Rambouillet Proves Criminality,
Evil Of NATO's Balkan Attack
Sydney Morning Herald

The justification for NATO's attack on Serbia, now the outright terror bombing of civilians, was the Serbs' rejection of the "peace accords" drafted at Rambouillet in France in February. The precise terms were never made public, with the British (and American - ed.) media generally accepting the word of the Foreign Office that the West's aim was to bring peace and autonomy to Kosovo. This is the big lie of what Tony Blair calls a "crusade for civilisation". Anyone scrutinising the Rambouillet document is left in no doubt that the excuses given for the subsequent bombing were fabricated. T
he peace negotiations were stage-managed and the Serbs were told: Surrender and be occupied, or don't surrender and be destroyed. The impossible terms, recently published in full in Le Monde Diplomatique, but not in Britain (or America - ed.), show that NATO's aim was the occupation not only of Kosovo, but effectively all of Yugoslavia. Nothing like this ultimatum has been put to a modern, sovereign European state. Of all the Hitler and Nazi analogies that have peppered the West's propaganda, one is never mentioned - Hitler's proposal to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938 that he occupy Czechoslovakia because ethnic Germans there had been "tortured", "forced to flee the country" and "prevented from realising the right of nations to self-determination". As a cover for German expansion, Hitler was laying the basis for a "humanitarian intervention", whose fraudulence was no greater than that planned by NATO 61 years later as a cover for its own expansion as the American-led military wing of "globalisation".