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The Simple Truth Of The Zika Virus Frenzy
Behind The Zika Scare - GM-Carrier Mosquitoes Cause Microcephaly



By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense


The new cases did not do much to help answer the big scientific question that researchers have: How precisely is Zika connected to microcephaly, and why do some babies born to Zika-infected mothers have the defect while others do not?” - The New York Times

The answers to the Zika virus mystery are found at (links below).

  1. Zika virus does not cause microcephaly. The two disorders occur independent of each other and have different origins. Microcephaly, seen in brain deformation in embryos, affected only a small minority of pregnant women who contracted a Zika infection.

  2. Zika virus is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Zika virus was discovered in 1947 by microbiologist Jordi Casals at the Rockefeller laboratory in Entebbe, Uganda, now the location of a CDC infectious disease lab. Latin America is affected by the Asian strain of this virus, which leapfrogged from Indonesia to Micronesia and Tahiti before arriving in Brazil.

  3. Microcephaly is caused by a gene-modified protein developed by Oxytec, a commercial research lab at Oxford University, owned by former CIA director James Woolsey’s Lux group and funded by the Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and WHO.

  4. The lab-created PTF (protein transcription factor) is called RIDL (Release of Insect carrying a Dominant Lethal gene switch). RIDL attacks the GATA gene in the DNA of mosquito larvae and of human embryos, damaging development of the brain, nerves, heart and blood system.

  5. The release of RIDL was ostensibly to stop mosquito-spread dengue fever, but Oxytec has failed to achieve this objective due to a high survival rate. The human “side effect” was to cause unreported numbers of miscarriages in women along with microcephaly in hundreds of surviving infants.

  6. Conclusion: GM-carrier mosquitoes are instruments for illegal population reduction lauched under the cover of a mosquito-control program and falsely attributed to the Zika virus. Oxford and its corporate partners are responsible for biological warfare with a lab-created pathogen.

The microbiology behind the Zika fraud and its connections to biological-warfare labs are thoroughly uncovered in a series of three articles at


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