Catastrophe: Columbia River
To Go Radioactive In 7 Years
Goodbye River; Goodbye Portland; Goodbye
Northeast Pacific Ocean?
Note: The following two messages were received 11-25-97. We are awaiting more information. It was always clear that storing killer radioactive liquid waste in underground basins at Hanford was more than insanity. One look at the location of the Hanford facility to the nearby Columbia River made it obvious that the potential for the release of deadly radioactive swill from the facility was a real possibility. Looks like that day is fast approaching...
From Mark Allen Pitt
I saw on CNN earlier this evening a report that 5 tanks that contain some of deadliest substances on the Earth have leaked into the ground reaching the ground water. The claim was made that these substances will reach the Columbia River within 7 years. Well, if I am not mistaken by my knowledge of the Hanford, Washington Nuclear installation, I do believe this site ajoins the Columbia River for quite a distance. To all of you who live downstream of the Hanford, Washington Nuclear facility I suggest you acquire a supply of water purification tablets that contain iodine which is the only way I know of to safely protect yourself for a period of time from the effects of Radiation Poisoning. I have yet to see this report on the CNN web site. This may come out tommorrow or it could have been a 'one time report' that CNN is so adept at using from time to time.
Mark Allen Pitt

From Allen Comstock
I saw a CNN report tonite that talked about the contaminated radioactive groundwater plume to reach the Columbia River. Hanford is located on the Columbia river north of Richland, Washington. Many communities lie between it and the ocean (how about the little town of Portland?) and also lots of very large agricultural projects pump irrigation water out of the Columbia downstream from Hanford. (Coming soon: glowing fruits and vegetables? -ed).
Allen Comstock

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