Seed Saving To Be Taken
Away From Farmers
From Lisa Thiesse Earth Changes Weekly Report
From lin young
March 22-28, 1998
The Delta & Pine Land Company of Scott, Mississippi and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announce they have been granted a patent on a new technology that genetically alters a seed so that it will not germinate if planted a second time. It is designed to prevent seed saving by farmers and applies to plants & seeds of all species, bot genetically engineered and traditionally-bred seeds.
By some estimates, up to one-third of all soybean fields in the U.S. Midwest are planted with saved seeds, up to 50% of soybeans in the South are planted with farmer-saved seeds, and many North American wheat farmers rely primarily on seeds they save and buy commercial seeds only every few years. With the patented technology, seed companies would be able to control reproduction of even self-pollinating seeds, such as wheat, rice, cotton, soybeans & oats, and farmers could lose the ability to save seed from their harvests.
The technology is now being tested on cotton and tobacco, says USDA molecular biologist & primary inventor Melvin Oliver.

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