Real People, Real Pain
We received the following letter on Saturday, 10-25-97. It's powerful message reaches out from the darkest corners of social neglect and mass denial. AIDS is not a statistic; it is a disease with real people suffering real pain.
Dr. I have had been diagnosed with HIV since 7-84, by receiving a blood transfusion. I have been in many clinical trials, experimental drugs and Holistic med. I'm a 34 yr. old female. The virus acts different in male/female patients . Over the years, I have tried these drugs, AZT, DDC, DDI, Zovirax, Dapsone.
I have had major side effects from these drugs and I have also obtained allergies that I never had before. I am now on the Protease cocktail, Zerit, Invirace, Zovirax. I have not seen any marked improvement, either T-cells go down or viral load goes up. I believe that the side effects are more harmful to my body than the disease. The only opportunistic infections I have had Gastrointestinal, Nueropathy, and Cervical cancer directly related to HIV. Lymph nodes, dental problems, skin problems.
If the cocktail doesn't show improvement within 90 days will there be improvement?. I have had memory problems as well. I have other medical problems prior to my HIV. Legally blind, Chron's disease, Cataracts and Glaucoma in right eye, Left is a prosthesis. I really do not know what to do next?.
The passed 90 days and even prior to that my health has gotten worse. I live in a small town that still thinks AIDS is taboo. There is not much support from the community, or, for that matter my family. To try and get any help for meds., bills, or transportion is just about impossible. I do not know if getting off the meds. would be good for me or staying on them. I don't know what is worse..the treatment or the Aids?. I would like to know Dr. Savitch's opinion if you could find out?.
My body gets worse every day like a time bomb waiting to blow. There are many other medical problems that are new due to Aids swelling of the feet, hands and numbness in my feet, I can't feel them when I walk or any position for that matter. I recently found out that I have a vertebrae in my back that is crooked, and that is leaning to one side other than straight, it is caused from Scoliosis. I trip and fall more than I did before and, I'm also back to using my quad cane.
If you have any information that might help me please write me back?. I would also like to know the Dr.'s opinion about what I have written to you . Please tell me where to get his book the nutcracker and how much it costs? I don't think the bookstores in my area have many books concerning AIDS. How much would it cost to order the book? I know you can't diagnosis me through this e-mail but any info is better than none.
Thank you for your show, L. Mullen (PWA)
Dear L. Mullen
I am speechless after reading your letter. The courage and strength in your words is something I will not forget. The human spirit sometimes has a power, and a will, that is beyond human.
I am not a Doctor and can't give advice but will state that Ozone therapy, which you have probably known about for many years, seems to be very important. It is legal in New York, North Carolina, Nevada, and Alaska as of the last information we had. Introducing high levels of oxygen into the body has been shown to help in many different illnesses.
Dr. Cary Savitch's book: "The Nutcracker Is Already Dancing" can be ordered from: Teague House Press, PO Box 24258, Ventura, CA 93002. The book is listed at $23.95. I would include $3 shipping.
Please write to Dr. Savitch in care of Teague House. They should direct your letter to him quickly, as he practices medicine in Ventura.
God bless you and give you the continued strength to move forward. This disease will be stopped someday. Thank you for being out there and for listening. It matters.
Best wishes and thoughts and hopes to you,
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