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When Zombies Feed
Upon Eachother

By Jim Kirwan


We have come to that place where everything begins to become clear at last. It’s all been right in front of us, especially during these last ten years—yet it remained just out of sight.

We know that the global-banks, in one form or another, have ruled the world for millennia, or at least since biblical-times. It’s no longer a secret that the international banking system now headed by the Rothschilds has been financing all sides of every war at least since Napoleonic times. By the First World War their role in international affairs began to become obvious among those few that mattered in the world.

By World War II they had developed their ‘work’ into a high-art that paid them impossibly well. First to desecrate the world and then to rebuild it—that much at least has become common knowledge.

But with the coming of the New Millennium a whole new set of players began to make their entrance into the ancient political scene.

The new players are the military tools which the banks had used to make their trillions in the beginning. What’s changed is that the military-industrial complex is using the banks the same way the banks used them. That’s what’s in play today between Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Israel: Overseen by Russia, China and the Jewnited States.

In the first two world-wars money was the sought after requirement needed to fight those wars, to produce the Debt—on all sides—that would bring the bankers into untold-billions. Of course millions of people would die, huge swaths of civilization would be smashed and whole nations would disappear in the aftermath.

At the formal-ending of the wars the victors redrew the boundaries for new nations to create new divisions that would make the next war easier to start and much more valuable to fight for and profit from. But the military components that were used and abused in our world-wars, to make both Victory & Defeat real possibilities; were just road-kill to those that used them to get what they had always planned to steal.

Then there was Korea followed by Vietnam which pointed out the flaws in that original-vision which began with the Rothschild’s theft of the Bank of England, over the outcome of the war with England when Napoleon lost to the Brits at Waterloo. The Vietnamese who fought the French the Japanese and then the French - again, before we made Nam into another Amerikan colonial conquest: Did not read the script we thought we wrote. What the Vietnamese fought for was not money but the pride of a nation and their people who were willing to die to take back their country ­ no matter how long it took!

The outright loss of Vietnam screwed up the bankers plans. But then they realized this gave their profiteers new markets to plunder: Because after Vietnam there was suddenly a whole host of smaller states that tried to follow in the steps we tried to leave in the sands of Vietnam. While many still sought gold and power, in the original ways, others saw this crumbling of the mighty as their way to carve new places beneath the global-sun. In a world where they would have the power to take whatever they wanted—all they needed was the money to make that newly twisted dream come true.

In the West what most Amerikan businesses began to see were gullible-customers in need of weapons. Of course the banks too saw the possibilities, but they didn’t spend enough time looking at where their money and their debt-financing would be going. It wasn’t very long between the end of the Vietnam War in ‘75 ­ and the whole new world of lawlessness which began to show its horrific face on continents from Africa to South America, from Asia to Somalia: From England and the EU all the way to Chile, Panama and eventually to Egypt, the Sudan. Soon new wars were sprouting everywhere.

Death Squads and mercenary forces had become a force unto themselves: Instead of just augmentation for the formal forces we once called armies. Each new war needed weapons, training, military expertise, protection and intelligence and of course the mercenaries to get things moving in the right directions. Most the mega-evil-players played off the various component parts against each other, which can be seen by the way we pay Al Qaeda to fight in Syria while we kill the same thugs wherever we meet them in Afghanistan—hey profits are profits and there is no longer any loyalty anywhere and afterall is said and done “War is a Racket”!

Of course the Banks were delighted with their new found markets, less trouble than the left-over old customers with their quirks and special circumstances. The new targets were much easier to please.

But it wasn’t long until the Global-Bankers became aware of their real competition. The competition was coming from their former client states through the use and abuse of the illegal-sale of weapons in ways that would undercut the larger wars which the banks depended on to maximize illicit-profits. This is what suddenly began to confound the banks in the same way that banks now find themselves at the mercy of the endless mercenary-driven-wars which threaten the same banks that were used to supply the global-life-blood of tyranny.

