Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA)

Submitted by Col (Dr.) Byron T. Weeks
Note: Although an excellent article, the January 1995 edition of
'Monitoring Times' magazine published only a tiny portion of what FEMA
has been tasked by Executive Order to perform. FEMA was
brought into existence by Executive Order

From 'Monitoring Times' Magazine

F.E.M.A. [Federal Emergency Management Agency] has been authorized for the past 15 years by Presidential Executive Orders to: confiscate ALL property from the American People; separate families into the current 43 internment camps [already built and operational by the way, 5 of which are located in Georgia. The largest can confine somewhere on the order of 100,000 American citizens -BTW], called 'relocation camps' by the 'government', for assignment to work camps; declare martial law and TOTALLY overrides the U.S. Constitution. The Presidential Executive Orders that are related or control all of this are given at the end of this article. Two of the state prisons here in Georgia are currently empty, although manned by a minimal number of staff, have been setup and intentionally unpopulated by prisoners just to support this political policy.
Concentration Camps.
An Executive Order signed by then President BUSH in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency [F.E.M.A.] to build 43 primary camps [having a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners EACH and also authorized hundreds of secondary facilities. It is interesting to note that several of these facilities can accommodate 100,000 prisoners. These facilities have been completed and many are already manned but as yet contain no prisoners. [Remember all the TALK of over-crowded prisons that exist -BTW]. In south Georgia there are several state prisons that, except for a few guards, are completely devoid of prisoners.
Under F.E.M.A., the Executive Orders which are already written and is the current law of the land, calls for the COMPLETE suspension of the United States Constitution, all rights and liberties, as they are currently known. The following executive orders, which are in the Federal Register located in Washington DC for anyone to request copies of, call for the suspension of all civil rights and liberties and for extraordinary measures to be taken in, as most of the orders state, "ANY national security emergency situation that might confront the government."
When F.E.M.A. is implemented, the following executive orders will be immediately enforced:
E.O. (Executive Order) 12148 - FEMA national security emergency, such as: national disaster, social unrest, insurrection, or national financial crisis. E.O. 10995 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL communications media in the United States."
E.O. 10997 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals, both public and private."
E.O. 10998 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL food supplies and resources, public and private, and ALL farms, lands, and equipment."
E.O. 10999 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL means of transportation, including PERSONAL cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and TOTAL CONTROL over all highways, seaports, and waterways."
E.O. 11000 - "... provides for the SEIZURE OF ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE for work forces under federal supervision, including SPLITTING UP OF FAMILIES if the government has to."
E.O. 11001 - "... provides for government seizure of ALL health, education and welfare functions."
E.O. 11002 - "... designates the postmaster general to operate a national REGISTRATION of all persons." [Under this order, you would report to your local post office to be separated and assigned to a new area. Here is where families would be separated -BTW].
E.O. 11003 - "... provides for the government to take over ALL airports and aircraft, commercial, public and PRIVATE."
E.O. 11004 - "... provides for the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations."
E.O. 11005 - "... provides for the government to TAKE OVER railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities."
E.O. 11051 - "... the office of Emergency Planning [has] complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis."
All of the above executive orders were combined by President NIXON into Executive Order 11490, which allows all of this to take place if a national emergency is declared by the President. The burning and insurrection in Los Angeles in the case of Rodney King could have executed [and partially did execute] these Executive Orders.
Executive Order 12919: "National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness" signed by CLINTON June 3, 1994, delegates authorities, responsibilities and allocations of F.E.M.A.'s Executive Orders [last entry] for the confiscation of ALL PROPERTY from the American people, and their re-location and assignment to 'labor' camps. The Executive Order also supersedes or revokes eleven (11) previous Executive Orders [from 1939 through 1991] and amends Executive Order 10789 and 11790. This executive order is A DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by
the [Secret] Government of the United States in concert with the UNITED NATIONS.
Operation Dragnet
Janet Reno can implement this operation upon receiving one call from the President. Arrest warrants will be issued via computer to round-up over 1 MILLION PATRIOTIC AMERICANS who may 'resist' the NEW WORLD ORDER...Americans who are not 'politically correct.' Specifically mentioned are CHRISTIANS or those who read the Bible. Concentration/internment camps have already been built to accommodate these American prisoners. See above paragraph as these internment camps have been setup and are run by F.E.M.A.
Operation Rolling Thunder.
Reno and Benson have mentioned this operation which comprises county-wide sweeps of house to house, dynamic entry, search and seizures for all guns and food stockpiles by B.A.T.F., state national guard, activity duty soldiers, as well as local police. This function is also run and coordinated through F.E.M.A.
Public Law 100-690 banned almost ALL RELIGIOUS GATHERINGS [not yet enforced.] and grants no-knock search and seizures without a search warrant; expands the drug laws to include EVERY American. This will generally be the prelude, or in addition to, a F.E.M.A. operation and contingency plan implementation.
The Omnibus Crime Bill of 1990
Ensures confiscation of all private property via money laundering, environmental violations of the Clean Water and Air Act, and extends as far as child abuse. This act also coordinates activities through F.E.M.A. and the Department of the Army, Commanding General, U.S. Forces Command, Fort McPherson, GA which is the executive and implementing agency upon initiation of many of these acts. The responsible agency within U.S. Army Forces Command was what used to be known as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans Division [DCSOPS, Plans], which was changed several years ago to J-3 after the Headquarters became a joint headquarters. They keep on file copies of all F.E.M.A. Emergency Management Operation Plans, including those plans developed by the Army to support the F.E.M.A. plan to eliminate the U.S. Constitution upon implementation. According to current plans, the Constitution will be 'temporarily' discontinued and shelved until the real or perceived and declared 'threat' has been neutralized (ask yourself -- who or what is the REAL threat that needs to be 'neutralized'? - Branton). But once 'shelved,' as with almost every other action of the Government, it STAYS shelved.
The Crime Bill of 1994
Banning of all military weapons which are necessary to the formation of a militia [when needed], denies other military equipment to the people's militia units, prelude to confiscating ALL guns in the hands of private citizens, DESTROYS the 1st Amendment, and makes virtually every American an outlaw. See above comments concerning the house-to-house search. The agency responsible for the actual implementation and search is the Department of the Army in concert with local and state police, including F.E.M.A., FBI, BATF, and other Federal Agencies.
Secret Underground Bases
There have been documented over 60 secret, Virtual cities, underground. These have largely been built by the Government, Federal Reserve Bank Owners, and high ranking members of the Committee of 300. In addition, there exist underground Satellite Tracking Facilities which have the ability to punch your 911 address into the computer and a satellite can, within seconds, bring a camera to bear on your property to the point that those monitoring can read a license number on an automobile in your driveway. These facilities have as of Oct. 1, 1994, been turned over to the [foreign power of the] UNITED NATIONS. (Note: Forget the license plate...according to information released by Norio Hayakawa, this satellite technology is now so sophisticated that they can CLEARLY read every word on your driver's LICENSE supposing it were in view of the satellite)
--Col. (Dr) Byron T. Weeks

