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You Might Be A Stupid American Sheeple If…


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


As most of my readers know, I have not written anything in months. I have had plenty to say but have been focused on much bigger matters than the lies Americans accept with a blink, yawn and channel surfing. I even predicted many months ago that before all is said and done it will come out that Russia and the people of Donbas region Ukraine had absolutely nothing to do with shooting down Malaysia Air MH-17.

It is really not hard to figure out; neither Russia nor Donbas had anything to gain. Quid pro quo, who benefitted? The correct answer is USA war machine and the last gasps of a dying American Empire.

The Dutch investigators and Germany intelligence have already stated publicly in Europe that Russia and Donbas had nothing to do with it. I doubt Main Stream Media in the United States even had a brain cell activate that they need to start looking into the propaganda and lies of Washington DC much closer than they do. I doubt in this age of speed of light communications the Truth has reached America yet.

Even the handpicked puppet President Petro “Porky” Poroshenko has now publicly stated “we might have shot down Flight MH-17”. I have yet to see MSM in the USA or Europe admit that they were all playing out a propaganda and ‘anti-Russia’ media blitz to hide the fact that the United States of America is in collapse mode right now.

It will also come out in due time that it was the USA and their pet Neo-Nazis in Ukraine that were the snipers murdering civilians and police alike so Vicky Nuland and Gang would implement an illegal regime change. President George Bush had those same proxy Ukraine Neo-Nazis involved in the Second Chechnya War on Russian soil, so when the USA says ‘Russian aggression’ the American citizens need to turn it around 180 degrees to see the Truth.

This was one of the original ads for what I consider to be a lunatic book written by a lunatic that has helped to frame the idiotic USA Neocon policies you see right now. Note what is in the background, circa 1997; the Donbas region of Ukraine. That darker tan area on the right is Russia:

I gave up long ago in relying on US main stream media to find the truth. US MSM TRUTH is now an oxymoron, words that should never be used in unison in a sentence. If you do not know what an oxymoron is… well… military intelligence is an oxymoron, and cotton balls and jumbo shrimp.

One of the ancillary negative attributes is Americans are lied to so much, or given the ‘mushroom treatment’ to the extent that completely uninformed people suddenly act like they are world-renowned experts on a subject. In reality they do not know the difference between shit and shinola they are so buried in the former and kept out of the light or any form of enlightenment.

The entire political and social discourse in America has declined to the point that most of what I hear on US MSM TV is asinine, inane, absurd, ludicrous and preposterous. Only in America has the discussion of what matters for the future of a nation and its people been reduced to the level of banal and vapid.

Mark Twain may have said it best and even put it forth as a warning of sorts:

If you pay attention to facts and truth, it does not take long to see MSM for what it is; Sheeple Food for ignorant sheep.

Being American, living in Europe now for over 9 years, I see and talk to many Americans on holiday and taking the tour of Europe. These Americans are the least informed people I encounter anywhere in the world. It is a sad testament when I have met people from at least 120 nations and they know more about America with accuracy than Americans do.

Some of the best alternative reporting I see regularly is coming from Those folks have their eyes and ears open and the brain is turned on.

Their recent piece as a parody on the Jeff Foxworthy genre of “You might be a redneck if…” set me to thinking about the bigger problem. That being Stupid American Sheeple that accept any lie before they will accept even one simple truth.

That goes beyond brainwashed to brain dead; dead from the neck up. Most Americans I have met in Europe literally have not one damned clue what is really going on in this world. We can lay that blame at the feet of two parties; the main stream media hype, lying and deflecting from the truth, and a populace that apparently does not care what the truth is.

If the truth hurts, damn… tough, and life’s a bitch and then you marry one and then you die believing in lies. What a total damned waste of your time on this planet. Beam me up, Scotty!!! There is no intelligent life down here!!!

You Live In A Country Run By Idiots If...

We truly live in a country run by idiots. The contradictions between common sense and government actions are just too many to have happened by accident or chance. But perhaps the leaders are not the idiots. Maybe the people tolerating such leaders and laws are the true idiots.”

