The Conspiracy Regarding
Larry Harris
By Terry W. Stough, B.A., M.H.A.
Founder, The American Resistance Movement
An Organization Supporting Lawful, Constitutional Government
9118 Carroll Manor Drive, Atlanta, Georgia
30350 (770) 641-9042
By Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D.,M.A.,M.P.H.
President, Tetrahedron, Inc.
A Nonprofit Educational Corporation
P.O. Box 402 Rockport, MA 01966 5
With Input From
Doug Millar, Investigator / Researcher Dallas, Texas
Dave Adair / U.S. Government Aerospace Expert Hollywood, California
From Wes Thomas

Expressly prepared for immediate release by news agencies through the world.
Introduction For The Clarification
For months the two authors of this report have been at odds regarding issues concerning Larry Harris. However, due to a chance meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Global Sciences Conference, on Sunday night, February 22, 1998, the authors had a frank and broad reaching discussion of the issues raised in each of our earlier written reports. This discussion involved input from over a dozen participants at the Global Sciences Conference. As a result of this discussion and a mutual attempt to resolve issues and find common ground, we were able to uncover additional facts which should enlighten those seeking a more complete understanding of the true enemy Mr. Harris faces. This information bridges the gap between the supporters of Len Horowitz and those of Larry Harris who have thus far been at odds, so that we can all work together in greater harmony against a common enemy.
As part of our intention to act in good faith toward a resolution of these conflicts, it was agreed that both sides of these issues would supply new information believed to be accurate and that each side would place its credibility on the table with respect to the accuracy and verifiability of the facts contained herein.
Further, it was learned during the meeting that when Larry Harris would do a media interview, faxes questioning the credibility of Larry Harris would be sent which purportedly originated from Dr. Horowitz. Dr. Horowitz was unaware of any such faxes. The Harris supporters had originally believed that these faxes were actually sent by Dr. Horowitz, and believed as well that Dr. Horowitz had a large intelligence network at his disposal in an attempt to discredit Larry Harris. Attempts are currently underway to determine the source of these faxes that may show CIA involvement in efforts to use Dr. Horowitz to discredit Larry Harris.
Background Of The Original Document
Since mid-1997, two papers posted on Dr. Horowitz's Internet site (tetrahedron.org_"Research, News and Views Page"_ FTP Public Access files) predicted that, at the right time, Larry Harris might be used by U.S. intelligence agencies for propaganda purposes in the realm of biological terrorism. This prediction was based on several facts as detailed below. It is currently our contention that Mr. Harris was set up by agents for the CIA in an effort to instill fear of a biological attack in the minds of the public; thus supporting the propaganda arm of the Clinton administration, in favor of Gulf war efforts. The authors agree that Mr. Harris has been operating in good faith, and if his activities have been manipulated by agents of the CIA, then Mr. Harris is most likely unaware of this.
Dr. Horowitz's prediction of Larry Harris's use by American intelligence for propaganda came true on Feb. 18, 1998 with his false arrest by the FBI for suspected possession of anthrax. The prediction by Leonard Horowitz was based on a number of factors. The first was that Mr. Harris previously worked as a biological warfare researcher for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).1 Second, Mr. Harris had made statements regarding knowledge of a terrorist organization that was threatening to deploy biological weapons, such as anthrax and bubonic plague, against the American people. Third, Harris clearly stated and warned against the threat of biological terrorism against the U.S. These statements were highly consistent with U.S. propaganda campaigns that had already been initiated by official propaganda sources. Fourth, Harris had claimed expertise in the area of in biological weapons.2 Fifth, Harris was previously arrested in connection with obtaining bubonic plague microorganisms.3 Sixth, Mr. Harris believed that there was a threat from Iraqi nationals bringing biological weapons into this country rather than the belief held by Dr. Horowitz that the CIA was directly linked to the production and illegal use of biological weapons (BW).4 Finally, Mr. Harris had provided specific details regarding the manufacture and distribution of biochemical weapons through his lectures and audiotapes.
