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Zeroing-Out Zero-Tolerance

By Jim Kirwan


Most people don’t know that the Communist Gun-Grab here

Was made possible by the current version of


This unholy ‘commandment’ got its start eight decades ago. The point then was to destroy all of Western Civilization and obviously we’re well on the way to doing just that. (1)

What if there was an Eleventh Commandment?

When we look back over the huge span of time that this world has been living with Colonialism and its ever-changing property rights, now corporate-rights, corporate-states-rights and now the international right to own all the people and all of everything there is in the world today? This entire charade has managed to completely destroy any and all checks or balances, that constitutions everywhere were supposedly created to prevent.

This world failed to honor any of the promises made to humanity once we allowed: “Freedom is Slavery” “Lies are Truth”, “Ignorance is Strength” and “War is Peace” to become the norm. Once these perversions took over everything else died! There is no doubt that those phrases have replaced the intent which their opposite was created to serve. That includes both the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and the guide; in the Ten Commandments of Biblical days…

Yesterday I mentioned some of the actual history that lies beneath the origins of this country. What I failed to point out was that well before we even became a nation, we had already slaughtered over 60 million people and murdered 5,000 native-nations in that process. That’s why we needed to excuse ourselves, from what we did then, by creating “American Exceptionalism” to explain to the world just why it is that Americans are entitled to break all the laws of the universe and humanity—repeatedly: Just because ‘we are Americans’!

Two things stand out, aside from that obscenity. First, the planet has been addicted to colonialism and slavery for thousands of years. Second, if we are to ever be able to break out of this addiction then we have to go back and find examples of people who did find ways to end their tug-of-war with this seemingly inevitable TAR-BABY of unending wars - in this universe.

There were such people among the native-tribes we ended up slaughtering. In fact we even ‘borrowed’ parts of their law to create the U.S. constitution, which we ignore today. Those people were the Iroquois who formed the Five which became the Six Civilized Tribes. Their experiences with their laws became a template for the constitution when it was written at the Convention in Philadelphia.

The Iroquois were a powerful Confederacy of five separate Indian Nations. This background sketch can be found @ 4min 55 sec, into the video below: It continues to 10min 24sec.

The life of the Iroquois nations was irretrievably ended when they “were swept into the American Revolution”. In 1783, when the English finally fell, the new United States of America treated the entire Iroquois Confederacy as a conquered nation. That betrayal ended one of the most promising possibilities for the rest of the human race.


This conundrum over how any people choose to govern themselves; has always been at the heart of almost all civilizations going all the way back throughout recorded time.

This also has to do with who has privileges and who does not. It also attempts to deal with what belongs to humanity and to the people, and what belongs to nature and therefore to everyone alive on the planet.

While this massively conflicts with everything that humanity has supposedly embraced, since we ceased being nomads and embraced the agrarian way of life, we must address the problem.

Once humanity made the next huge leap from the agrarian way of life into the Industrial Age, almost everything we live by now has been firmly set in stone or maybe more properly, in cement. What was overlooked is that we kept the slavery that came with life, as far back as the time when we too followed the herds and lived as nomads.

The one damning contemporary offshoot from the early days of slavery, which Colonialism deified, was the right to own slaves. It was that brand of slavery that first made the fledgling America rich, from the profits made in Tobacco and Cotton. Those crops were grown mostly in the American South. Many of those at the constitutional convention owned slaves, and that fact too was reflected in the terminology that constitutionally defined “slaves” as being less than fully human.

In brief Slavery has been the unmentioned shadow in the long history of the whole human race, regardless of nationality, religion, or national origin: Many of the Native Tribes also had slaves as well.



The flip side of the coin of OWNERSHIP, although seldom discussed, has always been SLAVERY. Just as “the right” to OWN land and water and crops, is used today, to justify the right of private-corporations to OWN parts of the human genome, many natural seeds, plants, trees, and forests. To that list the global-corporations have now added the right to manipulate the weather, to control what can be eaten, or whether or not people can have water, as well as where we can be allowed to live: Or especially IF we will be allowed to live at all. Every global corporation needs to be stripped of their charters and prosecuted in every nation where they committed their crimes.

