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Chemtrails Over Brevard, NC
From (name on file)
This morning, while on the way to work, at approximately 7:45am, I noticed the proverbial big X in the sky as I was driving down 64E into Brevard. I have noticed what I thought were chemtrails before, but this time, it was a particularly spectacular giant X. The significant part of this is that a jet was flying through the middle of the X at the same time. This was apparently a conventional jet coming from Asheville, NC airport (about 20 miles east of Brevard) and the contrail from this plane dissipated almost immediately. As I went on to work, I noticed a number of other X's in different places around the horizon. I also noted that the chemtrail had spread out in the classic manner.
From Zach Ford
< 2-9-00
Jeff, I live in Roswell, Ga, a suburb about 15 miles north of Atlanta. I have been reading about contrails on your website for months, and hearing about them on Art Bell for awile. I had never seen them for myself until this past Sunday.
About 2:00pm Sunday afternoon my wife and I left home to go to the mall. On the way I just happend to look into the sky and noticed several contrails in the sky, the first in an "X" pattern. I mentioned to my wife about what I had read and heard recently on contrails and like your average American she thought I was crazy and didnt want to hear about. When we got to the mall parking lot, there are alot less trees a I got a full view of the sky.
There were two large airline-type jets flying back and forth across the sky. I actually saw the white smoke stop, the planes turn, line up, and then start the smoke again.
At first I could'nt believe what I was seeing and then, I could. Again I pointed the planes and trails out to my wife and she said "well, what can you do about it?" I guess she is right. I could understand if the planes were just shooting across the sky and also just happend to be leaving a trail, but back and forth, back and forth?
Even if the smoke is harmless, what could they be doing and why doesn't anyone in the media care? Not even FOX news has reported what I have seen.
Anyway, I guess I am rambling now. But, just so you know, there was spraying in Atlanta February 6, 2000, for several hours. Also, as with other sightings, after awhile the once clear blue sky was overcast.
And something strange: On the way home I was looking very hard at the sky an saw a patch of rainbow. Not the normal arching rainbow... but more like a huge square patch in the smoke. Sorry no pictures, I don't have a digital camera or scanner.
Zach Ford
These photos of chemtrails were taken 2/3/00 from 0830-1030 hours. The *same* aircraft made *multiple passes* over our position, 50 miles east of Tulsa, extending west to Tulsa. Wind is out of the east, blowing the resultant clouds toward Tulsa. Aircraft too high this date to identify.

Jeff wrote: Were you able to definitely, 100%, watch that same aircraft turn and come back over?
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 From: Craig Roberts < Organization: Centurion Investigations To: Jeff Rense Subject: chemtrail photos
That's one of the litmus tests. Two areas to look for are if the contrails stop, then begin again (obviously under control and therefore not ice crystals), and if the airplane turns and makes another run in a different direction and begins spraying again.
I watched, on two separate days, white KC-135s or KC-10s did this. Normal jet traffic does not change course like this. Also, I have great video tape now of this, with some very odd course patterns that my local airline pilot friends can't identify as anything normal. There were three airplanes this date that stayed in our area for two plus hours. It even made the evening news, so many people called in that day to the station.
Chemtrails Over Tulsa
Concerning the Chemtrails over Tulsa, I would like to add that they now seem to be a regular occurrence. I didn't really notice any Chemtrails over the skies of Tulsa until Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day, while enjoying a nice clear sunny day, we naturally were drawn to look up at the sky. Low and behold there they were, cross-hatched and getting wispy. Since that time they seemed to appear on clear days but not all the time. However, now you can just about bet that if it is a clear day you will see them. My husband and I commute from our home on Grand Lake to Tulsa (65 miles). We leave the house midday and have found them at many stages of development, from just starting to already wispy. One time while driving alone I watched the aircraft, coming from the West, make a 90 degree turn to North (Chemtrail following all along). It seemed to be meeting up with an aircraft coming from a great distance out of the South that was heading North. More trails then began to be noticed. We continually scan the sky for strange and interesting events. The Chemtrails are a very routine event on beautiful clear sunny days. We try to stay inside or under cover as much as possible. Leaving work after midnight I continue the scan for other objects, but haven't seen much out of the ordinary.