It was this last fact that largely generated concern on Dr. Horowitz's part. Mr. Harris's supporters, however, concluded that this knowledge was already in the hands of terrorist organizations, and Mr. Harris was distributing this information in an effort to inform the American people of the ease with which these weapons could be created and utilized.
It was logical to conclude that Larry Harris could be easily used by the propaganda arm of American intelligence. However, as was discussed, had it not been Larry Harris delivering this information, the CIA was likely to have broadcast this information in some other way and/or substituted another person to deliver its messages, in furtherance of it's purposes.
Headline News and the Need for Biological Propaganda
On Feb. 19, 1998 the news media announced that Larry Harris, along with another microbiologist, William "Job" Leavitt, had been arrested on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 18. The charge was suspected possession of deadly anthrax spores.
Both Dr. Horowitz and the supporters of Mr. Harris immediately recognized the use of this story as a propaganda ploy. The headlines in USA Today for example, was released simultaneously with the headline "Last chance for diplomacy?" All participants in the debate concluded that this was no coincidence.The fact that Larry Harris was setup and arrested at the most critical moment in U.N./Iraqi diplomatic efforts--when U.S. propaganda against Sadam Hussein peaked--on the eve of Secretary General Kofi Annan's final diplomatic effort for peace and when American anxiety regarding "imminent" war and resulting threats of biological terrorism in the U.S. peaked.
Largely overlooked was the fact that: 1) production and use of BW by any country was a violation of the standing Geneva Accord; 2) American corporations have been a principal Iraqi supplier of BW along with the reagents and culture mediums required to produce them; 3) President Clinton had been advised that such massively destructive agents can be inexpensively cultured in any large kitchen today; 4) and the hardware used to produce these "weapons of mass destruction" can be easily moved within hours of an impending inspection. In light of the futility of periodic U.N./American inspections of Iraqi facilities something was clearly amiss. Clearly, to make the American people support the U.S. war effort, intelligence and counterintelligence activities would be required.
Moreover, following the Ohio State "Town Hall Meeting" two days earlier, it became painfully obvious to the Clinton administration that Americans, if not the world, needed additional persuasion to endorse the bombing of Iraq. To secure public support for the futile if not senseless inspections, and/or military attacks in Iraq, both Dr. Horowitz and the supporters of Larry Harris recognized that the CIA turned to the propaganda use and exploitation of Mr. Harris.
Previous and Current Events
Precedent exists for such a conspiracy theory. Recall that on the eve of the Bush administration's desire to invade Iraq in 1990, the American people required similar persuasion. The public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton was immediately summoned. Within hours they filmed a Kuwaiti Prince's niece alleging she saw Sadam Hussein's elite guardsmen torturing and maiming babies, pulling them from incubators, stabbing them, then throwing them from windows.
The American people were aghast. War polls shot up favorably. President Bush declared, "This aggression will not stand!" Then the war began. Following the conflict it was determined that this entire Hill and Knowlton/Bush administration story was fabricated. Americans quickly forgot and history has repeated itself.
Enter Mr. Ronald Rockwell.
As was indicated in the original press release on this issue by Mr. Harris's supporters, Mr. Harris and Mr. Leavitt were arrested following a tip by Mr. Rockwell--an FBI informant of dubious integrity and a jaded history; an extortion felon convicted in 1981 and 1982. Rockwell told "NBC Nightly News" on Friday (Feb. 20, 1998) that the thought of Harris and Leavitt coming to his facility with military grade anthrax "scared me so bad" he called the FBI.
This statement has many problems. First, Mr. Rockwell knew that the purpose of the experiments was to find a way to kill anthrax. Second, in order to do so, Larry Harris would have to use samples of an organism (in this case, non- weapons grade agricultural anthrax). Third, it was Mr. Rockwell, not Mr. Harris, who encouraged the testing for a potential sale. According to Mr. Harris's intimates $20,000,000 was the total price for the instrument's purchase.
