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The World On Fire II

By Jim Kirwan

When the klieg lights go out and the cameras have moved on, this is usually all that’s left of what was once any burgeoning city. This is what Kiev seems anxious to have done to themselves—given the policies they will not stop pushing. The same would be true of Tel Aviv except for the fact that the weapons they are insisting on are nuclear—in which case there would only be a huge smoldering hole where Tel Aviv once was.

You and I are looking at the end result of the polices being advocated by US Inc. & Israel for the whole wide world—except of course for

themselves. This is what the world must face and finally defeat.

This has been hundreds of years in the making. It’s time for us to end this worldwide nightmare and those who planned to do this to everyone else in the wider world.

Throughout the last week the world has finally learned more about what’s always been behind ISIS and the war that’s coming between the U.S. military and Langley’s CIA, via their private mercenary military, that’s about to engage the privatized national armed forces, in a battle to the death over who will continue to directly perpetuate all the wars upon this planet.

This goes so far beyond the original definition of treason in the Constitution as to be totally obscene.

US Inc. set up a totally shadow government, their own private intelligence services and their armed mercenary forces to make war on both the American public and the old US military—and that alone, by any definition is completely bizarre!

Obamanation has done this openly and in the course of this he’s committed High Treason again: This time to use the shadow forces of Langley and the CIA to take over the original military that was once America’s military; before it was stolen by Bush 43 on 12-12-2000.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July which this year will be a Wake and not a celebration. The “wake” is for the millions that died for nothing around the world since Bush 43 took control.

Millions were destroyed, damaged, many beyond repair, not to even mention the millions upon millions that we killed with fake orders to attack counties that did nothing to the US, but who nonetheless were savagely attacked, tortured and murdered supposedly to free those people from their own nations.

Those who refused were called insurgents or enemies within their own countries. Their crime was that they did not accept the illegal invasions of their countries or the wholesale slaughter of their own people just to please US Inc and Israel.

Think about this clearly!

In 2003 the Bushwhacker launched another illegal war on Iraq in a pre-emptive military strike without any reason at all for his actions. That battle picked up where the twelve years of war that began in 1991 left off. From 2003 to 2011 the second war on Iraq was fought until we lost and had to withdraw. Then just a few weeks ago USI unleashed the third attack upon Iraq, this time using Langley’s army (ISIS) to restart the whole nightmare inside Iraq all over again. Only this time the forces calling the shots are at war with the US military as well as whichever forces they might have to face on the ground, in either Iraq, Syria or Ukraine, which is currently being occupied by ISIS (in reality the USI War Machine itself).

America has left the blood of millions of Americans behind in our illegal wars all over this planet. What we fail to acknowledge are the tens of billions of people that we’ve illegally tortured, wounded and slaughtered all over the world. And all of these recent wars were done illegally. Now this nation has to come face to face with the massive treasons we’ve committed against everyone in this country that ever wore a US uniform, as well as the crimes we’ve committed by not keeping track of what our forces were actually doing to the wider world. Americans simply paid no attention at all to whatever was happening outside this nation. In that case failure to notice became a crime against the millions that died because of it, regardless of nationality.

On the 4th of July we need to take stock of just how many lives we needlessly wasted, both of our own people, as well as the hugely disproportionate numbers of those we’ve murdered in that process.

There’s also a huge question at the core of these unanswered crimes: What happens now that the corporation which owns us has decided to make war on both the people of the United States and on the Military that was supposedly charged with protecting “us”?

Does this mean that commanders of US aircraft carriers, ground troops, bomber squadrons, submarine commanders, helicopter and fighter squadrons may mutiny and send their planes and armor and troops against the shadow government forces that are currently attacking Iraq, Syria, and quite likely Lebanon, Iran, Jordon and Ukraine?

Will the real American military forces, in the field, join with Russia China and the BRICS states against Israel and USI?

What about the fake UN forces and NATO neither of which represent any one country, they are simply floating military robots that will go with whoever pays them.

Technically they should because our troops were created to fight America’s enemies both FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. That was the only reason for even having a standing army! There was never any provision for any alternative government military to have ever been created, because in theory, we only had one country to defend.

Now we’ve discovered that in reality we have paid for two armies, one to supposedly protect us and the other to assassinate us!

The unfathomable amounts of money that have gone into these wars is beyond imagining: So should not those troops who wear American uniforms not fight against these absolute barbarians that have come to massacre the rest of the world?

What will happen inside the United States when DHS unleashes their hordes of untrained mercenaries against the civilian population: Will the real US military come to our aid, or leave their loved ones and friends to the mercy of savages? Right now the US has two national armed forces: One that was supposedly formed to protect us and the most recent one that was created to exterminate us! How will this ancient and as yet unsolved question of loyalties be answered?

We have trained our forces to fight against the enemies of this country. Now that we know that the worst enemy this nation has is its own so-called government—what will the official US military do? What will happen to everyone caught between these two warring camps, as there is very little time before this showdown will begin.

On the 4th of July who will speak for all the dead of all the wars that have already died in so many wars that it’s beyond difficult to count them all. The only voice the dead will have tomorrow, will come from the surviving loved ones, that will speak for all those that went before to die, on faraway shores, for a place that has become a nation of traitors in need of massive punishments.

These are questions that almost no other nation on earth has ever had to face before, at least not publicly. But despite this we must bring ourselves to answer for the crimes that we’ve allowed to happen to the world because if we do not: Then America will simply disappear from the planet.

About the only constructive thing to come from this bloodbath might well be that when its done perhaps the world could actually swear off our addiction to war and illicit profits from those wars, to finally join together as one planet, to begin to heal the earth and mend this mortally wounded world?


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