Comment by Ron Regehr
MUFON, Orange County, CA

Several comments come to mind, but I will restrain my comments to that which I know to be true.
The claim, "...a satellite can, within seconds, bring a camera to bear on your property to the point . . . in view of the satellite)" can best (politely) be termed HOGWASH!
Briefly allow me to explain. The only orbit that would allow this coverage is a geosynchronous orbit, wherein the observing satellite is nominally 22,300 miles above the Earth. What they view is reflections--just as you and I do. The Earth's atmosphere attenuates (e.g., "soaks up") more and more of the reflected energy the further away from "straight down" we go. As it is, because we're at 30 to 50 degrees north latitude, we're 30 to 50 degrees off axis (the satellites are positioned above the equator) thus only a small portion of the signal reaches the satellite.
But let's assume that that amount is sufficient to register on the satellite's sensitive detectors. (We no longer deploy satellites with film, relying instead on the more reliable television or "video" imaging. While this is excellent, we can only resolve images that are the apparent size of the detector. Just as our vision is limited by the size of the rods and cones of our eyes, the vision of a satellite is limited by the size of the detector elements. Hence we are limited to images having a resolution measured in 10's of meters--and that is when looking straight down (at the equator) on a cold, clear day.
"Clear" is obvious, but why cold? Have you ever been on a long straight road on a hot day? Notice how the horizon above the roadway seems to dance and oftentimes have "water" on it? This is the result of "air turbules"--different air densities causing the signal (what you see) to distort because of the varying air densities. Whereas you're probably only looking through about 1000 meters, the satellite must look through possibly 100,000 meters, all containing (to a more or lesser degree) these image distortions.
Sometimes, I'll wager, you cannot even see through them at distant objects you KNOW are beyond your vision! Please explain to me how you could "read" a license plate (let alone the text on a printed page!!!) with that interference. As for non-geosynchronous orbiting satellites, forget it. They have much higher resolution (can even "see through walls") but are in predictible orbits.
Gee, maybe I should "take this on the road"!
Actually, I do. The problem is most people would prefer to wallow in their own ignorance than enjoy the freedom of knowledge.

