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World War Incorporated


By Jim Kirwan


From today’s Keiser Report

MAX: “In 1938 Franklin Roosevelt said: The first truth of the liberty of a democracy is not safe, if the people tolerate the growth of the private power to appoint, where it becomes stronger, than the democratic state itself.” That in its essence is fascism: Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or by any other controlling private power. So, people, welcome to the New World Order: Same as the very old fascist world order ­ Stacy.

STACY: “Well as all the chaos of the daily headlines happen and they all seem so important: You know the Greek Crisis, the Ukrainian Crisis, the financial crisis: What’s happening in the background is the much larger story and those headlines can possibly distract you from what’s actually going on. Here’s the headline that’s very important to concentrate on: “A Blackwater World Order” the privatization of America’s wars swells the ranks of armies across the globe.

After more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, America’s most profound legacy could be that it set the World Order back to the middle ages. This is regarding a new book by Sean McFate; he’s the former army paratrooper who then joined DynCorp. He was part of these private military companies, these ‘PMC’s’ that are operating around the world and what he suggests is that the Pentagon’s dependence on contractors to help wage its wars has unleashed a new era in warfare of privately funded military companies that are meeting the demands of an exploding global market for conflict…

MAX: This is the American Economy ~ the U.S. Dollar is backed up by America’s perpetuation of global conflict but getting back to FDR’s quote: It’s very important to understand that there’s a tension a dynamism between the public domain and the private domain. What private corporations do, is they fulfill a necessary function, in that there’s a certain entrepaternalism that is at the heart of a market based economy: But they cannot expand to the point where they gobble up and destroy the public domain. The public domain is being destroyed ­ it could be the ecosystem which is the public domain - it could be the intellectual property eco-system of copyright law, that’s being used to destroy the public domain of public thought and you go right down the list. And using these Blackwater types as the point of the tip of the spear to encroach upon and destroy the ‘public domain’.

STACY: Well he says basically there is no public domain. The public has to be aware of the fact that governments are not “the powers of the world”, in fact he looks at it and in fact it coincides with what he and others have called a current shift from global dominance by nation-state power to a ‘polycentric’ environment in which state authority competes with transnational corporations, global governing bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), regional and ethnic interests, and terror organizations in the chess game of international relations.

New access to professional private arms, McFate further argues, has cut into the traditional states monopoly on force and hastened the dawn of this new era. He calls it “neo-medievalism” and compares right now, in the world, to the Westphalia peace of 1648. So before 1648, before the nation-state, Europe was a war zone for hundreds of years: As the Vatican and Bishops and the Oligarchs and Princes and Lords fought over power and resources and wealth. And he warns that this is what we are starting to see by the wars in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq when the US Army didn’t have enough ‘army’ so they went out and hired the likes of Blackwater and other private mercenaries who now are working; like Eric Prince who ran Blackwater which has adapted several other names: They operate in Somalia, Abu Dhabi. Eric Prince himself has actually fled to Abu Dhabi, in order to avoid the US Justice System.

So we’re having the same sorts of things where these people have a lot of power. And there’s a point where like during the peace of Westphalia that it’s uncertain who’s actually starting the war and whether they’re doing it to profit private gain: Because if Eric Prince can make a lot of money by resolving a conflict with his military force, he’s incentivized to cause more conflict.

MAX: Whether you call it neo-medievalism or neo-feudalism, we’ve talked about this trend before it’s pre-enlightenment. The enlightenment gave us this idea of decentralized power. …It’s not for nothing that Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” was published in the same year as America becomes independent, 1776, and this of course was part of the Enlightenment which marked the end of concentrations of power in Europe amongst Lords, the Catholic Church and other centers of power who were wheeling their power through creating perpetual war; “hundred year wars”. People had to flee to inside the walls of the castle and then become serfs, for the most part and that was the system for hundreds of years during the middle ages, during the medieval period. And then we had the enlightenment and then we had the birth of what we call decentralized power which has its greatest expression today in two ways. Number one Bit-Coin is the decentralization of power, it’s the continuation of the enlightenment … and it’s also what we’re seeing in Greece.

