The Bombing of the
Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building in Oklahoma City
By Gavin Phillips
According to the government/mass media, a 4800 ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate plus Fuel Oil) bomb placed inside a rented Ryder truck parked approximately 20/30 feet from the federal building exploded at 9.02am, April 19, 1995. The bomb killed 168 people as well as injuring over 500 others. The ANFO bomb demolished at least 25% of the Murrah building and caused varying degrees of damage to a further 270 buildings in the immediate vicinity of the bomb.
At approximately 10.20am a State Trooper, Charlie Hanger, stopped Timothy Mcveigh because his car wasn't displaying a license plate. Hanger noticed a bulge under Mcveigh's arm. When questioned about it McVeigh stated he had a gun, whereupon he gave it to Hanger. He was subsequently arrested and taken to Noble County Jail. Before McVeigh was released on bail the FBI, working in record time, turned up at the jail approximately 48 hours later to interrogate McVeigh and later arrest him as the prime suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing. Terry Nichols is the other suspect and is being tried as a co-conspirator by the government. The government's case is that Mcveigh was by himself on the day of the bombing, Terry Nichols was in Herington, Kansas on April 19, 1995.
Immediatley after the bombing witnesses started reporting two distinct explosions. The government had changed the weight of the bomb several times, starting at a 1000 pounds and moving in varying degrees upward until they eventually decided on a 4800lb ANFO pound bomb.
Charles Watts who was in the federal Courthouse about a block away said he felt two distinct explosions, the second one was far more powerful than the first, and followed immediatley after it.
Micheal Hinton was riding a transit bus a short distance from the federal building when the explosions occurred. Hinton said at first the bus rocked, then six or seven seconds later it rocked again, this time he thought the bus was going to turn over.
Dr. Ray brown, senior geologist for the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahma, spoke of a witness account in which a secretary who was in the federal building at the time of the bombing had time to stand up after the building shook and a winow cracked. Glass then blew inward and she was thrown across the room into the lap of her boss. The glass being blown inward cannot be attributed to a reversal of the initial blast. It is possible that a blast wave reversal from a second far more powerful blast from inside the building could of caused the window to blow inward. In any event the fact is that this witness' account is still evidence of two explosions.
The government and mass media have seized on arbitrarily assig5ning sound waves, blast waves and sock fronts in an effort to "technically" counter the many witnesses who have attested to two distinct explosions. Without getting into a complicated treatise of this subject the fact remains that numerous witnesses several miles from the bombing have said they heard two blasts, and at that distance they would of been unaffected by the above mentioned explanation.
Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, U.S. Air Force, retired, has 25 years experience in explosives and ballistic weapons design and testing. General Partin also served as the Commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory. Partin has this to say:
"When I first saw the picture of the truck bomb's assymetrical damage to the Federal building in Oklahoma, my immediate reaction was that the pattern of damage would of been technically impossible without supplementary demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete bases inside the building, a standard demolition technique. For a simplistic blast truck bomb, of the size and composition reported, to be able to reach out on the order of 60 feet and collapse a reinforced column base the size of column A7 is beyond credulity." General Partin further explained that;
"The total incompatability with a single truck bomb lies in the fact that either some columns collapsed that should not have collapsed or some of the columns are still standing that should of collapsed and did not."
"Reinforced concrete targets in large buildings are hard targets to blast. I know of no way possible to reproduce the apparent building damage through simply a truck bomb effort."
"It is easy to determine whether a column was failed by contact demolition charges or by blast loading (such as a truck bomb)," Partin wrote in his letter to Congress. "It is also easy to cover up crucial evidence as was apparently done in Waco. I understand that the building is to be demolished by May 23rd or 24th. Why the rush to destroy the evidence?"
He concudes; "This is a massive cover-up of immense proportions."
The statement below is made by an Israeli terrorist expert who used his experience with bombings in the Middle East. In making his deductions he used film footage of the bombing just hours afterwards.
"It is clear that they used certain methods which were used in the Middle East. I mean using a car bomb, putting it in front of the building, and maybe planting inside the building itself . My feeling is that it was not just an explosion outside, which is clear it was outside as well, but also inside the building. So it is more than one man. It's a network."
Sam Gronning, a professional blaster for more than thirty years, says;
"I have been a blaster for over thirty years and there is no doubt in my mind that ANFO could not of been by itself the medium for that powerful an explosion....even enhanced at that distance, I doubt that an external explosion could of created that extensive damage at the reported weight of the bomb."
"My knowledge comes from practical handling of explosives," added Gronning. "And my belief is that 4800 lbs of ANFO wouldn't have scuffed the paint on the building."
"No truck bomb of ANFO out in the open is going to cause that kind of damage we had there...In thirty years of blasting, using everything from 100 percent nitrogel to ANFO, I've not seen anything to support that story...I have set off 16000 pounds of ANFO and was standing upright just 1,000 feet away from the blast."
Gronning went on to say that even a bomb that big wouldn't of caused the damage seen at the Murrah building.
Dr. Roger Raubach, who has a Ph.D in physical chemistry and is now the technical director of a chemical company has this to say;
"I don't care if they pulled up a semi-trailoer with twenty tons of ammonium nitrate; it wouldn't do the damage we saw there."
Yet Rick Sherrow, who wrote an article for Soldier of Fortune magazine entitled "Bombast,Bomb Blasts & Baloney," contends that the general's assessment of the bombing is somehow inaccurate. Sherrow claims that the pressure wave that would have struck the building from the [rapidly deteriorating] blast of the ANFO bomb (375 p.s.i. according to Partin's figures) would be more than enough to destroy reinforced concrete columns, which Sherrow claimed in his article disintegrate at 30 p.s.i. (pounds per square inch).
Sam Gronning doesn't concur. "That's bullshit!!" exclaimed Gronning. "Thirty p.s.i. wouldn't take out a rubber tire!"
Citizens monitoring police radios heard the following conversation on the morning of the 19th: First voice: "Boy, you're not gonna' believe this!" Second voice: "Believe what?" First voice: "I can't believe it; this is a military bomb!"
When J.D. Cash, a journalist writing for the McCurtain County Gazette,, tried to interview members of the Bomb Squad, Fire Department and Police, he was generally told by potential interviewees, "I saw a lot that day, I wish I hadn't. I have a wife, a job, a family, I've been threatened, we've been told not to talk about the devices."
The most amount of force produced by even a perfectly made ANFO bomb weighing 4800 pounds, is 1,457 psi by the time it hit the glass of the Federal building. It's a law of physics that the destructive capabilities of a bomb fall off dramatically only a few feet from the blast.
