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Seed Package Announced
From Geri Guidetti
Note: We don't usually post commercial offerings in Headlines. However, Geri Guidetti has been a highly informative guest and has assembled an important survival item herein. No, we aren't making anything. We commend Geri's insight and scholarship in this field and support her work and continuing research.
The Ark Institute's Survival Seed Package
First Come...First Served!!
Hello to all! Thanks for your patience in waiting for this announcement. As you know, I have been working to put together a complete package of non-hybrid seeds essential for your survival should Y2K and other food supply threats materialize. (See my Grain and Food Supply Updates at if you are not up to speed on these converging threats to our food supply.) I have been working with growers/suppliers of these seeds to put together the right seeds in the right quantities for the right areas of the country at the right prices to provide you with the fastest, most reliable way to get up to speed now before non-hybrid seed supplies dry up as they did last season. We only have two gardening seasons left before Y2K hits, so you must get going this summer if you are to learn how to raise your own food. If you decide to buy seed elsewhere, great! Just do it as soon as possible. I'll list what's in The Ark Institute's complete Package, so you can "shop around." Just don't wait too long, okay? Okay. Here goes.......
The Survival Seed Package contains enough seed to feed a family of four all of the vegetables and legumes, fresh and canned, frozen or dried, for a full year if grown well. You will not have to plant all of your seed. You can save up to half of it as a back-up for next year inc case of seed shortages or crop failures. In addition, you will receive both grain corn and wheat for flours (multiply wheat this year) as well as a collection of both culinary and medicinal herbs. Since all of the seed is non-hybrid, seed harvested from any your garden vegetables CAN be saved for next year and future years' crops. This Package will literally provide you with the foundation of a lifetime food supply for your family if grown and managed wisely. You'll receive seeds for ample supplies of:
Spanish Onions Green Bush Beans
Red Onions Yellow Bush Beans
Yellow Onions Red Kidney Beans
Scallions White Navy Beans
Green/Red Sweet Pepper Pinto Beans
Long Yellow Sweet Peppers Sweet Green Peas
Cayenne Hot Pepper Snow Peas
Pie Pumpkins Red Beets
Giant Radish White Sweet Corn
Spinach Yellow Sweet Corn
Canning/Catsup Tomato Spring Broccoli
Yellow Summer Squash Fall Broccoli
Zucchini Summer Squash Red Cabbage for Salads
Butternut Squash Cabbage for coleslaw/kraut
Acorn Winter Squash Early Carrots
Solid Salad/Canning Tomato Mid-Season/Late Carrots
Italian Plum Tomato Salad Cucumbers
Large Salad Tomato Pickling Cucumbers
Heirloom Slicing Tomato Eggplants
Flour/Meal Corn Butterhead Lettuce
Wheat Red Lettuce
Chamomile Romaine Lettuce
Basil Summer Oak Leaf Lettuce
Sage Drought-resistant Cantaloupe
Parsley Mildew-resistant Cantaloupe
Spanish Onions
Red Onions
Yellow Onions
Red Kidney Beans
***Pyrethrum flowers for making your own powerful garden insecticide.
Now, that's over 50 varieties of seeds. Please note that the seed packages will not be your small sample packs that you see in the store on the seed racks. The beans will be in half-POUND and quarter-POUND packages. Same for the corn and wheat. Carrot packets will plant thousands of carrots. Broccoli, 6-700 heads. Beets by the hundreds. Lettuces by thousands. Just don't waste the seed, and you will have enough to save some for a back-up next year.
Freebies: Included with all Package orders will be a free copy of my complete book on growing all of your own food: Build Your Ark! How to Prepare for Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times...Book I: Food Self-Sufficiency. This book is a one-stop manual that will tell you how to plant and harvest your vegetables and fruits, fertilize, mulch, fight bugs and learn to tell the difference between good bugs and bad bugs. It's also a great guide to nutrition from your garden produce. If you already own a copy of Build Your Ark, please pass it on to someone who could use it. It's free. It normally sells for $22 + s&h.
A free packet of The Ark Institute's own Echinacea purpurea seed. Echinacea is the herb that Native Americans used to fight disease and cleanse wounds. It's now used around the world as a natural immune booster at the first sign of a cold. It is very expensive in health food stores, but you can grow all your family needs from two or three of these large, showy plants. We drink Echinacea tea from our dried leaves at the first sign of a cold or flu. It works! This is a $2.50 value.
The Ark Institute will pay the shipping in the continental United States. Yes, free shipping, and these packages will not be light. You will save good money there.
Okay, Price: $159 for the Package, delivered. All Packages will be shipped no sooner than the end of February. Again, folks, this is on a first come-first served basis. When seed supplies begin to dwindle, as I expect them to, it will be very difficult to offer complete Packages. At that point I will end the offer and then consider repeating it next year IF the non-hybrid supplies are available. If La Niña arrives this summer, expect a decrease in productivity of both food and food seed this summer. The '88 event caused a loss of one-third of the U.S. harvest. We do not need that this year, but must be aware of the possibility. Okay, shop around, make a decision. To purchase the Survival Seed Package, you can send a check or money order (U.S. funds only) to: Seeds, The Ark Institute, PO Box 364, Monkton, MD 21111. Be sure to include your name and the address where you will be planting your garden. If you aren't quite sure of the address yet, let me know where you expect to relocate to.
For credit card purchases ONLY, call 1-800-255-1912. These folks cannot answer questions about seeds, but will take your credit card order for me. If you have seed questions, please email me, and I will get back to you right away.
Thanks again for your patience as I put this offer together. I trust you will find it was worth the wait. Best wishes for a great garden this year ........Geri Guidetti, The Ark Institute
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