Reported to be a cancer researcher and businessman, Mr. Rockwell, was said to have developed the AZ-58 Ray Tube Frequency Instrument Prototype. He alleged this device was able to remove bacteria and viruses including "ANTHRAX" from "large numbers of people at the same time."
Mr. Leavitt is said to have contacted Mr. Harris for help with the test. How did Mr. Leavitt learn of Mr. Harris? According to a personal acquaintance of Mr. Leavitt who requested anonymity, as witnessed by our groups, George Green introduced the two men. It is known that Mr. Green, an alleged book publisher, was a personal acquaintance of Mr. Rockwell. Both men frequented Neo-nazi organizational meetings. Mr. Harris likewise attended some Neo-nazi meetings, but in another state.
Several individuals attending the Global Sciences Conference were aware that Mr. Green was frequent involved in questionable financial dealings. Moreover, another anonymous source revealed that Mr. Green had reported being asked by George Bush to head the President's finance committee.
A written statement submitted by Doug Millar, a conference participant, and also an acquaintance of Mr. Rockwell, provided further revealing insights. He wrote:
"As a full time investigator of violent crimes against children, I have met some of the most interesting, important, weird, unusual and criminal minds in America. At a meeting I was speaking at in Las Vegas last summer, a man came forward who claimed to know a lot about the subject and about Las Vegas. He said that Ron Rockwell referred him to our event. We met the next morning to discuss what he knew. He started discussing racist issues and branched into neo-Nazi comments. As someone who studied to become an FBI agent for a couple of years in college, you learn to build trust with people before they are willing to expose their inner secrets.
Although I was raised to have contempt for racists and am a member of the NAACP, I feigned interest, because I wanted to find out why Rockwell referred such a despicable man to me. Soon he was telling me about his meetings at conventions with Mitzgar, David Duke, etc.. He had also known [a] Rockwell , the founder of the American Nazi Party who was killed 25-30 years ago. Since he said he spent a lot of time in Vegas, I told him a story that was in the local newspaper announcing that the owner of the Imperial Palace Casino & Hotel had celebrated Hitler's birthday with a party at the casino and Las Vegas strip. Then I asked him the main purpose of my main fishing expedition, "Where did you meet Ron Rockwell?" He shocked me with his answer, "At a local Nazi meeting!" As someone who had been invited to Rockwell's home to see the Rife technology a couple of times, I can state that I know many people who agree with the statement of one of the top retired law enforcement agency officials in America who told me, I know you can't believe anything Rockwell says!' I certainly agree with that conclusion!"
Another participant. in the discussion, Dave Adair, one of America's leading aerospace experts, and frequent U.S. government/space industry consultant, indicated that he had seen and recognized unique equipment that Mr. Rockwell displayed during a previous Global Sciences meeting. Mr. Adair knew that the equipment was build exclusively for the National Security Agency (NSA). The equipment was classified hardware that could only have been obtained by a U.S. government agent with high level security clearances. Mr. Adair stated that he had asked Mr. Rockwell, "What agency are you with?" Mr. Rockwell refused to answer his question, then walked away.
Mr. Adair also testified to ABC news that Mr. Harris's arrest on Feb 19, 1998 was a "set up."
According to USA Today (Feb. 20 p. 10A) "Leavitt's two lawyers, Lamond Mills and Kirby Wells, suggested Leavitt may have been duped and set up by Rockwell. According to attorney Mills, Rockwell was trying to "scam" Leavitt into buying the bogus germ-killing machine.(AP--Sat., Feb. 21, in The Daytona News- Journal, p. 3A.) They said Leavitt is an "honest businessman" here who had been negotiating with Rockwell to invest in his new technology and had hired Harris as a consultant. They said Harris had brought harmless anthrax vaccine from Ohio to test the technology. They suggested Rockwell told the FBI a different story in order to get publicity."
Publicity indeed, but not for the AZ-58.