By the time the blast front made contact with the column nearest to the bomb, the pressure would have decreased to 375 psi, far below the 5,600 psi compressive yield strength of concrete. Even using General Partins very conservative figure of 3,500 psi for the compressive yield strength of concrete, you would still require nine times the potential damage pressure from the bomb at that distance. Furthermore, the government would have us believe that the same bomb was able to blast through an additional seven major concrete columns. If we are to believe the absolute absurdity of the governments "science", then we should also endorse the practices of voodoo and witchcraft, for they both have the same amount of credibility.
Simply stated, it is a physical, chemical and thermodynamic impossibility for a 4800 pound ANFO bomb, at a distance of approximately 20 feet away, to of inflicted the kind of damage the government said it did.
As reported widely on CNN & news stations across the nation on the day of the bombing, up to four primed bombs were found inside the building by bomb detecting dogs:the BATF(Bureau of Alchohol Tobacco and Firearms)later said they were dummy bombs, but why would bomb sniffing dogs find, or be needed to locate dummy bombs which are clearly marked as such: furthermore why would munitions technicians spend so much time diffusing "dummy" bombs?? KFOR-TV said that another bomb had been located strapped to a column next to the day-care center.
"Around the noon hour, Channel 4 had as their guest Dr. Randall Heather, a terrorist expert. Dr. Heather stated: "We got luck today, if you can consider anything about this tragedy lucky. We have both of the bombs that were defused at the site and they are being taken apart. We will be able to find out how they were made, and possibly who made them. These bombs are very sophisticated high explosives with maybe a little fertilizer damped around them.'"
The Oklahoma city bombing has earned the nickname "Mannlicher-Carcano Bomb,"after the cheap Italian-made rifle with a defective scope that was allegedly used to kill President Kennedy. Attorney Jim Garrison joked that the governments nuclear physics laboratory could explain how a single bullet could travel through President Kennedy & Governor Connally five times while making several u-turns, then turns up in pristine condition ( an event that every firearms expert in the world has never been able to duplicate )on a hospital gurny.
In the Oklahoma bombing case it seems the government is attempting to perform a similar feat of light and magic. The fact is that a non-directional, low velocity 4800 pound ANFO bomb, parked 20-30 feet from a modern steel-reinforced super-structure could never of caused the pattern or degree of damage thet they say it did.
In an article entitled "The Bomb Lurking in the Garden Shed", which appeared in Time magazine on May 1 1995, it described ammonium nitrate as either a benign fertilizer, or when mixed with fuel oil suddenly becomes a "deadly bomb." They go onto explain that your only requirements to build an ANFO bomb is "a basic understanding of chemistry, skill at bomb making and some technical know-how to jury-rig a few key components."
What they ommitted to say was that 34-0-0 Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer, the type supposedly used in the bomb, is nowhere near as powerfull as the explosive grade of A.N. Ammonium Nitrate is so insensitive it cannot be used alone as an explosives. A non-electrical or electrical blasting cap will not set off an ANFO bomb; dynamite or TNT are usually used with blasting caps to detonate ANFO. One military manual suggests using one pound of TNT for every fifty pounds of fertilizer.
To build and blow up a 4800 pound ANFO bomb, using approximately 25 containers linked together, requires great technical ablity; you need to be an expert in explosives. Mcveigh didn't have the expertise to build such a sophisticated bomb. The prosecution alleged that Mcveigh built such a large and complex bomb in a few short hours, whereas experts say it would have taken days.
Two of the many important witnesses who weren't called by the government were James Sargeant and Georgia Rucker. James said (in a July 1996 interview for Media Bypass) that he had seen, along with Georgia Rucker, several unidentified men crawling in and out of the cargo area of a Ryder truck which was backed up to the lake at Geary State park, Kansas. This took place for three days beginning April 10 1995. The prosecution admits Mcveigh was in kingman, Arizona at the time. Could the unidentified men be the real bomb makers? This possibility, along with the fact that the government was only trying McVeigh and Nicholls for the bombing (Fortier is accused of other charges), they didn't want to complicate matters by introducing evidence of other co-conspiators. They want to keep it simple, even if there is a huge amount of evidence to the contrary.
According to Oklahoma City assistant Fire Marshall, Dick Miller, and other eyewiness reports, high explosives were removed from the building after the blast. The bomb squad apparently removed a 2-cubic-foot box that contained what was said to be detonators for C-4 plastic explosives. The box was detonated and Miller said it was definitly high explosives.
A civilian contractor hired by the GSA, told the Gazette: "They had everything! home-made zip guns, AK-47s, sawed-off shotguns, AR-15s, M-16s-literally hundreds of guns. You name it, they had it all any kind of weapon you could ever want." He also said he recalls seeing an ATF agent with a five-gallon bucket of hand-grenades.
Witnesses even attested to seeing a TOW (anti-tank missile) removed from the building. These weapons were allegedly stored illegally on the 9th floor, the offices of the ATF. The FBI and ATF said the explosives removed were training devices.
But this seems to be another lie, because the McCurtain Daily gazette obtained a film from the sherriffs department, showing federal officials removing munitions from the federal building weeks after the bombing. On the film, the feds yelled at the local police to leave the area because they didn't want any witnesses.
Some people have speculated that the ANFO bomb outside set off the illegally stored explosives inside the Murrah building. This is totally wrong, and for the exact same reasons given for the ANFO bomb not being able to collapse eight columns. The ATF offices were on the ninth floor and on the opposite side from the ANFO bomb; the ATF's office wouldn't of been affected at all by a single 4800 pound ANFO bomb parked outside the building.
On May 23, the day the federal building was demolished, Edye Smith, in a live interview on CNN, stated, "There's a lot of questions that have been left unanswered. We're being told to keep our mouths shut, not to talk about it, don't ask those questions..."
CNN's Gary Truchmann asked Smith to describe the nature of the questions.
"We, along with hundreds of thousands of other people want to know, where was the ATF the morning of April 19th? All of their employees survived. They were supposed to be the target of this explosion and where were they...? Did they have a warning sign? I mean, did they think it might be a bad day to go in the office?"
They had an option not to go to work that day," Smith continued, "and my kids didn't get that option, nobody else in the building got that option. And we're just asking questions, we're not making accusations. We just want to know why and they're telling us, 'Keep your mouth shut, don't talk about it.'"
Truchmann quickly ended the interview.
Glenn and Kathy Wilburn lost two grandchildren in the bombing. Glenn had begun investigating the bombing personally and much of what he was finding out was very disturbing.
