Man With AIDS Accused
Of Attempted Murder For
Spitting In Two Officers' Faces

TROIS RIVIERES, Que. (CP) -- A Toronto-area man believed to be infected with the AIDS virus has been accused of attempted murder after spitting in the faces of two police officers.
Michael Stankevitsh appeared in court Wednesday with his mouth covered by adhesive tape, his head covered in a hood and with his hands and feet bound.
He was arrested last week after a car crash. As officers escorted him to hospital for treatment of injuries from the accident, he allegedly spat in their faces.
Police say saliva was found in the officers' eyes after the incident.
Police also claim that Stankevitsh was bleeding from the mouth when he spat at the officers. They say it was later learned he carries the HIV virus that leads to AIDS.
Stankevitsh also faces two charges of assault and one charge of making a threat of violence or death as well as burglary and car theft.
Police add that he faces other charges in Montreal.
Stankevitsh has denied the attempted murder charges, saying he is in perfect health. He claims the police broke his nose when they arrested him.