school premises.
The boys were arrested and arraigned on charges of second degree conspiracy, which is a felony.
New York City Schools Chancellor Rudy Crew will be at the school to greet students and parents as they arrive Thursday morning.