On the afternoon the building was demolished, Wilburn reveived a call from U.S. Attorney Patrick Ryan. Ryan wanted to speak with him and the family.
"They wanted to set our minds at ease that there wasn't anything sinister going on," said Wilburn.
Two days later Smith and Wilburn were visited by an entourage of federal agents, including Patrick Ryan.
"They all came in and sat down and said 'We want to answer your questions and make you feel good.' I said fine. Then I looked them right in the eyes and said, 'You guys had no indication that April 19 could be a dangerous day down there?' They both answered, 'no sir.'"
"Well, two hours later I turned on the TV, and CNN is interviewing ATF director John Magaw. the interview starts out, "Mr. Magaw, based on the significance of April 19th, did you take any precautions?'"
'Yes, we were aware of the significance of April 19th, and we took precautions at all of our offices across the country.'
"Well, if there was ever a point that I was hooked into this thing, and there was nothing that was gonna' stop me," recalls Wilburn, "that was it...because by God, somebody lied that morning."
Two months later, Edye Smith and Kathy Wilburn had their workers' Compensation checks cut off. Out of 462 federal employees affected by the blast, they were the only two employees who were mysteriously "denied."
The television station KFOR in Oklahoma conducted an in depth investigation of the bombing. In some interviews witnesses insisted on their faces being kept in shadow for fear of BATF/FBI reprisals. One man, later identified as Bruce Shaw, said he arrived at the Murrah building just moments after the blast and immediatly started searching for his wife who worked there. The witness found an ATF agent and asked him if he would help in locating his wife. The agent said the other agents were in a debriefing. He also said "they'd (BATF) been tipped by their pagers not to come to work that day." The witnesses boss was with him and confirmed the account. Another witness interviewed by KFOR said she asked asked an ATF agent if any other ATF agents were in the building and was told they weren't at the office the morning of the bombing.
The ATF eventually responded to these allegations: here's a part of what Lester D. Martz, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Dallas ATF office had to say;
"ATF's resident Agent in charge Alex McCauley was with a DEA agent in the elevator when the bomb exploded. The elevator dropped free fall from the eighth floor to the third. The two men were trapped in the smoke filled elevator...they managed to break through the doors...The agents made their way to the stairwell and brought with them 10 or 15 people they found along the way...."
Unknown to Martz, the Midwestern elevator Company had been scheduled to perform routine inspections at the Murrah building on the day of the bombing. Within minutes of the bombing several inspectors were at the building. The ATF's story was quickly exposed as a total fabrication by elevator technician Duane James, who described the story as "pure fantasy." First of all the cables weren't cut, so it was impossible for the elevators to of "free fallen." None of the doors were forced open and safety switches to prevent excessive speed remained in place. Another important point is that the agents would of sustained serious injuries from a five story free fall. They wouldn't of been able to help any other people anyway.
These are the kind of gutless self-serving lies that the ATF will readily serve up to gain undeserved praise, and also to attempt to cover-up the fact that there were no ATF agents in the building at the time of the explosion.
The ABC program 20/20 recently reported (1/17/97, once in a blue moon the media does something half right: they still misrepresented General Partin by not informing the public of his impeccable credentials) on it's seven month investigation into the claim of prior knowledge of the bombing by the government. Tom Jarriel said;
"For seven months 20/20 has looked into just that question and we have found solid facts which tend to support...suspicions (of prior knowledge). Our investigation uncovered eyewitnesses and government documents which show a lot of unusual activity was going on behind the scene shortly before the explosion occurred."
20/20 interviewed several eye witnesses who saw the Oklahoma County Bomb Squad truck across the street from the Murrah building shortly before the blast. 20/20 also displayed several local publications in which witnesses reported having seen the Bomb Squad before the blast.
MASS MEDIA Special Edition of the Oklahoma County Assessors Newsletter. By J.D. Reed
As usual, I pulled into the parking garage about 7.30 and made my way into our office building. Although it was unusual to see the Oklahoma County Bomb Disposal Unit parked outside the court-house, I assumed it was routine business and thought no more of it. The Oklahoma County Sheriffs Department claims that a bomb squad truck was outside prior to the bombing because a deputy was using it for "routine errands." Another eyewitness, Claude Fritz told 20/20, "the presence of law enforcement was in the air, it was everywhere downtown that morning." Fritz also said he saw several fire trucks speeding towards the Murrah building moments before the blast. When another ABC program, Extra, contacted the Oklahoma City Fire department to ask them about Fritz's claim, they said "We can't really confirm or deny that claim."
U.S. District Judge Wayne Alley, whose office was in the federal courthouse across the street form the Murrah building, told the daily newspaper, The Oregonian (04/20/95);
"Let me say that within the past two or three weeks, information has been disseminated...that indicated concerns on the part of people who ought to know that we ought to be a little bit more careful."
Judge Alley didn't come to work that day, he also didn't bring his grandchildren to the day care center in the Murrah building. Judge Alley has since refused to repeat these comments or allow himself to be interviewed again. Dana Cooper, director of the day care center, who was killed in the blast, received numerous bomb threats, which she reported to several government agencies. At 9am sharp, some FBI agents normally brought their children to the day care center, while they conducted business in the building, but this wasn't done on the day of the blast.
Lester Martz, regional head of the ATF confirmed that there was a sting operation the night before the bombing, but he wouldn't confirm if the sting operation was related to the bombing. The ATF had apparently been staking out the Murrah building at 3.30am. Some people have speculated that the bombing was a sting operation that backfired. I find it very difficult to believe the ATF could be that inept. Even if it's true, this still doesn't explain the charges placed inside the building, according to General Partin's analysis.
Elohim City is an approximatly 400 acre religious and palamilitary compound in east central Oklahoma. It is frequented by some of the most dangerous members of the neo-nazi underground in the USA and Canada. Carol E. Howe, a former Tulsa beauty queen was an undercover agent for the ATF. She had infiltrated the compund for at least 4 months beginning in the fall of 1994. Howe's reports to her ATF handler, Angela Finley, indicated that "several people there were becoming more militant in their talk about taking action against the government", according to kevin Flynn of the Rocky Mountain News. In the weeks before the Oklahoma bombing, BATF agent Finley had arranged to raid the compound and arrest it's security advisor, Andreas Carl Strassmeir. Strassmeir, an illegal alien who migrated to Elohim City form Germany, was suspected by Finley of converting semi-automatic weapons to machine guns as well as conspiring with other Elohim residents to bomb federal targets including the Murrah building. The senior members of the BATF/FBI and the U.S. attorney's office met in February 1995 to discuss Finley's plan, but they decided not to act on it.