In fact we need government permission in the U.S. to do anything at all, including the right to have our own thoughts… It’s easy to see that the human race has overlooked humanities’ place in the universe, in favor of a “right” that only they should have: The right to OWN other human beings.

It is this thorny subject that ought to be the topic of an Article in a new Constitution that would seek to rebalance the Orwellian world view which the people of this planet have long since exceeded.

The powers of human-ownership must be scaled back to the recognition of what belongs to each of us as a free people living on this planet. We owe no allegiance to private corporations or to governments. Our loyalties should be to the natural order of life upon the planet and to the ways that we as custodians of this place can work with nature to benefit and enhance the world and our places in it, instead of destroying every last bit of everything that we’ve used and abused to end this planet: As we’re doing now.

This is not something that can easily be accomplished. It might well be impossible, given what we’re not willing to do. Take a look at South Africa and their vicious policies of Apartheid.

The world brought that policy to an end, or at least to a formally announced ending. The reality was a disaster because of the same problems we face now.

When everything is a lie or a deception built upon lies, tyranny, greed and murder it has to be answered to with real and effective consequences. That did not happen in South Africa, just as it won’t happen in Apartheid Israel, or even in defacto-Apartheid America: Because “we cannot even imagine a real solution” and until we can do that, nothing will ever change!

In South Africa a half-measure was adopted that called itself a ‘Truth Commission’. The idea was to let the criminals confess and then let them off without facing any real consequences for any of their crimes which included torture and murder. That was asinine and yet it was endorsed by Desmond Tutu who died a very rich man. The world does not look kindly on anyone who would overturn their criminal slave-trade, or their outrageous private ownership of everything necessary to maintain any other human life, except that of the OWNERS: Which is what has directly led us to this outlaw-place that most people live in today—everywhere!

If the world can ‘Imagine a real solution’ then maybe there might be a real tomorrow afterall—but only if we make the hard choices and do the hard things that we’ve avoided in the USA for over a hundred years now.

This morning there was a short video that clearly delineates what can happen when we cease to embrace ZERO-TOLERANCE and embrace instead ZEROING-OUT, ZERO-TOLERENCE, because the policy is anti-human and anti-life itself. (3)

What if?

No person, family, clan, tribe, city, state or nation has an inherent right to own the life or labor of any other human being. Any and all such rights must be maintained and defended by each individual who claims to be free.”

It’s just a thought, which obviously needs work But if any society is ever to terminate these global-addictions to the fiction of the right to privately own and control everything military, civil or monetary; as currently exists in the world today ­ then we must end this rat-race now, before it kills the entire planet and everyone in it.

This Particular Ending!

Every generation comes to its own ending. We all get superseded. It’s the way of all things. But what’s happening now is not simply the ending of just another series of generations: This is a planned and concerted effort to rip the world apart and reduce the global-population to less than one-eighth of the current population, so whatever’s left can be totally and easily controlled forever. The working population of the US has had their salaries frozen since 1973, when what we “earn” began to go backwards.

This defies any typical change in the natural order of life—and it is that which has contributed to what makes what’s happening to every city here such a travesty and not just the continuing changes that every generation is subjected to. This is the largest crime ever designed in the history of the world—and so far too many have absolutely NOTHING to say about this at all!

Think about it. Talk to others about what can be done

To stop this now.

There may never be another chance to do anything at all,

Unless we all respond


Everyone alive today will one day take that walk into the invisible mists of history, of that there can be no doubt: What should matter to us all is what we have done with our lives, while we still have them. And inside America, there are very few who have chosen to openly oppose the monsters ­ ever!

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2) America’s Great Indian Nations


3) How Wolves Change Rivers



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