Was Your Child A Victim
Of A Covert Experiment?
By Keidi Obi Awadu
From 1989 to 1991, Kaiser Permanente along with the L.A. County Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), injected over 700 "mostly minority" babies with unlicensed experimental vaccines with fraudulently-obtained consent from the parents.
To date, it is believed that most of the families affected by this secret experiment are not aware that their child was used as a human guinea pig or, if aware, are not alerted to the long-term health risks of this particular vaccination.
One of several vaccines used in the experiment, Edmonston-Zagreb, high-titer, had already achieved a notorious reputation overseas for triggering the death of numerous babies in closely controlled trials in the Third World. In particular, use of the vaccine had been closely associated with an increased death rate among infant girls in Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Haiti" before their second birthday. At least one baby in the L.A. County experiment died within this same two year window. Reports of other immune and neurological problems are associated with the Kaiser Permanente victims.
When the final story is told, this could likely be one of the most scandalous affairs in the sordid history of human experimentation to rival or exceed that of the Nazis, the Tuskegee syphilis study or the DOE radiation exposure experiments.
If your child received a vaccine injection at one of three L.A. County Kaiser Permanente facilities between January 1990 and December 1991, you may be needed for a class action claim against Kaiser Permanente Foundation. The three hospitals at the center of the experiment were Kaiser East Los Angeles, Kaiser West Los Angeles (Cadillac) and Kaiser Inglewood.
You may have received one or two letters from Kaiser since this story hit the mainstream media in June 1996. It reflected that your child was enrolled in a "vaccine schedule change" program which began enrollment in 1989. Those letters did not adequately inform parents of the long-term risks from the vaccine.
A class action case is being instigated within L.A. County. There are approximately 1200 families whose children were involved. The vast majority of those families know little or nothing of this experiment and of long-term consequences which could seriously impair their child's health and welfare.
If your family or that of a friend or relative was directly affected by this measles vaccine experiment please contact the L.A. County Coalition Against Racist Child Experimentation (LACCARCE) at (562)602-2432 as soon as possible. Additionally, you may contact Silverton Law Offices: (213)381-7511.
LACCARCE / PO Box 7683, Long Beach, CA 90807-0683 / (562) 602-2432

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