Strassmeir arrived at Elohim City around 1993. He became the chief of security and weapons training for the community. Strassmeir's close friend Dennis Mahon says Strassmeir was a member of Germany's elite counter-terrorism unit, GSG-9. Strassmeir is suspected by many as being John Doe 2, including Glenn and Kathy Wilburn, whom they identify in their law suit as a "U.S. federal informant with material knowledge of the bombing." Strassmeir fled the U.S. with the help of GSG-9, back to Berlin shortly after it was revealed in the McCurtain Daily Gazette that it was Strassmeir whom McVeigh called just prior to the bombing.
Carol Howe, who had furnished the ATF with dozens of reports during 1994-95, was suddenly fired just day's before the bombing. Supposedly her reports had become "unreliable." When the Gazette reported that Howe was going to be a key witness in the trial of McVeigh, she was promptly arrested on "trumped-up" charges alleging making bomb threats and possesion of bomb making components. Carol Howe was recently aquitted by a jury of all charges. Now she has become a very hot property amongst the media and talk shows, to try and find out what she really told the ATF.
In the latest twist in the Elohim City story is the July 1 1997 revelation in the Gazette of a third informer at Elohim. The FBI have admitted that Rev. Robert Miller, the spiritual leader of Elohim City, is also an FBI informant and has been since at least 1994. Special agent Peter Rickel admitted in court that the man Elohim City cult members call "Grandpa" is an informant. Now it's known that Miller, Howe and probably Strassmeir were undercover agents for the ATF/FBI, this explains why Elohim City has never been raided by the authorities. This begs the question, how many more informants do the feds have working at Elohim City?
Just recently the FBI has denied that Miller was an informant, saying they only spoke to him on one occasion. But considering the FBI lie constantly, added to which they would have to deny he's an informer for him to be of any further use, throws serious doubt on the veracity of this statement.
We can know see Elohim City in it's true light-not as an operation infiltrated and suborned by infiltrators; but rather as a wholly owned subsidary of the FBI/ATF. We are presented with the absurd scenario of paid provocateurs provoking paid provocateurs. It seems the FBI/ATF's true vocation lies in selling franchises, labelled, "Rent-a-Nazi".
There are several witnesses who saw McVeigh with other suspects on the day of the bombing. The government didn't call any of these witnesses because it proves that there were far more people with McVeigh on the day of the bombing. The other reason is because it's strongly suspected that at least one of them could turn out ot be a government agent.
The following timeline is based on some of the eyewitness' accounts on the morning of April 19, 1995, and is approximate;
8:00 Leonard Long reported a "tall, slim, white man with sharp features" wearing a dark ball cap, he was driving a brown pickup erratically south on 5th Street. Also in the is a dark-skinned man, possibly American Indian or Hispanic, who may of been John Doe 2.
8:30-8:35 David Snider saw John Doe 2 with straight hair driving a Ryder truck. The driver was describd as a "dark-skinned man with a stocky build, of American Indian or Hispanic descent. McVeigh was said to be a passenger in the truck.
8:35 Kyle Hunt saw a Ryder truck in front of a four door sedan. McVeigh was driving the car and gave Hunt a mean dirty look. Two men were in the front seat, one other man was in the back seat of the car. All three men in the car were caucasion.
8:35-8:45? Mike Moroz gave McVeigh, driving a Ryder truck, directions to Fifth and Harvey Streets (a corner the Murrah building was located on). McVeigh was wearing a white shirt and dark baseball cap. A passenger in the truck was an olive-skinned man.
8:38 James R. linehan was stopped at an intersection when he observed the driver of a yellow Mercury Marquis "hunched over the wheel and looking up at the Murrah building." He couldn't see the driver properly, but his "gut feeling" was the driver was a female. The car pulled away, being driven erratically, then pulled into the parking garage of the Murrah building.
8:45+ Three witnesses identified by the FBI entered the Murrah building and observed McVeigh in front of the building before the Ryder truck arrived.
The grand Jury is an essential and integral part of the criminal justice system of the United States: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.." A grand jury is empowered not only to investigate the criminal activities of ordinary citizens within it's jurisdiction, but public officials as well. Judges are to provide legal advice only when asked to by a grand jury, and other public officials do not have the authority to interfere with a grand jury's investigation. The Government is not entitled to tell a grand jury what to investigate or what witnesses to call. Hoppy Heidelberg was a member of the grand jury empowered to investigate all aspects of the Oklahoma bombing. Heidelberg complained that the prosecution wouldn't allow juror's to directly question witnesses, they instead had to raise their hand, the witnes would leave the room and then the juror would put the question to the prosecutor who in turn would ask the witness the question in the prosecutors own words. This cumbersome technique hampered the natural course of questioning, where one question automatically leads to another. The grand jury wasn't allowed to call it's own witnesses. Heidelberg was certain the government was trying to cover up the fact that many other people were helping Mcviegh on the day of the bombing.
At the risk of criminal penalties and the possibility of imprisonment Heidelberg began disclosing how the government was thwarting the grand jury's investigation. Heidelberg retained an attorney who arranged, through a private investigator, to give a videotaped interview of Heidelberg. Attorney/client privilege applied to the investigator, but apparently not to the videographer, who promply disclosed the details of the interview to Media Bypass magazine. After the publication of the article, even though heidelberg isn't mentioned in it, this was the reason Judge David L. Russell gave for dismissing Heidelberg from the grand jury.
Here are some exerts from a 6000 word interview between Jon Rappoport and Hoppy heidelberg;
R: How many John Does are there?
H: There were at least five men ID'ed by witnesses as being on the scene the morning of the bombing. Actually, more than five.
R: People who were with McVeigh?
H: Yes, or in the key vehicles everybody's pointed to as probably involved in the bomb plot. The yellow Mercury Marquis. The brown Chevy pickup and the Ryder truck. Actually there may of been two Ryder trucks.
R: These witnesses who saw the other John Does--were any of them brought forward to testify in the Grand Jury?
H: No.
R: So all these suspects are left completely alone by law enforcement.
H: Ignored.
R: My inderstanding is you feel that John Doe 2 was not pursued by the prosecution because he could well turn out to be a government informant or agent. That would link the government to the bombing.
H: Right.
R: In a letter you wrote to the judge, David Russell, you said bomb experts and geologists and engineers should be called as witnesses. Why?
H: Well, can an ammonium nitrate bomb cause the pattern of destruction that occurred in the federal building? I looked at that building and the idea of one explosive charge coming from one location doesn't fit. Pillars closer to the truck bomb survived the blast and columns further away went down. That's impossible unless the building was constructed very inconsistantly with some pillars and sections put up quite well and others very poorly. Let's get the answer.....let's get the architects and engineers who built the building in there and question them.
