Patriot Warning:
The End Of The U.S. Military
By Paul Recer
Associated Press 11-14-97
CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES and current events have led me to the conclusion that the trigger is about to be pulled on the final stages of the plot for the takeover of America.
It is now clear that the United States Military can not be made to be a tool of the Conspiracy, due to the formation of substantial pockets of resistance within the military and their reluctance to attack/kill Americans under any pretense short of overt aggression against this country.
As a result, it appears clear that the decision has been made to neutralize the vast majority of front-line American military.
As you know, vaccines have been used recently to spread disease very successfully. If you doubt this, do some research and confirm this for yourself. The Gulf War Syndrome was only a test.
Now think about this. Why try to eliminate the military with guns, when you can get them to sit in a chair, one-by-one, and be infected/poisoned?
The decision has now been made to use the proposed anthrax vaccine on ALL military personnel. Military personnel MUST refuse to take these vaccinations. If sufficient numbers do, and enough focus is put on this matter, the program will be halted.
Foreign troops are already massed in huge numbers inside the United States and have stockpiled hundreds of tons of weaponry, primarily under the umbrella of the United Nations.
Think about this for a minute.
Does America have plenty of weapons? Yes. Why would foreign powers bring in hundreds of tons of additional weapons? Primarily because they know that many soldiers will destroy American weaponry rather than letting it fall into enemy hands.
Contact every one you can in the military TODAY and urge them to voice their STRONG OBJECTION to the vaccine and REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION of its dangers IMMEDIATELY.
As usual, the vast majority of leadership in the military has been kept completely in the dark and have been lead to believe that this vaccine is necessary for the health of the soldiers. Only a small number have any suspicion or knowledge. Once the vaccination program begins, soldiers will be given NO CHOICE in the matter.
Let your friends and family know to be ready for anything these demons may try to pull. We must act as God's Soldiers and not as sheeple.
It is time to take a stand.
The resisters in the military will wage a war from within, if necessary. This will include the elimination of any persons trying to execute this plot.
This means that you need to be especially sure to warn personnel in the medical corps that they are in DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
The vaccine is only part of the plot to put foreign soldiers in control of the United States. The overall plan is believed to be as follows:
1. Create a biological/environmental emergency which can be blamed on foreign powers which will hasten the apparent need for the vaccine.
2. The structure what will appear to be a non-planned economic collapse.
3. Allow the people to riot over the unfolding events.
4. Use propaganda to encourage the people to beg for military intervention. Most compromised governors, and mayors, are already poised to call for such intervention.
5. Install U.S. Military into key control positions under a declared martial law/state of emergency.
6. As the U.S. Military becomes sick from the vaccine, slowly replace them with foreign troops who will not hesitate to shoot Americans for any reason.
7. Put all troops under U.N. control as a "peacekeeping" operation.
I understand that I am taking great risk by bringing this into the open. I can provide no further information.
If you are hesitant to believe this is real, go back and review the major events of the last few months and see if it fits into the overall picture.
Also, go back and read all the information you can about how AIDS was spread through Hepatitis-B vaccines and how tainted vaccines are spreading disease at an alarming rate. Then find out where the serum came from to create the anthrax vaccine.
You certainly will not want anyone, you care about, taking it!
If you believe this is possible, you owe it to America to take action. If this threat is not real, all that will happen is that the government will be forced to take an objective look at the safety of the vaccine.
In God We Must Have The Greatest Trust,

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