George Bush On Saddam:
"No regrets...We did it right"
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President George Bush said in remarks released Monday he had no regrets about failing to push into Baghdad to oust President Saddam Hussein at the end of the 1991 Gulf War.
Bush, who organized the U.S.-led coalition that drove Iraqi forces from Kuwait, dismissed as ``revisionists'' critics who have faulted him for failing to finish off Saddam.
``...Had we gone into Baghdad or in to try and 'get him' somewhere, the coalition would have ended ... instantly shattered,'' he said in an interview to be aired on a Cable News Network (CNN) special report Tuesday.
``The Turks would have left us, Syria would have been long gone; even our steadfast ally and friend (Egyptian President) Hosni Mubarak would have had to leave us.
``We would have essentially been alone as an occupying (power) in an Arab land,'' he added in excerpts of the interview made available by CNN.
Bush said ``all hell would have broken loose,'' leaving the United States alone ``making a martyr out of a defeated brute and tyrant...''
Although he voiced hope that Saddam would be removed from office, he said ``reckless talk'' about killing him interfered with efforts to build international support for the U.S. stance on Iraq.
``I have no regrets,'' he said. ``If you ask me am I happy he's still there ... absolutely not. But we did it right.''

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