R: Did you request that?
H: Of course! I demanded bomb experts all along. And engineers and geologists. They said--do you want to know what they said? they didn't have the money! I said I'd go down to the University of Oklahoma and bring some geologists back myself for free. They wouldn't let me.
H: Eventually, they brought one in. They didn't count on the fact that anyone on the Grand Jury could spot this guy as a CIA type operator.I found out later that he was CIA although he had lots of impressive credentials. His testimony was very effective, but the whole thing was bogus. A dog and pony show. Now this is hypothetical. If you want to convince someone that ANFO is powerful, show a film of a truck and blow the hell out of it and then say you used only five pounds of ANFO to do it. But how could the Grand Jury be sure that it was only five pounds? All the demonstrations the prosecution used were like that. Obviously to dupe an unsophisticated audience. But it's easy to see through this.
R: The bomb is the key to the whole case.
H: ANFO is very symmetrical in the damage it does. You look at what happened to the federal building. That isn't symmetrical. You can judge the power of the explosion from the crater left under the Ryder truck. The crater tells you everything you need to know. The truck bomb explosion wasn't powerful enough to take out 25% of the building. That's why they covered up the crater, filled it in so quickly. ANFO is great for moving dirt in mining, but it's no good for knocking down buildings.
R: Let's talk about Micheal Fortier, McVeigh's friend. At first when the FBI questioned him he said McVeigh would never of blown up the federal building and killed all those people. He said all the FBI had on McVeigh was his arrest for a traffic violation and a concealed weapons charge. Then a couple of months later he's saying that he and McVeigh actually went to Oklahoma City and cased the federal building with an eye to bombing it. What's going on there?
H: Let me put it this way. If I had been Fortier's attorney, he would of walked. He wouldn't of given a statement and he would of walked.
R: That's pretty strong. In the Media Bypass article, you said he was just a kid and the FBI put a big scare into him.
H: Tremendous pressure. They brought 24-hour-a-day pressure on him for several months at great expense. They were on him at his job in Kingman, Arizona, and because of that he was fired. They were on him at home at his trailer, too.
R: Wearing him down.
H: He had no attorney.
R: What?
H: He had no attorney.
R: That's --
H: He was pressured for 24 hours a day and he had no attorney. He's a kid. He's not smart enough to understand what's going on.
R: Not smart enough --
H: To realize the FBI had nothing on him. He had no one to advise him.
R: The FBI couldn't arrest him?
H: They didn't want to arrest him.
R: Why not?
H: Because if they did, they'd have to appoint a lawyer for him. It was months before he was arrested.
R: You know there was a witness to the building collapsing on April 19?
H: Who?
R: A man named Peter Scaffer. Not long after the bombing I spoke with a reporter on the Daily Oklahoman newspaper, Ann Defrange. She said that a man named Peter Schaffer told her he had seen the building collapse in on itself form the top down. That would be a classic implosion signifying charges placed inside the building on the columns. When I spoke with Schaffer he denied seeing the building fall down at all. I got back to Defrange. She remained very definite about what Schaffer told her. She didn't budge at all.
H: The FBI must of gotten to him. You know, the FBI has been able to get witnesses to shut uo about important things they know. We've talked to some of these people. In certain instances the witnesses believe that concealing evidence is the right thing to do. They really believe it. The FBI has sold them a bill of goods about national security or something like that. In other cases the FBI has used straight-out intimidation on witnesses. They size poeple up. On one witness they'll use something like national security. On another, they'll go for intimidation.
There are still many people who continue to propogate the government's tissue of lies. They use catch phrases which normally begin with "right wing" and are followed with either "conspiracy nut", "extremist" or "conspiracy kook". Their favourite opening line by far is, "You don't believe in conspiracies do you"?, this is accompanied by a supercilious and patronising look followed by a smug all knowing little smirk. They accuse you of "scare-mongering" and adhering to a huge conspiracy that couldn't possibly happen in America.
These phrases are repeated ad-nauseum and are intended to make you look gulible and naive, thereby condemning your opinions are not to be taken seriously by logical thinking people such as themselves. If you join the government/mass media cult, your immediately exonerated and congratulated on "coming to your senses" ( i.e. joining them in "lala" land).
I'm not intimidated by these people, their arguments are as fragile as a house of cards, full of bluster and name calling, but always failing abysmally to put forward even one well thought out argument. One debunker even had the audacity to tell me that Hoppy Heidelberg shouldn't be listened to because his business was training and racing horses. He then went on to contradict himself by saying "he(Heidelberg) has a good reputaton in that area." If you think that's bad, wait till you hear what he says about General Partins analysis. His argument, if you can call it that, is that General Partin didn't know that the concrete columns in the Federal building were of "inferior quality", they had been made with too much sand. For the columns furthest from the blast to of been demolished by 25-38 psi, they must of been made of 99% sand-in that case it's a wonder the building was standing at all. These are the kind of nonsensical, patently absurd "arguments" that the debunkers resort to.
When the debunkers are arguing with someone who has taken the time and effort to find many of the facts that are contrary to the establishment line, they turn to slander and personnel attacks in an attempt to vilify and brow beat those people.
The kindest thing I can say about these people is that they are frightened and self-deluded; they live by make-believe. Their comfort zone is shattered by the thought that the government have sunk so far into an abyss of dapraved indifference and mass murder of it's citizens, that to even contemplate it for a second is instantly rejected: for there lies madness. But there is so much evidence of government complicity, many of these debunkers have a nagging suspicion that there is far more to the case than what the government/mass media is telling us. Unfortunately they have neither the moral courage nor integrity to honestly search for the truth, no matter how abhorrant it may be. Instead they obscure the truth at every turn, and in so doing, perpetuate the governments/mass media's propaganda machine. The result is that they deter people from taking a long hard look at the governments involvement in the Oklahoma bombing.
I have the utmost contempt for the so called "free"?? press and the mainstream television networks in America today. When their not shamelessly re-gurgitating the governments pre-approved "facts", their churning out propaganda by the truck load, enough to make even Goebbals chuckle with delight. They distort, dissemble and obfuscate the truth at every turn. They profess to be vigilantly searching out and reporting the truth, when in reality they are working day and night to suppress it. They gladly sell every man, woman and child of this country down the river. They have no honor, and integrity is a word that should never be associated with them. They defend their bare faced lies with the vigilance of a true zealot. If anyone should dare speak against their doctrine, then those people become the victims of vitriolic and baseless attacks upon their credibility. If this tactic doesn't work, then they condemn that persons opinions to the sidelines by not giving them a chance to air their opinions in print or on television-that way the general public isn't even aware that any discord exists.
