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By Tim Rifat


How to Use Military Psiops
for a Competitive Edge
Tim Rifat
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Vision Paperbacks;
(June 1, 2004)
ISBN: 1904132316
This examination of remote viewing-the ability to psychically view distant locations to gain information-and remote sensing-the ability to scan the minds of others to learn more about their emotional and psychological state-shows business leaders how to practice both skills and explains their practical uses. Collectively known as psiops management and used by major corporations such as Intel and governments such as the Indian government, these techniques allow managers to enter a competitor's mindset or to gauge the mood of one's staff. This book teaches companies the latest techniques so they can gain the upper hand in business before their rivals use these skills on them.

By Dr. Jospeh Chiappalone
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By Dr. John Coleman


Undoubtedly the "Bible" of conspiracy books, the completely revised and updated Fourth Edition landmark book is filled with information not previously disclosed. It names one of the contenders for the White House who is closely related to one of the oldest "300" families whose fortune was derived from opium trade with China, and no, it is not any of the Bush clan. The origin of the Committee of 300 is described; how it has evolved from an opium trading company with a Royal Charter to become the de-facto secret upper-level parallel government of the United States and the world, with only Russia and China standing in opposition to it.
A highly organized secret society with tentacles reaching into every level of government in the United States and indeed, the world, backed by massive financing and run by men of the highest education and intelligence, with vast resources at their disposal, manages the thousands of major political and economical and contrived situations. In the FOURTH EDITION there is listed some very prominent men who came forward to support the existence of the "300." One of them predicted twenty years ago that "The United States will be turned into a welfare state" and that "with the exception of Russia all nations would unite in a world alliance (The One World Government)." Perhaps the most startling admission of the existence of the super-secret organization came from President Wilson in the last days of his presidency:
"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."
The "power" Wilson was talking about is the Committee of 300 and Wilson knew he did not dare to mention it by name.



By Gilad Atzmon


In the last weeks my new book The Wandering Who has received incredible support from some of the most inspiring people around (see below). It is no secret that some very forceful elements have been investing a lot of effort trying to stop the book and its message. So far, they have failed.
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"Gilad Atzmon decided to open Pandora's Box, and ignite a debate that has been frustratingly dormant for too long. His experiences are most authentic, views are hard-hitting, and, at times, provocative. It must be read and discussed." Ramzy Baroud,
Palestine Chronicle
'A transformative story told with unflinching integrity that all (especially Jews) who care about real peace, as well as their own identity, should not only read, but reflect upon and discuss widely.' Professor Richard Falk
'Essential to an understanding of Jewish identity politics and the role they play on the world stage.' Professor John J. Mearsheimer
'Atzmon's insight into the organism created by the Zionist movement is explosive. Professor William A. Cook
'A pioneering work that deserves to be read and Gilad Atzmon is brave to write this book!' Dr. Samir Abed-Rabbo
"Gilad's escape from spiritual claustrophobia towards a free and open humanitarianism is fearless" Robert Wyatt
"In his inimitable deadpan style, Atzmon identifies the abscess in the Jewish wisdom tooth ­ exilic tribalism ­ and pulls it out. Ouch!" Eric Walberg, Al Aharam Weekly
"It is more than an academic exercise. It is a revelation!" Lauren Booth, Press TV
"A brilliant analysis that makes what appear to be contradictions in Jewish identity based political behavior not only comprehensible but predictable." Jeff Blankfort
'Atzmon has the courage - so profoundly lacking among Western intellectuals' Professor James Petras
"Having known Gilad for 25 years, I read the book in English, I heard it in Hebrew and reflected on it in Arabic. Gilad Atzmon is astonishingly courageous" Dr. Makram Khoury-Machool
"Gilad Atzmon is someone who encompasses what it means to be an intellectual." Kim Petersen, Dissident Voice
"Gilad Atzmon is the Moses of our time, calling all of us out of the Egypt of our boneheaded nationalisms and racialisms and exceptionalisms and chosen-people-isms toward some form of humanistic universalism." Dr. Kevin Barrett
"Gilad's The Wandering Who? would have been a welcome delight to Albert Einstein just as it will be the irritating nemesis for Abe Foxman ideologues." Dr. Paul Balles
"A book that will shake up a few people." Gordon Duff
"Engaging, provocative and persuasive.' Jeff Gates
"When you finish reading this book, you may likely as well see a different face in the mirror." Professor Garrison Fewell
"The Wondering Who deconstructs the unique political identity that shapes the reality of the Jewish Nation and the crimes committed in its name. As a non-Jew, I found it illuminating!" Sameh Habeed, Palestine Telegraph
"The Last Jewish Prophet" Professor William T. Hathaway
"Atzmon is an iconoclast." Dr. Paul Larudee
"Like all truth tellers of any merit Atzmon can expect the wrath of the powers that be and their minions as a reward for what he is exposing. People like Atzmon will have played a vital role in saving us from ourselves if indeed we do manage to survive. Love and respect to my brother Gilad Atzmon." Ken O'keefe
"The magical and yet extremely subtle gift that Gilad Atzmon offers through his personal journeys in The Wandering Who? is the wisdom of disillusionment." Shahram Vahdany, MWC News
"Atzmon's writing respects no sacred cows. His wit is biting, his insight and logic compelling." Richard A. Siegel
"Sometimes a brash, abrasive provocateur is what is required as a catalyst for genuine debate." Sunny Singh
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Dr. Joel Wallach