On a much larger world stage, this is my version of “You might be a Stupid American Sheeple if”:

  1. You think 19 wily Arabs defeated the most protected air space in the entire world from a cave in Afghanistan and did the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. [Hint: it was all about the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline (‘TAP”) that the USA has conspired to take over since the fall of the USSR in September 1991. USA lost; DC does not want the Sheeple to wake up to that fact yet because they then have to explain ‘war crimes’ and blowing trillions of dollars based on nothing but DC lies. Oh, lest I forget, the thousands of US soldier lives ended or ruined based on a lie, and the millions they were sent to kill based on lies, lies and more lies.]

  1. You think the US armed services are defending you from anything. Bush had an agenda to regime change 7 nations in 5 years. Lost in the quagmires of Afghanistan and Iraq, and like some moron that keeps touching the stove burner to see if it is still hot Barky Obama continued on with failed policies in Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and many others.

  1. You think WTC 7 fell to the ground because of a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. It was a controlled demolition and had been wired weeks in advance. When you figure out why, let me know.

  1. You think Saddam Hussein had CBW (chemical and biological weapons). [Hint: the US already knew there were no CBW, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, and Iraq was not a hot bed of Al Qaeda until the USA made it that way. ISIL / ISIS is just Al Qaeda redux so you knee jerk, jump under the shadow of your ass and go shopping rather than pay attention to the lies being fed to you.]

  1. You think Muammar Gaddafi deserved the US ­ NATO invasion and the murder of its leader, and then turning the nation into chaos. [Hint: Muammar Gaddafi was actually doing more and better things for his citizens than the USA, UK or EU leaders can boast about. His sin was a gold backed dinar that threatened the US ­ UK oil oligarchs.]

  1. You think Syria’s president Assad gassed his own people. [Hint: it has already come out that USA trained insurgents are responsible for that CBW attack, not Syria, not Russia, or any other boogeyman the USA keeps harping about. That the USA is financing terrorism is problematic and a crime.]

  1. You think ISIL is coming to get you and is a threat to poor little Israel and poor little you. [Hint: Israel is providing support and medical for ISIL insurgents. Think on that for a moment and get head out of your ass before the oxygen deprivation causes permanent brain damage.]

  1. You think the Georgia ­ South Ossetia 3-day war in August 2008 was “Russian aggression”. [Hint: Bush had put at least 4,000 Blackwater USA mercenaries there and it was Georgia and USA that started it; Russia ended it in 3 days. Analyze that!!! USA lost after many agonizing years in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Russia ended their escapade in Georgia in 3 days. Think about that before you want to rush into war with Russia. The Russia Federation is in fact a Superpower, and so is China. Bush also had the Ukraine Neo-Nazis directly engaged in the Second Chechnya War ON RUSSIAN SOIL. Bush was the aggressor, not Russia.]

  1. You think Iran has a nuclear weapons program and is somehow a threat to poor little Israel, the USA or EU, or Poor Little You. [Hint: every intelligence agency and the IAEA has proven there is no nuclear weapons program in Iran. Even Mossad completely contradicts Benyamin Netanyahu claims he made before the UN and US Congress. Even the CIA has testified before Congress that there is NO IRAN NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM. Wake up, please!!!]

  1. You think RT [Russia Today] is Russian propaganda. RT is owned by a billionaire Russian that had not finished his Russian Airborne tour of duty and he was in the first air drop assault into Georgia in August 2008 to kick both Georgia’s ass and Blackwater USA. Find me one politically correct pussy US billionaire that will do that!

  1. You think Russia Insider is Russian propaganda. Russia Insider is US and UK journalists that are wide awake, telling the truth and exposing the insanity of this USA lust to be a sole superpower. That is a total impossibility in the real world. [Hint: this is a multipolar world now, USA will never be #1 again except maybe in lies and debt and delusional ‘puffed up’ liars in Washington DC.]

  1. You think Russia or the people of Donbas shot down Malaysia Air MH-17, 298 lives wasted for nothing but a USA agenda and then lie, lie and lie some more. [Hint: see above, others have already exonerated Russia and the people of Donbas. That leaves only Ukraine and USA as the murderers that need to be brought to justice.]

  1. You think Russia is a threat to Europe. What is wrecking Europe is the USA ­ NATO tango and most Europeans I talk to are fed up with it and turning their backs on the USA as being short-sighted, ignorant leaders and voters.

  1. You think George H W Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Obama are great American presidents. History will record they are 4 of the worst and 4 of the biggest liars to ever sit in the Oval Office.