As bad as the mainstream "newspapers" are, their twin, the mainstream television networks are as bad if not worse. The nightly "news" is delivered MTV style, by anchor men and woman who bear an increasing resemblance to ventriloquist dummies, replete with their plastic smiles and corny jokes.
Interspersed between the "important news," like the latest sports scores and wheather updates, is the local death toll; the recipe here is, plenty of graphic pictures of "other" peoples misery. Everythings designed around holding the general publics notoriously short attention span until the commercial break.
A few times a week they will break up the monotony with an equally banal "investigative report". These groundbreaking reports are about as surprising and controversial as catching your kids hand in the cookie jar. In one such report we vicariously follow the reporter as he tracks a police detective who keeps sneeking off from work to play golf . With the deplorable reputation of big city cops in the U.S., the reporter must of been tripping all over cops on the take, in order to find one who's only sin was playing golf!! The news is always wrapped up with a human interest story, which usually involves a young child and their pet. This is meant to give us a warm fuzzy feeling.
This kind of pseudo reporting gives some people the impression that they are well informed, and the news reporter is really looking out for them, digging deep to unearth the corruption in the city. Nothing could be further form the truth. The anchor people are nothing more than talking "meat puppets"; their strings can be traced directly back to the White House.
Contrary to popular belief, the crack and cocaine epidemics are still in kindergarden, compared to the "graduating with honors" status of television as the drug of choice. Nothing on this earth is as mind-numbingly inane as watching the afternoon soaps or talk shows. The tactic of dumbing down the populace and at the same time providing a distraction is as old as Ceaser. Ceaser would keep the masses' attention misdirected by staging fights between gladiators and would feed people to lions. These days it's "Days of Our Lives", "Ricky Lake" and "Baywatch" to name but a few.
But, as the saying go's, "you can't fool all of the people all of the time." There is a growing minority that are so totally discusted with government abuses of power that they are distributing information which exposes the government/mass media lies.
The internet is the governments biggest adversary, that's why they so desperately want to censor it. The internet is a totally open public forum in which any subject can be discussed with the safety of anonymity. Despite what the government would have everyone believe, i.e. that there are pedophiles lurking everwhere, and that the internet is awash with "baseless conspiracy theories". The fact is, yes, there is pornographic material out there, just as there is pornographic material in books, magazines, video's, and on television. As for the baseless conspiracy theories, the facts are, as I will point out in this article, the history of the U.S. is riddled with hienous crimes committed by the government against it's own citizens.
Even the most cynical lawyer will speak with respect about the ability of a jury to sort through even the most complicated case and reach the right verdict. The collective wisdom of thousands of peoples honest opinions,(free from a political agenda/axe to grind) all of them open to peer review and debate, leaves the baseless conspiracies far behind. It's a fact that most of what was exposed in the ABC program 20/20, pertaining to government prior knowledge, was common knowledge on the internet a year before the program was aired.
Glenn Wilburn and State Rep. Charles Key are two men who have had the courage to make public many of the facts which totally contradict the government/mass media's version of the Oklahoma bombing. Charles Key and Glenn Wilburn collected over 13,000 signatures of Oklahoma residents. The result is that a Grand Jury was empaneled in July, and is still investigating the facts along with eyewitness testimony.
Here are some exerts from a March 12, 1997 letter from Charles Key, which shows the relentless and totally unwarranted smear campaign he had to endure at the hands of the media, when all he wanted to do was to see that justice is done.
Charles Key says:
At some point it became painfully apparent that there was more wrong than right with the federal investigation. That is when I had a very tough decision to make. Should I sit and do nothing and remain in my comfort zone simply "playing the part" of the caring politician for the photo op's? Or should I really do the right thing even if it meant giving the phrase "politically incorrect" a whole new dimension?
Major media has launched unheard of attacks against our desire to conduct constitutionally sound and proper investigations. The Daily Oklahoman and the Tulsa World have published nine separate editorials viciously attacking me, Glenn Wilburn and all those who have stood up and demanded all of the truth about this terrible crime.
An editorial from the Daily Oklahoman entitled, "DROP IT, MR. KEY even had the audacity to say; "As we argued when Key first set out on this course, the Legislature and its staff had no business investigating the bombing. It was, and is, poorly equipped to do so. The same can be said of a panel of local citizens" . . .
People in powerful positions have repeatedly attacked those of us who have been scrutinizing the federal investigation. Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating was a former FBI agent himself and spent most of his career in the services of Federal Departments of the Treasury, Justice and HUD (Housing and Urban Development). At one time in his career his responsibilities included the overseeing of the ATF and other federal law enforcement. Gov. Keating went so far as to say that "raising questions would not bring one whit of intelligence to the process." He later escalated his attacks saying those of us who were raising serious questions were "howling at the moon" and "off the reservation."
McVeigh is certainly implicated in the Oklahoma City bombing, but to what degree has yet to be ascertained. The government has served him up to an eager public, but thus far he seems little more than a Lee Harvey Oswald clone. He may of been cast, unwittingly, in the "leading role" by the government. One fact is certain though, his trial didn't even come close to the notion of a fair and impartial assessment of all the pertinent facts of the case.
On the eve of the trial a Dallas newspaper published what was supposedly a "confession" made by Mcveigh to his attorneys. The mainstream media ballyhooed this for several days, virtually guaranteeing a prejudice jury right from the start. Here are the key points which shows how most of the important evidnece and eyewitness testimony was suppressed.
* The prosecution didn't call at least a dozen witnesses who could of placed McVeigh at the scene, because all the witnesses saw him with one or more other people.
* Jim Sargeant and Georgia Rucker weren't called as witnesses. They said they saw a Ryder truck at Geary State Park during the week of April 10. The freelance reporter, Ryan Ross tells us why; "McVeigh was checked into a motel in Kingman, Arizona at the time. Prosecutors won't want to raise the possibilty that someone other than McVeigh built the bomb."
*Judge Richard Matsch wouldn't allow the defences lead attorney, Stephen Jones, to call it's own bomb experts such as General Partin.
* Judge Matsch wouldn't allow the testimony of Caroll Howe, ruling it "could confuse or mislead the jury." Howes testimony would have shown that others had motive and opportunity to bomb the Murrah building. She may also have testified to the fact that she had warned the government on several occasions that the Murrah building was a target for bombing, proving the government had prior knowledge.
* Judge Matsch wouldn't allow Jones to present any kind of conspiracy defence, either of Middle Eastern or government origin, regardless of how much evidence there was to support these theories.