We listen to your show in the mornings from your web site. We love it! You and your show provide an excellent service to us all! Thank you very much for that.
Warmest regards,
On the road
South Texas Chemtrails - Mid January
(name on file) 2-10-2000
These photos were taken by one of our site visitors in mid-January on a Sunday afternoon) near Sargent, Texas, located on the Gulf of Mexico coast about 80 miles Southwest of Houston .
"About 3PM CST I went for a drive to our local hardware store and saw chemtrails galore. The weather this day previously had been clear...and I had been indoors for several hours prior to this sighting. I saw the plane dropping its load but I did not have a camera in the car. I took these photos when I returned home. I've seen many chemtrails since October, 1999 and witnessed deployment on the South side of Houston as that is were I work but never in Sargent until this occurrence. I have many hours piloting small, single and twin engine planes....I know what a typical condensation trail looks like. These are not condensation trails.
Just a point of some interest....actually a joke of sorts by our local state government (Texas Department of Health): These chemicals are being deployed to vaccinate wild animals against rabies. That's their story and they're sticking to it!!! At least they admit to the spraying being done.
Top Remote Viewer Said Made Ill By Chemtrails
(We received the following message from Lyn Buchanan who is one of America's finest and most respected (former government) Remote Viewers. He has been a guest on Jeff's program several times...see Archives.)
From Lyn Buchanan < 2-4-00
Just catching up from a recent mild illness, and thought I would send one bulk message to everyone at once.
Item 1: To President Clinton:
Mr. President, I saw the notice on The White House web page stating:
The President signs the Ethics in Biotechnology Act of 1998, promoting the highest moral standards in developing new medical technologies.
I just wanted to let you know that I support such legislation, and that I truely believe that the highest moral standards are a requirement for governments and civilians alike, when researching, developing, and testing in the biotechnology field. Good work.
Item 2:
Thursday evening, January 20th, 2000, at approximately 10PM, white, unmarked airplanes began a 5-day siege of spraying long vapor trails over Alamogordo, NM. I was outside as the first one was being laid, and was looking up into the otherwise completely clear sky. The trail was directly over my house. As I looked up, three very small droplets of liquid struck my face.
By the next morning, my eyes were swollen and the mucus prevented me from opening my eyelids, as though I had pinkeye. My sinuses felt like someone had given me a severe beating, and there was a loud ringing in my ears which hasn't gone away, yet. Over the next 5 days, several hundred of the trails were sprayed over Alamogordo, some from very high altitudes, and some from extremely low altitudes, allowing a very good and clear look at the planes which were doing the spraying. At one point, I counted 18 trails overhead at one time.
Spraying continued, as I said, for 5 days, and even during the night, some of those nights. The trails were definitely not jet condensation trails, but were very similar to the trails laid down by sky-writers. However, they went from horizon to horizon and lasted for a couple of hours before completely dissipating downward. By the end of the 5 day siege, the entire valley of the Tularosa Basin was unnaturally hazy.
The base clinic at Holloman gave me some eyedrops for the eye infection, and nothing for the sinuses and ringing in the ears. The eye medicine had no noticeable affect. The base hospital's patient load appeared to increase over the next 2-3 days, and a person working at the hospital told me last night that the beds three weeks ago were full with patients whose problems were mainly respiratory and gastrointestinal, but seemed to defy diagnosis.
The planes, if not belonging to the government, were at least government approved, since they flew unchallenged over White Sands Missile Range, a no-fly zone. I am forced to wonder about the moral standards of a government which attacks its own people in such a manner, whether for research, development, or whatever reason.
However, there seem to be no lasting effects to the Alamogordo area. All affects appear to have been to those people who were outside for any length of time during the spraying. I have had students come in for two classes since then, and no one has reported any problems.
To my knowledge, this has not happened before, and I sincerely hope it will not happen again. However, this last Saturday and Sunday I stood outside my home and watched to the far south as about 10 trails were laid over the small town of Oro Grande, NM.


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