  1. You think Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. [Even the Nobel Foundation knows that they got snookered, just like America has been. I have talked to Nobel, they have no mechanism to correct such an error.]

  1. You think Obama tracked down and killed that dastardly Osama bin Laden. Outside of La La Land USA much of the world knows Osama bin Laden died of natural causes long before Barky supposedly bagged him. [Hint: the body was rushed and dumped in the sea so no evidence would prove the USA lied all along.]

  1. You think electing Hillary Clinton as the first woman president would be historical. [Hint: it would be historically tragic to put a known criminal in the Oval Office. America has nation threatening problems and terrorism is not one of them, nor is aiding and abetting the Israel agenda anymore or Clinton’s criminal proclivities.]

  1. You think electing Jeb Bush as the Third Bush Presidency would be historical. [Hint: electing a third Bush War Criminal would be historically tragic to the USA and its future.]

  1. You think you can watch FOXNews, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC and have a damned clue what is really going on in this world. I have seen plenty of instances that MSM cannot even put the right map on the TV, where a city or capital is, and then spoon feed you the DC Lie of the Day like soup du jour. Old saying: if you believe a lie you are living a lie. Choke it down like a Big Mac!!!

  1. You think Congress should approve up to $693 million to counter the threat of RT (Russia Today) media. Damn, keeping those lies alive sure has a big ticket price tag in Washington DC. I have suggested to Moscow they change the name to Russian Truth. DC would then want $1 trillion to silence the truth. [Ponder for a moment… if Russia is telling the truth why is the US MSM not telling the truth? I am watching and unlike many Americans I have been to many of the places that are now hot spots only due to US agenda and US lies.]

  1. You think the sanctions against Russia are justified because Barky Obama told you so, and Congress and US MSM. [Hint: watch closely as these sanctions based on US lies shreds the economies of the USA and EU; they already are.]

  1. You think CIA and NSA spying on you is OK. If you think that, you might not be intelligent enough to deserve a driver’s license, have a job or the right to vote. I wonder at times how many Americans know they are about 8 times as likely to be gunned down by police in the United States than by a terrorist?

  1. You think all of the laws passed to strip you of freedoms and liberty are to protect you from the boogeyman. [Hint: freedom of speech is a constitutional right, and now the US Senate is trying to criminalize that in 2016 including making sure the media never speaks the truth.]

  1. You think blindly pushing ‘R’ or ‘D’ in US elections is being a good citizen. [Hint: that so many Americans do exactly that and keep re-electing known liars, miscreants, pedophiles, war criminals and known violators of the US Constitution, shame on you!]

  1. You think the USA is #1 in everything. As of 2013 the USA was 36th in math, 28th in science, 24th in literacy and sliding downhill even more. What the USA is #1 in is percent of total population in prison (25% of all people in the world in prison are in US prisons), debt, political lies, dead and maimed US soldiers sent to serve a lie, and absurd policies that serve only an elite few.

  1. The USA is the moral leader of the world and the best democracy Big Money can buy. [Hint: you may need serious psychological counseling or get off illegal drugs to see the truth for what it is. You are about the least free nation on the face of this planet.]

  1. You think America is the bravest, most moral nation on Earth. [Hint: it has not been since 1991 and the slide downhill is already in progress to Third World Fascist Nation status.]

I might decide to back Donald Trump. At least he cannot be bought like these other US Congress Critter whores that will sell out America in the proverbial New York Second. It was notable that when Trump pointed out in the first Republican debate he could buy any of them on that stage, not one of them said NO YOU CANNOT.

America needs change and now, or America will cease to exist. What concerns me is this: Can a nation of over 300,000,000 people not find 1 good man or woman to lead it?

I am and will continue behind the scenes to have certain US officials, including Victoria Nuland, referred to the International Criminal Court for war crimes charges. That is where many US officials need to be so they will stop acting as if they are so damned special but are not.

That especially includes who ordered the snipers at Maidan and who ordered the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH-17. Whoever did such things deserves a trial and an execution because they are not ‘exceptional’ or ‘indispensable’.

That also includes who gave the green light for September 11, 2001. That bitch or bastard ruined my homeland and is guilty of genocide, war crimes and a long list of other felonies.


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