* After making these unprecedented and highly unorthodox rulings, which were extremely pertinent to the case, Judge Matsch proceeded to allow the prosecution to wallow in a sea of irrelevant and emotional claptrap, which constituted over half of the prosecutions case.
* The Judges rulings in the case have been severely criticised by Gerry Spence, one of the best criminal lawyers in the country, and by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. They have also been highly critical of Jones' abysmall defence. One defence lawyer said he's seen lengthier defences for drunken driving. Another promient defence lawyer, Nancy Lord siad that Jones "should have violated the judge's order" preventing him from introducing Howe or some others with purported knowledge of a wider plot. "This is a case where Stephen Jones should have violated the Judge's order, presented evidence of a larger conspiracy to the jury, and gone to jail for contempt. If I would have been the defence attorney, some things are important enough to go to jail for," Lord said. "I am shocked at Stephen Jones' conduct in this case."
* Jones was payed, or payed off, somewhere in the region of ten miilion dollars by the government to "defend" McVeigh. A strong incentive not to rock the boat.
As usual the mainstream media, the fawning handmaidens of the government, were falling all over themselves to gorge at the governments trough of lies, which are then re-assembled into trial "facts". They are then set loose to doctor up the "facts" even more, in a frantic effort to establish the government line as "revealed truth." They pitifully wallow in blatant, misplaced emotionalism, wringing every last ounce of expliotative propaganda they can from the Oklahoma tragedy. They patronizingly tell us that McVeigh's guilt provides all of us with "closure" (whatever that piece of pseudo psychology is meant to mean). Of course the victims, survivors and their families suffered terribly, but the rest of us don't need this sort of junk psychology to salve our non-existing wounds.
I must first preface any attempt at explaining a possible government motive, by saying that there is no motive for murdering 168 people that you or I could could possibly think of. This is a stumbling block that many people can't get past. They don't believe their own government is that despicable. But, you don't have to look too far back in America's history to be able to document a long list of murder, mind control, genocide and biological weapons testing on American citizens by the U.S. government.
Most revisionist historians, and even a sizable number of establishment historians (although they will never admit it in public) are convinced that Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew in advance about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour. It's a fact that Roosevelt had been trying everything prior to the attack to try and get America into WW II. America and England had broken the Japanese code before the attack; Roosevelt moved all the usefull ships out of pearl harbour just before the attack (for more on this read "Infamy: Pearl Harbor and it's Aftermath" by John Toland). Over two thousand people were killed and several hundred injured because of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Although there's little doubt about Roosevelts prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the other examples I'm citing are historical facts. The Tuskegee Syphilis experiments, in which some four hundred black men were refused treament of syphilis because the government wanted to ascertain the long term affects of syphilis on the patient, which normally ended in his death, the IHS (Indian Health Service) sterilization of American Indians between 1972-76 in which the IHS enforced a genocide program on the Indians by lying to them about reasons for sterilization or other means of deceit, and as a result sterilized around 3000 Indian women a year between 1972-76 which is approximately 22% of Indian women of child bearing age, the Navy sprayed San Francisco harbor with serratia marcessens bacteria, at least one person died from this and many others got sick, the MK Ultra mind control experiments, the atom bomb experiments in the 50's in which up to half a million American soldiers were exposed to fatal levels of radiation and more recently the Gulf War Veterans, in which at least 70,000 ( some say it's closer to 250,000) are suffering from a disease that the U.S. government said didn't exist until very recently.
There have been many reasons proposed as to why the Clinton government would blow up the Murrah building.
1. There was a mountain of OKC-related "domestic terrorism" bills which were rushed into congress in a matter of days, some of them pre-written and already printed up before the bombing. These proposed laws cover everything from banning all privately owned firearms to unlimited and court admissable Federal wiretaps, censorship of the internet, the suspension of habeas corpus in "terrorism" cases to the discracefull destruction of the First Amendment advocated in Charles Schumer's bill H.R. 2580, which imposes a five year prison sentence for publicly engaging in "unseemly speculation" and publishing or transmitting by wire or electronic mens "baseless conspiracy theories regarding the Federal government of the United States". Who decides what is a "baseless conspiracy theory"? Why, the very same government, of course. How exactly was a normally cumbersome, inefficient, and glacially slow legislative branch able to move so quickly, so comprehensively, and so efficiently in introducing these laws which will strip Americans of what remaining freedoms they have?
2. Another reason was to discredit the militia's and patriot movement in America. The vast majority of these people are not "white supremists" or "home grown terrorists" as the government would have us believe. They are ordinary people who are discusted with government abuses of power, such as Ruby Ridge and Waco. They want to revert to how the original constitution of the United States was intended to be implemented by America's founding fathers.
3. Destroying records about Waco and the Gulf War Syndrome which were reportedly stored in that federal building.
4. If you are going to maintain a large national security state, there must be a threat to justify it's continued existence. Otherwise too many people would realize that we don't really need to spend billions of dollars on a problem that barely exists.
A rather macabre piece of evidence turned up in the debris of the Oklahoma bombing. A leg which couldn't be matched to any of the known victims. Oklahoma chief medical examiner, Fred B. Jordan said the leg probably belonged to a white skinned man under thirty with dark hair; the foot had two socks on it, a military boot and an olive drab elastic blousing strap.
When McVeigh's attorney, Stephen Jones raised the suspicion that maybe the leg belonged to the real bomber, the state medical examiners office said the leg now belonged to a black female, who was about 5'5 and between 16 to 30 years old. Are we to believe that the chief medical examiner can't tell the difference between a white leg and a black one??
Two seismographs near the explosion clearly showed there were two or three explosions. Ray Brown, geologist for Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, 16.25 miles from the explosion, initially said there were "two seperate seismic events" and the simplest explanation is "two seperate explosions". Dr. Brown said he believes the second second event could not be explained by surface wave velocity dispersion, air waves, or air-coupled Rayleigh waves. The experts in Oklahoma also rejected the claim that the two events were one wave traveling at different speeds.
All Oklahoma City Fire department communication tapes from Friday April 14 until the bombing had been erased. This was called an error. The Police log book for the night before the bombing had only two pages, normally there would be twelve to fifteen pages. A public affairs official for the Police department aknowledged that pages were missing and that a court order would be needed to release them. Under Oklahoma law such records and tapes should be readily available to the public.
In a recent video tape, titled, "Cover-Up in Oklahoma" there are reports of witnesses "telling how people in the basement of the building a week before the bombing talked about drilling holes for explosives." A seperate witness claims she saw someone cutting into a column in the federal building several weeks before the bombing. When she walked over to the person he covered up his tools and said he was fixing up the building.