Rockwell, a cancer researcher, businessman, and "scam" artist, would be intelligent enough to know that such a stunt would likely backfire given his earlier felony conviction. He would again risk facing criminal charges following a thorough FBI investigation. That is, unless the FBI were also involved in the ruse. On the other hand, if the machine really cleared viruses and bacteria, including "ANTHRAX" from people's blood, and Rockwell was a smart businessman, then he would expect Mr. Leavitt and Mr. Harris to test the machine with the agents he advertised it cleared: "ANTHRAX." As a cancer and microbiology researcher, the thought of a prospective buyer bringing "military grade" anthrax in for such a trial should not have alarmed him. So why then, other than to trigger a propaganda campaign, did Mr. Rockwell alert the FBI?
In any case, Mr. Rockwell's story, and his actions, are suspicious if not incriminating. Had Mr. Rockwell become an FBI informant earlier than reported? Perhaps during a plea bargain that may have occurred in the wake of his 1982 conviction. Could he be linked to the CIA?
In this case the FBI may have been involved with the CIA, or duped by them, in a conspiracy to generate biological terrorism propaganda. Investigators should carefully examine Mr. Rockwell's history for intelligence agency links.
It was also suspicious that following three days of studying Mr. Harris's anthrax vaccine, "CNN Headline News" reported (on Saturday) that United States Army researchers, supporting the FBI's investigation, were uncertain of their test results. This is particularly strange given that anthrax is an easy germ to identify. Can you imagine the risk to U.S. forces in the Gulf if it took more than three days to confirm an anthrax attack!
Finally, late Saturday night, "CNN Headline News" reported that the substance in question was indeed an anthrax vaccine, and that Mr. Leavitt had been freed. Leavitt stated that under the circumstances, the FBI could not be blamed for his mistaken arrest. Mr. Harris was still under arrest, however. This report followed promising news regarding Kofi Annan's diplomatic efforts in Iraq. U.N. officials were confident Sadam Hussein would comply with their inspection requirements.
The friends of Larry Harris are currently concerned about Mr. Harris's treatment under custody. Allegations have surfaced that Mr. Harris has been a member of the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist group. The long time friends of Larry Harris have reported that this information has been fabricated, as they have no knowledge of such membership.
Any way you look at it, the effect this predicted episode had on the public's mind, and fear level, was consistent with the effects of psychological warfare. Today the threat of domestic bioterrorism looms greater than ever not because of Larry Harris, but because of his manipulators.
About Leonard G. Horowitz: Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. is a Harvard graduate, independent investigator, and internationally known authority in public health education. One of healthcare's most captivating speakers, his book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron, Inc., 1998), now a bestselling hardcover, is available through any bookstore on request, or by calling the publisher's toll free order line 1-888-508-4787. For Dr. Horowitz's availability as a speaker please call 1-800-336-9266; and for his audiotapes and videotapes including: Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations and Gulf War Syndrome: The Spreading Epidemic Cover-up, please call 1-888-508-4787.
About Terry W. Stough: Although Terry Stough possesses substantial knowledge of health related issues (Masters of Health Administration, former Administrator of major Atlanta hospital, etc.) he does not claim any expertise in the technical issues under discussion. Instead, Terry's focus in this area has been to help disseminate information on these issues to the public. He is extremely pleased with the progress made as a result of the discussion between parties who have far more in common than the minor differences between them. Terry's main focus is to work for the restoration of lawful government.
1 Larry Harris's resume is available on request by contacting Terry Stough.
2 Items are available to lend support for Mr. Harris's knowledge in the field of microbiology.
3 Regarding the prior arrest, Larry Harris was convicted of wire fraud under an obscure "blue law" which required you to leave your name and phone number when you leave a message on an interstate call. The charge had nothing to do with possession of biological agents. As a economic, etc. decision, he decided to plead guilty to this charge in exchange for community service and probation. As a result of the probation, he was required to report all activities including the purpose and timing of his latest trip to Las Vegas which resulted in his rearrest.
4 Dr. Horowitz's beliefs were based largely on evidence compiled during the Frank Church Congressional investigation into the illegal storage and use of biological weapons by the CIA long after the signing of the Geneva Accord. For details, see Dr. Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola_Nature, Accident or Intentional?

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