It worked like this: Small arms are the backbone of revolutions around the planet. The profits are individually smaller but the number of sales creates huge profits exponentially. That money in the hands of revolutionary forces works its way up to the major powers who then buy more of the latest weapons (thru the international banks) to furnish the besieged nations with protection from even larger criminal-states. The larger national interests have larger weapons and must stay abreast of the latest weaponry across the board.

The latest wrinkle is that these dark-deals are only cut and lived with if and when the country being attacked can buy and have in place the exact technology they need to defeat whatever their enemies have just acquired. Where the problem comes in, for the major-banks, is in the need to finance the often massive amounts of those weapons in sufficient numbers to change the military-outcome in any given war-zone (Think Iran, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey today) as just one huge case in point.

Once weapons systems have been acquired, which can supposedly defeat the latest weapons in the front lines of ‘whichever war’, an entire transaction can become endangered if the buyer of a new defensive weapons system finds-out that the advertised superior weaponry they ordered from the banks won’t work: Because the secret-sale of the answer to the new supposed-advantage - preceded the order they had placed with the banks. What happens when a massive special-order of weapons must be canceled? The bank that furnished the financing for that “deal” is left holding a bag they cannot cover; and life moves on.

Death Squads need bases and all kinds of weaponry. Revolutions require train-loads of small arms and the ammunition to make use of them. But the Banks overlooked the competitive-edge these new pirates brought with them into the wars of the new millennium. The banks weren’t prepared for the ruthlessness of the savages that have become their new best friends. Between the inherent greed of the Bankers and the new and more dangerous challenges to the kind of lending they are trying to stay on top of—international banking isn’t what it used to be—not even for the criminal-banks any longer.

The points outlined are these: The scale of these ventures are so huge and every component involved in each transaction involves taking such enormous risks that if anything goes wrong anywhere along the line—then everybody loses: The financing bank goes broke, the revolution fails, and the feral-players are all exposed: That’s what just happened in Benghazi.

This concept is fleshed out much more clearly in the film “The International” starring Clive Owen. It talks about Israel the CIA, Syria et all ­ and watching one of these deals take out a major International Bank (on film) is still great to see…

Between the continuously shrinking markets for the banks services to supply both the continuous-wartime-world and the needs of WWIII that’s coming, the banks are having real problems while the useable treasures that theft and greed continue to globally diminish are killing profits. But the Jewnited States has its own problems. Look at this astounding number, which is the size of the DEBT as of 9,17, 2013.

$16 Trillion, 744 Billion, 627 million, 568 Thousand,

490 Dollars & 46 cents.

In just fourteen days the government must deal

With how to cover that number

While remaining viable as a country ­ which can’t be done.

On October 1, 2013

The government will have to shut down

Unless of course they can distract the world enough

By starting WWIII?

In the past starting another regional war was usually enough to create a sufficient illusion

But we’ve gone way past all that now, which is why

Nero & Netanyahu

Are keeping both Syria and Iran in their crosshairs.

The planes the ships & the troops

Are already positioned

All that’s missing is the “GO” order

But no one is considering either Russia or China

Because that card is unknowable and unclear

At this time…

There is one other aspect to this global-nightmare which has been a contributing criminal element throughout everything that’s happened since LBJ committed his treasons in gay abandon. That something is the farce of the entire CRIMINAL-JUST-US system.

The concept itself is corrupted. When everything is corrupted then nothing is officially corrupt. We are all involved in the whole of the black and white and the gray of the latitudes, in every country, and in every agency that needs these crooked banks. The answers, if there are any, will have to come from the outside.

All sides sell to each other, both the new arms and the ways needed to defeat the latest weapons. No one tracks what’s left over on the chess-boards of the world. Now even the banks are being played the way they used to play to history’s part in all of this…’

Life is also composed of crossroads to be confronted - and bridges to be crossed. Collectively we’ve crossed too many bridges and ignored too many crossroads to still be free.

The time has come to start burning those bridges that can only deepen our enslavement. We could start by taking out the Federal Reserve when this nation fails to honor its commitments. That’s a one-hundred year old bridge that needs to be burned to the ground before this year is out.



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