Dr. Whitehurst, a senior chemist with the FBI has recently submitted a report atating that the FBI has been slanting it's results of forensic tests for years. Whitehurst's allegations, set forth in a US Department of Justice memorandum, states, in part: "Dr. Whitehurst contends that the Explosives Unit and the Chemistry and Toxicology Unit inappropriately structure their conclusions to favor the prosecution." Dr. Whitehurst has since been suspended from his position at the FBI.
Now we come to the dichotomy of Timothy McVeigh. On the one hand the government would have us believe that McVeigh is a criminal mastermind, capable of constructing a very complex bomb and then setting it off by himself on the day of the bombing. On the other hand, he's a total moron: first of all he nonchalantly asks Mike Moroz directions to the Murrah building, then proceeds to give people dirty looks, and then to top it all off: drives erratically: all this without even wearing a diguise. Finally he drives away in a car without a license plate.In short, he did everything but dress up as a clown and perform a high wire act to draw attention to himself. Then when he's pulled over by the police he meekly hands over his gun, instead of using it and escaping. Quite the mastermind, isn't he??
Now we know that there were so many informants working for the government, isn't it possible McVeigh was duped into believing that he was also helping the government to foil a terrorist bombing. But unbeknownst to him the government had him cast as the "fall guy?"
"Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal." - Janet Reno (U.S. Attorney General)
"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..." Bill Clinton (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993)
When you have the President of the United States saying we shouldn't concern ourselves with individual freedoms. Then the Attorney General advocates taking away every Americans Constitutional right to own firearms, and there isn't a political uproar about it, it shows you how far removed the leadership of this country has become from it's citizens.
Bill Clinton is, in many people's eye's, totally corrupted. He is closely connected to facilitating drug distribution and money laundering whilst he was Governor of Arkansas. Many people who have come forward to testify about his crimes have died under very mysterious circumstances. The death toll of people associated with Clinton is in the region of a hundred, which run the gamut of suicides, bizarre helicopter and plane crashes and blatant assasinations. Are we to believe that this is all coincidence??
Arkansas lawyer Gary Johnson, a neighbor of Jennifer Flowers, was beaten within an inch of his life after it was disclosed that his security camera inadvertently taped Clinton calling upon Ms. Flowers. Dennis Patrick escaped three attempts upon his life after he discovered millions of dollars passing through his account at the firm of Clinton supporter and friend Dan Lasater. (Lasater pleaded guilty to cocaine charges, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, was pardoned by Clinton).
Does Bill Clinton have the kind of traits you look for in a chief executive, such as the highest standards of integrity, patriotism, character; someone who fights for the rights and freedoms of every American, and does his utmost to ensure that the government encroaches as little as possible on peoples lives, as our forefathers intended?
Those who know him best say the he stands for none of the above, they say he's working towards a different agenda. Those who publish the only statewide paper in his home state, the "Arkansas Democrat Gazzette," know him very well, and they refused to support his run for President. Here's one blistering editorial, "It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no great principles to compromise."
This isn't an article based on theory, it is backed up by verifiable and documented facts that can be doublechecked by anybody. I've presented irrefutable proof of, at the very least, government prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. At worst, they blew up their own building.
America's founding father's constantly warned it's citizens about the threat of tyranny in government.
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyrrany in government." Thomas Jefferson
The quote below is from one of the most ouspoken critics of government abuses of power, top criminal attorney, Gerry Spence:
"In this country we embrace the myth that we are still a democracy when we know that we are not a democracy, that we are not free, that the government does not serve us but subjugates us. Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but, at last, has become the people's master...for the ultimate enemy of any people is not the angry hate groups that fester within, but a government itself that has lost it's respect for the individual. The ultimate enemy of democracy is not the drug dealer or the crooked politician or the crazed skinhead. The ultimate enemy is the new King that has become so powerful it can murder it's own citizens with impunity."End quote.
There are no more excuses, the government must be held accountable for their part in the bombing. The FBI/ATF must be totally overhauled and exhaustivly investigated. Many FBI/ATF agents do an excellent job, I'm sure, but I'm at a loss to explain how the dozens of agents who have covered-up important facts of this horrific crime can live with themselves-they are as bad if not worse than the people who planted the bombs because they are supposed to uphold the law.
They are supposed to protect the citizens and carry out a thorough investigation of all the facts, regardless of where they lead. Instead they run around intimidating witnesses, getting witnesses to change their testimony, manipulating evidence to suit the governments case and generally covering up and suppressing anything that implicates the government.
The only thing they have proved worthy of is the, "Nazi of the year award", something they've worked very hard for. The ATF/FBI have become the Gestapo of the 90's and are looking more and more like the enforcement arm of a police state.They have betrayed the American people and their oath of office, and the agents who are involved are guilty of the worst kind of cowardice, a cowardice which is carried out in the name of the law, a cowardice which gladly represents the absurd government story of a totally incompetent lone bomber and a truck load of fertilizer.
But it's much easier to turn a blind eye to all the facts that implicate the government, than it is to face up to them and do something about it. We have plenty of good excuses for doing nothing; we all have such busy lives, it was probably just some terrible mistake. Hey, the economy's pretty good, the trains are running on time, lets just forget it ever happened and get on with our lives.
The people who take this course are guilty of the worst sin of all, the sin of doing nothing. What happens when the government decides it's time for another Oklahoma bombing, but this time it's your kids, wife, husband, brother, sister who get blown up-is it still okay to do nothing??
The only way to stop another outrageous act of mass murder is to seek out the truth, however unpleasant it may be, and hold accountable the people responsible for it: even if it leads us to the steps of the White House. No stone should be left unturned and that includes looking under the most cynical stone of all, the all encompassing blanket of "national security" which is invoked by all the agencies in order to cover up their nefarious crimes.
As the old saying go's, "And the truth shall set you free." Even with all the governments brute force and deception, much of the truth has been exposed. It's now up to us to make a choice; ignore it, or act on it. I know we'll make the right one.
"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animated contest of freedom go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." Thomas Jeffersom.
"Do not fear your enemies. The worst they can do is kill you. Do not fear friends. At worst they may betray you. Fear those who do not care;they neither kill nor betray, but betrayal and murder exists because of their silent consent." Bruno Jasienski
This article is dedicated to the memory of the one hundred and sixty eight human beings who were murdered on April 19th, 1995.
Thanks for your time. Gavin Phillips.
(c) copyright 1997 Gavin Phillips ( please copy and distribute non-commercially.
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