Secretive 1999 Bilderberg
Conference Finishes In Portugal
From the Portugal News
From John K. Whitley <>
The 47th Bilderberg Conference has come to an end. Members and one-off participants have departed as discreetly as they arrived. Lines of black limousines, unmarked except for a "B" on the windscreen, swept into Penha Longa, sometimes accompanied by police escorts, and sometimes not. Even the Bilderbergers have a pecking order. Britain's Peter Mandelson arrived in a bus
Outside the lightly guarded gates of Penha Longa, those members of the press who were prepared to brave the famed Bilderberg security gathered to glean what information was available. The police on duty at the gates made it crystal clear that they were only the tip of the security iceberg. Apart from the Portuguese police contingent, the Bilderbergers had reportedly brought over 200 of their own armed security guards. A helicopter swept overhead, and other security officers were prudently patrolling the hillsides which mystically envelope the Japanese -owned hotel.
Amongst the journalists present, were reporters from several of the Portuguese national newspapers, a British Channel 4 film crew and the "notorious" Bilderberg pursuer Jim Tucker from the Washington Spotlight. The Channel 4 crew were understandably disturbed by the experience of being trailed by security men in a green Lancia K throughout Wednesday. According to reporter, Jon Ronson, the British Embassy had told his crew not to provoke any incidents and that their fate was in their own hands. The exuberant and almost mischievous Jim Tucker was thriving in his long established role as Bilderberg enemy number one, audaciously blowing kisses at grim-faced officials "employed" to provide a safe passage for the Bilderbergers into the resort.
Along with other members of the press, The News requested, and was refused, permission to enter the hotel grounds. However on Saturday, the golf club was open, due to the American Barbecue event. Despite the fact that the golf course is located some distance from the hotel, the guard at the gate said he had information that The News reporters had been seen working with Jim Tucker, an apparently inadvisable association, and that we could pose a possible security risk. It would seem that the so-called right-wing Spotlight for whom Jim writes regularly, is treated with caution resembling paranoia.
We described our interest in the meeting and that we worked for The News, which the guard acknowledged, and ordered us to park and wait for confirmation from within the resort, eventually given after lingering in "no-man's land" for a few minutes. At the "19th hole", an attempt to take a photograph was stopped immediately, "as it might prejudice security operations". It was apparent that Penha Longa had been transformed into a fort, a safe haven, with sombre-looking, "sun glass wearers in the rain" watching every movement.
It is unlikely that Portugal has ever witnessed such a strict security blanket, or welcomed so many high profile people at any one time. O Independente described them as "The masters of the world". Disagreeing with that title would be difficult.
The sole question remains. What were the so called "masters of the world" discussing here in Portugal?
For some reason, they would prefer we don't know.