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie"
(1994) Over 70 million copies have been sold and it was one of Dr. Joel Wallach's first best released audio cassettes. Now he's put the facts back on the table with this newer updated lecture titled "Live Doctors Do Lie" Find out why doctors are only interested in providing treatments and not cures. They don't encourage prevention. Think about it. They really don't do anything but get people on more prescription drugs, more treatments and more surgeries. Don't they? Have you seen any commercials on TV lately for some type of prescription drug?. Celebrex, Vioxx, Lipotor, Betra etc. How many drugs have been removed from the market because they have killed people? "Vioxx may have caused as many as 140,000 heart attacks in the U.S. before it was withdrawn Sept. 30, 2004" British medical journal Lancet Drug companies are out there to make money, aren't they? They have to make money at all costs to keep share-holders happy so they will continue investing in their stocks!

Find out how drug companies make tons of money by giving doctors monetary incentives (kickbacks) to sell their drugs.

* Why diets and weight loss programs work for the first couple of days then fail.

* Why drug companies want people to take more drugs.

* Is coral calcium all the rage it's cracked up to be?

* Is cancer hereditary and why people get it?

* Why the medical industry calls diabetics "Cash Cows"

* What does it mean when you get "Age Spots" or "Liver Spots"

* Learn how to identify warning signs that your body gives off.

* What does it mean when you start getting gray hair at any age?

* What happens to your body when you sweat?

* Why to avoid surgery if at all possible?

* Find out what cancer causing foods to avoid.

* Find out what happens when you consume any kind of soda pop.

* Find out why vegetarians don't out live meat eaters.

* Find out why more kids are diagnosed with diabetes than adults.

* How to prevent congenital birth defects.

* How the agriculture industry has been curing animals for over 70 years, and yet none of these cures have been made available to people.


By R. K. Sidler

What Religions Don't Want You to Know is not an attempt to drive anyone away from his or her belief in God. However, this book is an indictment against religion itself; that is, breaking the false premise that religion is a necessary medium required to have a relationship with God. The book examines the historical record and behavior of certain well known religions who have perpetrated atrocities in the name of God, and considers a common thread inherent among all religions and denominations, i.e., control and manipulation over their adherents.While much of the information focuses on the exposure of fallacies in religion, and secularized philosophies, direction and information is provided for the purpose of promoting informed self-determination. Purchase at...

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E-Book Edition


By Les Visible

A Tale of Occult Mystery & the Supernatural

Everything that mattered to Detective Alan Douglas was suddenly gone ­ his wife, his career and his self-respect. The brutal and senseless murder of his wife had plunged him into a deep spiral of alcohol-fueled depression and despair, leaving him a bruised and battered shell of his former self. After finally hitting rock bottom and with nothing left to lose, he moves to Hawaii for what he hopes will be a fresh start in paradise. Soon after his arrival, he again encounters the same invisible force that was haunting his steps in New York City. This evil and malevolent presence, stalking and taunting him, inexorably leads him back to working with police to solve a series of mysterious murders, kidnappings and strange events that seem to somehow involve and implicate an innocent man.

Douglas is determined to fight back using his knowledge of occult wisdom, martial arts and ancient lore, aided by his brother-in-law Whip, friend Lt. Ben Kamamoto and a cast of diverse characters, all with important parts to play in his perilous journey of self-discovery. His ancient foe reappears, a powerful being focused only on revenge and the ultimate possession of dark power, eventually leading to an epic showdown of good and evil in a tale both horrifying and sublime.