Response To Ron Regehr
By Jason Leigh, Ph.D.

Being a former Electronics Expert and Designer at the Top Security Level with NASA, via Martin Marietta Aerospace, and also helping to design and build the first prototype of "S.P.O.T." (the 'spy-satellite'[1978-1979] used in the "Desert-Storm War" [1990], which could zero-in on an area the size of a quarter-coin, from an orbit of only several hundred miles above the Earth), I can state, with much certainty of DIRECT INVOLVEMENT, that Mr. Regehr does not know of what he speaks. I have never heard of ANY U.S. SATELLITE orbiting at 22,300 miles above the Earth, as Mr. Regehr expresses in his 'debunking' essay. 'Too far out!
22,300 miles above the Earth is too far away for any satellite to be placed into orbit, for as Mr. Regehr actually tries to mislead us with his 'techno-speak' of, "atmosphere attenuates (e.g., 'soaks up'), reflected energy," and the variable, "we're 30 to 50 degrees off axis (the satellites are positioned above the equator)." What? At 22,300 miles above the Earth (only 250,000 miles to the Moon), would a satellite be, "positioned above the equator?" Yeah, . . 'right.
I would ask everyone to remember the Desert-Storm War and the satellite pictures we were shown from CNN, and other Broadcast News-TV stations, shot from "S.P.O.T." and other such satellites, then go to NASA's Web site and look-up the orbits of these satellites--if you are interested.
Is MUFON really a committee of 'Debunkers,' or are they really interested in the objective proving of UFOs and other such "unknowns?" Does Mr. Regehr speak for ALL of MUFON?
It now appears that Mr. Regehr is trying to bath us in his, "HOGWASH," which he must have dripping from his hands as we read . . .
'Sorry 'Debunkers,' but the U.S. DOES HAVE THESE TYPES OF SATELLITES WHICH CAN ZERO-IN ON A--DIME-COIN: now. Who cares about one reading your license plate number, when in point-of-fact: they can zero-in on your dimples--and the clothes you are wearing?
I, therefore, confirm Col. (Dr.) Byron T. Weeks report, and or essay, to be FACTUALLY BASED . . .
Respectfully, Jason Leigh, Ph.D.
I have been on a personal fact-finding mission of a broad nature for roughly the last year. I am retired, and in such, I have accessed the Internet extensively, and as a result came across your web site. Although I was attempting to gather more data on FEMA, there was a blurb of related information at the end of the page about satellites spying on people and their possible capabilities. This led to comments being posted.
I have input to relay concerning comments made to the aforementioned page, specifically a reply to those made by Ron Regehr and Jason Leigh. You have posted what appears to be "Pro" and "Con" views of satellite imagery capabilities from these gentlemen. My expertise comes to bear as I am an Electromagnetic Spectrum Authority (retired). My forte encompasses all forms of radiating energy between the oscillations of 1 Hertz (1 Hz) through roughly 5 YottaHertz (5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hz), which is the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This effectively covers everything between the fundamental frequency of the Earth itself (1 Hz to 25 Hz (due to energy variations of tectonic activity), but with a prominent resonation at 7.6 Hz) to the upper end of Cosmic Rays (3X / 5 YHz) where pure particle emissions exist and the duality of wave-particle dualism comes into play. I believe that this more than qualifies me to make comments on the subject at hand.
To the comments made by Ron Regehr (no date):
First, I would point out that the distance of a satellite operating in a geosynchronous orbit is not 22,300 miles above the earth (and there is no "mean" distance in this case). That is a figure which is stated erroneously in most publications for the general public, I surmise it is to make things easier to absorb. The exact distance is 22,247 miles. Anyone that is really "in the know" would have given this figure and not the former, if they truly wanted to put weight behind their statements. Ironically, COMSAT even uses 22300 COMSAT Drive as the address of their facility in Clarksburg, MD. So the error goes on and on....
Second, I would point out that a geosynchronous orbiting satellite would not be the common attempted means for such reconnaissance coverage. There are numerous "levels" of operations for satellites, in example: LEO (Low Earth Orbiters) which orbit 650 to 1,300 miles up, MEO (Medium Earth Orbiters) which orbit 4,000+ miles up, etc. As I write this, there are "lighter than air" platforms (constantly aloft) under construction that would dwell at the height of roughly 10,000 feet above the Earth to be used for communications in large cities. These also would be labeled as satellites (in a technical sense).
