Bilderberg 'Summit'
Agenda Allegedly Leaked
Note - John Whitley, Editor of the New World Order Intelligence Update, is one of Jeff's regular guest political analysts. You can hear his appearances via our program Archives 24 hours a day.
The News is today publishing, for the first time anywhere in the world, reliable indications of the agenda items for this year's meeting. The items on the agenda should however be treated as "tentative" and "flexible", and confirmation from the group itself is not possible due to its secretive nature.
John K. Whitley, an internationally respected researcher into the Bilderberg movement, has sent us what is reliably believed to be the Sintra agenda. The items are as credible as they can be at this late stage and, bearing in mind the secrecy of this group, it could have been already altered somewhat since the last contact was made with a Bilderberger insider. The entire agenda will be printed in the Toronto-based New World Order Intelligence Update later this week at
The first point open for discussion in Sintra will be the review of the progress being made in the formation of an Asian bloc under the leadership of Japan. Free trade, a single currency and a political union similar to the European Union is planned for the region. The installation of an American Union is up for discussion, this being similar to the E.U, with a quick review of the scheduled splintering of Canada. This theme was originally scheduled for discussion in 1997, though the proposed break-up of Canada has been reportedly facilitated by the presence of a Canadian media magnate and alleged Bilderberger.
Next on the agenda, and more contemporary, is the Kosovo war. The Bilderberg meeting will include discussions on the formation of a greater Albanian state following "trusteeship" of an "independent" Kosovo, the dismemberment of Yugoslavia (by the return of its northern province, which has 350,000 ethnic Hungarians, to Hungary) as part of a general re-drawing of borders in the region (calculated to continue regional instability and conflict), and the reconstruction worth billions of dollars of the destroyed regional infrastructure at western tax payers' expense.
Another item is the ultimate replacement of NATO with a Western European Army, probably sooner than later due to the bad press NATO has endured over this current campaign. Efforts will be made to speed up the transformation of the W.E.U into a credible European military force initially relying on American back up. This will complete American military disengagement from Western Europe and leave US forces available for wider global policing, if necessary, with W.E.U. backup in return (first reported on the Bilderberg plan in the 1996 Bilderberg report). The key point here is that the Bilderbergers win no matter what happens to NATO - if it survives a little longer, they can use it as an emergency global police force; if it loses credibility over the Kosovo affair, then they just accelerate its replacement in Europe with the W.E.U. which they planned on doing anyway.
Bilderbergers are said to be extremely concerned about the global impact of, and opportunities offered by, the Y2K problem (which the Bilderbergers believe to be far worse than many people have realised). The alleged presence of Bill Gates at the Sintra meeting may substantiate this claim. On the possible appointment of a Y2K Czar to oversee global passage through the "Y2K Emergency" (one name repeatedly coming up as the most likely candidate here is Mikhail Gorbachev, whose international standing would win him ready acceptance).
Other key topics so far are said to be some oil items and financial affairs (IMF, U.S. economy and stock market, gold market manipulation).
With the meeting now only a few days away, nothing has appeared in the Portuguese, European or international media, though the internet is 'alive' with speculation. One international press agency in Lisbon is reported to have said that it has been waiting for the international press to request stories or photos, yet so far not one single request has been received from anywhere.
The wall of silence remains impregnable - almost!
Stop Press:
As The News went to press on Thursday we received two additional agenda items from John Whitley.
1. Preparation for a "mid-East peace settlement" (ie - the declaration of a Palestinian State and the final disposition of Jerusalem - quote: "The results for Israel will not be good.") This explains the heavy emphasis on Israeli and international Jewish representation, plus the attendance of key representatives of Arab regimes which are implacably opposed to Israel - quote: "The deal on Jerusalem has already been done, and the Golan issue is being ironed out right now."
2. Global taxation in support of the UN, as the emerging "global governance" centre, to begin with a world-wide tax on e-commerce (this may be why the CEO's of so many key computer companies, including Bill Gates, are in attendance) and to be followed by an individual direct tax collected on the UN's behalf by national governments.
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