Part crime novel and part occult thriller, The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World takes us behind the veil of appearances into a world where nothing is what it seems. Set against the backdrop of the island of Maui, the pacing grips us from the first page and sends us at a gallop on a white-knuckled ride featuring horrific murders, martial artists, reincarnation, ceremonial magic, a black magician and an immortal Tibetan master. For pure surprise and enjoyment this book is guaranteed to remain in your thoughts long after you have finished it.



By Dr. Mohammed Miraki, PhD

This book exposes the lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America and her allies. It exposes democracy as the buzz word for the neocolonial adventure of the US. The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud. It exposes the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan. Finally, it exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly congenital deformities.

The earnings from this book will be used for the construction of a women/children's hospital and research facility dealing with uranium contamination.



By Ted Twietmeyer

Go exploring on Mars for yourself with this PC compatible flipbook, written by an aerospace project manager.
This 371 PAGE definitive book reveals more than 180 artifacts of all kinds laying on the surface of Mars!
More than 40,000 images were reviewed and specially selected for this book.
The author has been on the Rense radio show twice to discuss new discoveries:
* Ruins and mechanical artifacts of all kinds on the planet's surface - many just feet from the camera
* Proof the real color of the sky on Mars is BLUE, not RED
* Proof an explosion created a 90 mile crater where many ruins were found
* Proof we were never the only civilized planet in the solar system
* Analysis of the ruins and the implications to our world
* All images taken during the Martian daytime, not from orbit
* Includes music audio specially composed for this book you can turn on when desired
The perfect E-book:
*  Like reading a real book - just point and click to flip pages! Add your own bookmarks!
* Large groups of pages flipped with one click!
*  No software or internet required or installed - read it anywhere on a PC desktop or laptop!
*  Automatically loads and runs on any PC with Windows 98 or higher!
*  Combines the big screen of your PC with the simplicity of a pocket electronic reader!
Here's a few reader reviews:
(more reviews on the website)
Ted Twietmeyer is a brilliant author! The way he's organized and interpreted this data is incredible! Evidence of the great NASA conspiracy becomes frighteningly apparent within the first few chapters. I've seen many of the NASA images before, but I've never noticed just how many of them actually have unexplained markings and geometric shapes that nothing natural could have created. The image comparisons and examples of NASA's color manipulations and filtering prove, without a doubt, We Were Lied To! There REALLY IS concrete evidence of life of Mars! "What great ignorance has he, who dismisses away such truths, with a closed and traditionally brain-washed mind." - Chris Bake
I'm extremely excited! This is a revolutionary book that he's written and the information that it contains is just mind-boggling with it's implications. At the very least it proves some things which we've already known in the past, which is that NASA is a master of censorship and a master of the coverup. ...It's hard to say what the far reaching implications of Ted Twietmeyer's new book is just mind-boggling.... just chocked full of images, and sources, and a whole bunch of references, things that you basically could show to anyone and they would probably have to agree that its irrefutable proof of coverups... - Frank Whalen, Host Frankly Speaking Radio Show on Republic Broadcasting Network
Very impressive your ideas about Mars! Another interesting way to search for answers, in my opinion, is to check which archaeology research has received more funding after the Viking probes, in a way to determine if an ancient civilization here on earth is linked to these artifacts. Keep up the good work! - Otto Triebe
Particulary amazing. Just when you are looking out for info on mars, and everything you find is crap, this book gives you such amount of GOOD info that you can´t believe it is real. An easy going reading, explicit and going direct to the grain. You will find no other book on the subject like this. - Cooper Savage
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By Rick Berry

This book is a compilation of everything I have been subjected to in life.
From 1985 to 2008 I was with the U.S.Army. At my time of departure I was a SSG with the Army Special Forces and carried a high level security clearance with the DOD. I was subjected to many things in the Military that most people dont even know about. I have visited many underground Military bases "DUMBS" such as ...Groom Lake "Area 51," Norton AFB, Dulce, etc. There is a chapter in this book on UFO's, Aliens and the Government.
Sinse age 15, in my spare time, I have been a Paranormal researcher and am the Author of the book Bigfoot on the East Coast.
The majorty of this book is about everyday life. All you have to do is watch and observe. Sometimes we lose track of the most common things in life. The things that will make life worth living. Life is so simple, just dont complicate it because the outcome is always the same. Its called the KISS rule in the Military. "Keep It Simple Stupid."
I think this bookwill help people in so many ways. Everything from understanding people to understandind why the Govt. does what they do. Its all simple, you just need to know where to look.