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My Experiences Of Aliens And Other Realities
This work of non-fiction based on the author's point of view is highly-intriguing and very thought-provoking to say the least.
The author, who is a doctor of medicine, shares his experiences as he is awakened into a Greater Reality and establishes contact with the supernatural.  He recalls his experiences with Aliens from the time he was on a spacecraft and was privy to a discussion of plans for the evacuation of viable consciousness from our planet and dimension before its total destruction.
From the subjects of metaphysics, psychic phenomena, to good and evil Aliens, their messages, reasons for abductions and coverups, this is a page-turning read that is hard to put down.
The work is well-written in an easy, fluent style, and from a Gnostic viewpoint the author states facts about Aliens and other phenomena in a believable narrative that is both captivating and frightening.  With a large majority of people today believing in Aliens and UFO coverups, this work is an amazing read that is more than controversial!
To Purchase Dr. Joseph Chiappalone's book,
My Experiences Of Aliens And Other Realities
Click Here www.jchiappalone.com
Readers can now purchase this as an e-Book
www.jchiappalone.com for $20.
It will be in bookstores in the US by Christmas

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