Third, Ron's explanation (though crude) of light refraction, "clear skies", and "cold weather" although having truth to it, are not necessarily applicable to the end result of obtaining "graphic" (not emulsion based photographs) information from the terrain below. As to thermal distortion, his comments are slightly askew as he is pointing out thermal distortion in the visible light spectrum that is discernible to the greatest degree along a horizontal axis (where it "hugs" the immediate body of the Earth from which it is generated) versus vertical axis distortion (looking down through the body of the thermal distortion and not across it, wherein said thermal energy is dissipated progressively as it ascends and would be less "dense"). As a further (but extremely simplistic) example I would point out trying to look "across" a hard driving rain versus looking up "through" or "between" the rain drops towards their point of origin. Discounting the physical rain drops touching your eyes (negated in this example as thermal energy would be), which do you think would yield a clearer view over a chosen distance? Remember we are not trying to look at stars here (adding greatly to the distortion would be space debris / dust crossing our field of view, etc.), just a span of a few hundred miles.
Many systems exist in other than the "visible light" spectrum for gathering information. I think the general public has been under the impression that if you can't see it with your "eyeball", amplified or not, then you can't see it. Of course this is not true. Through proper spectrum utilization, one can look through clouds, terra firma and even solid objects. Computers of course play a significant roll in extracting the data for visual presentation to be assimilated. I will not expound here as I believe you and your audience are already aware of these techniques in general, and it would be too lengthy.
Fourth, I would point out that most satellites are in a fixed orbit of travel, but some can change their orbit significantly if they are proprietary satellites of a "reconnaissance" nature. All LEO, MEO, etc. satellites have the capability to adjust their "trajectory" as their orbits decay (due to gravity) to keep them "on station" until such time that their "adjustment" fuel is near spent and would then be boosted to a benign orbit in space (there are thousands of dead "birds" and debris out there). Many satellites are launched under cover of secrecy. Has anyone ever heard of the "Keyhole" (KH-11, 12, 13) series satellites?
Lastly, unless Ron is injecting phrases like "in my opinion"or "I guess", then he should not state as fact that "...most people would prefer to wallow in their own ignorance than enjoy the freedom of knowledge." Has he communed with the masses as an all-powerful deity?
To the comments made by Jason Leigh of 11-7-97:
First, If Jason posses a Doctorate in Philosophy, what is it in? "Electronic Expert" is not a valid classification or Field.
Second, If Jason was involved in the stated projects, why does he dispute that a satellite cannot be placed in a geosynchronous orbit? Has he never heard of DirecTV or USSB? If he meant to imply that a visual light spectrum reconnaissance satellite is never placed in such an orbit, then Jason needs some refreshment in communications skills. Jason incorrectly states (as did Ron) the figure of 22,300 miles for geosynchronous orbit. Likewise, he is in error when he states that a geosynchronous satellite is not fixed above a point on the Equator. They are indeed placed in an equatorial orbit.
Third, the Moon is always in a fluctuating orbit, not a stationary orbit of 250,000 miles. If Jason meant to relay the mean distance it would be 238,860 miles with an average perigee of 225,000 miles and an average apogee of 252,000 miles, which are distances measured from the center of the Earth to the center of the Moon, and not surface to surface. With this in mind, the mean distance would be averaged as roughly 233,816 miles from surface to surface. Where Jason gets 250,000 miles from I do not know.
Fourth, "Zero in on a dime coin" would not be a technical term used to convey the acuity of a satellites resolution powers, nor, I suspect, a term that a person with a Ph.D. within the field of satellite imagery would use. Furthermore, S.P.O.T. imagery is far from the highest resolution and is widely available to the general public. Unless Jason was inebriated (sorry, I cannot think of any other reason) when he wrote his reply, I am highly suspicious of his academic level of achievement.
In conclusion, it is my belief, based on my present knowledge, that timely (not instant, and not within seconds) surveillance of persons and activity from a plethora of satellite (meaning any orbiting platform) configurations and capabilities is indeed possible down to the degree of clear identification of said target with resolutions in the area of a few inches or better. It must be pointed out that such tasking of satellites to accommodate "urgent" needs is complicated and expensive as many "jobs" are placed in the que to handle, so a strong level of need would be required. I personally wish that persons projecting "technical" information would negate any personal beliefs until the conclusion of said information and strive to be as accurate as possible. The funny part is, both gentlemen are partially correct and mistaken in their juxtaposition comments. A real mishmash of confusion.
Richard E. J. Driskill
Electromagnetic Spectrum Authority (retired)

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