There’s a pro-government rally in Athens that’s pro-public-domain. The leaders of the ___ party are about expanding the public domain against Germany’s need to create a fourth Reich—against Germany’s need to create; like Charlemagne’s, to conquer Europe. So Greece is pushing back against that. That’s where we see this tension.

STACY: Well here’s a guy, an insider who ran his own private corporation and his own private military company and what he’s saying is that states will not disappear but they will be less than they did a century ago. So, it’s almost too late he said: It’s like you can elect ___ or the equivalent here but you’re nation state that doesn’t have that much power anymore, because they can be overthrown by: Well in the past week the BBC actually went and looked at Ukraine at what happened there and they actually determined who these shadowy figures were, these snipers that killed the police. They couldn’t determine whether it’s the CIA or Russia but in fact they never even thought of the private military corporations. The private military companies and what they’re doing—whose side are they on, and they make a lot of money during any conflict. Is it just an outside force that just decided that they could start a conflict for profit?

So he links it all back to Afghanistan and he says: The U.S. used contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan more than it had in any war in its history: In 2010 there were more contractors deployed to war zones (207,000) than U.S. service members (175,000). In WWII contractors only made up 10 percent of the military workforce. So from 1999 to 2008 as well, he said the budget for military companies went from a hundred and sixty-five billion dollars, per year in the United States to private military companies in 1999, to 466 billion a year in 2008. So half a trillion dollars, just from the U.S. is what is available for private mercenaries. So if you want the private mercenaries money, in that budget: It behooves you to start some sort of conflict in a remote part of the world so that the US will just throw half a trillion dollars at you to go fight it.

MAX: And the U.S. leads this arson for hire campaign around the world, giving all this money to professional war-starters, like the Blackwater group in their current iteration: But the thing is you end up with a mono-culture and a mono-culture always fails versus a bio-diversity. We see this in the area of genetically modified crops that fail ultimately, because it’s a mono-culture and there’s not enough bio-diversity in those crops to survive for a long time.

If you have an economy based on the monoculture of war like the Americans are becoming basically ­ because there’s very little diversity in the American economy other than WAR: Then what happens, like every other Empire they start a war you hit the break-point where the cost of maintaining that mono-culture which is highly inefficient ­ collapses.

STACY: So let’s look at something else we’ve been covering for years ­ these global-trade deals. Who is pushing these, who is operating them? And here’s a guy who says private military companies are working for major corporations in the shadowy world where the media doesn’t go. And ‘I’ve seen the secrets of TTIP and it’s built for corporations not citizens. This is from Molly Scott Cato ( and she says: “As an MEP I’m party to the Transatlantic Trades inner workings… TTIP is undemocratic…

As an MEP I’ve now been granted privileged access to the European parliament restricted reading room to explore documents related to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal. But before I have the right to see such “top secret” which are restricted from the gaze of most EU citizens, I was required to sign a document of some 14 pages, reminding me “EU institutions are a valuable target” and of the dangers of espionage. Crucially, I had to agree not share any of the contents with those I represent.

MAX: TTIP is the Zyclon B of trade deals. The objective of this deal is to wipe out and exterminate millions of people who don’t have the money to buy a private contractor. That’s the point of TTIP, anyone that thinks differently will find themselves having a very short life…

There’s more to this segment but thus far this transcription has only consumed a little over eleven minutes. This brief analysis is the kind of condensed knowledge that is desperately needed if we’re going to begin to change the facts on the ground, in this continuing slaughter of humanity to this point….

Max Keiser Episode 721

World War Incorporated can be challenged, but only if we come together

Around the planet to break this construct that has always been the blood enemy

Of every person that seeks to have a real and worthwhile life of their own!


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