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We’ve Already Won!

By JIm Kirwan

The only creatures that don’t know this, for the fact that it is,
are those that are still hell-bent on taking down the old USA.

I’m not a formerly-educated human being. Highschool was as far as I went; the rest of it was added by just living - whatever came my way. But it hardly takes a genius to divine what’s really been going on since the end of WWII. Let’s take a brief look at how “we” spent our illegitimate money and our resources while killing both our national and international reputation—not to mention the fact that we no longer have any credibility anywhere in the world—anymore.

“…Without a shadow of a doubt we are ‘number one’! What other country could have invaded Iraq; hardly knowing the difference between a Sunni and a Shia and still manage to set off a brutal sectarian civil-war and an ethnic campaign between the two sects that would subsequently go regional whose causality counts have tipped into the hundreds-of-thousands and is now bouncing back on Iraq?

What other ‘great power’ with plans to garrison that country for decades and with the larger-goal of subduing neighboring Iran?

General Wesley Clark: “And by that time we were still bombing in Afghanistan and I said: ‘Are we still going to war with Iraq” and he said: “Oh it’s worse than that: Here’s this memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years: Starting with Iraq then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off with Iran. Only to slink away eight years later, leaving a Shiite government in Baghdad that actually supports Iran?”

k) The world remembers this as a huge international-question-mark. This was created when we suddenly walked away from the supposed target created by 911 (In Afghanistan)? Suddenly we began the second half of the Bush-War on Iran that had been going on continuously since Poppy-Bush began that war in 1991. By the time that ‘officially’ ended (We’re still there using mercenaries) ­ the Jewnited States had been at war in Iran for over twenty-years!

And in what other country viewing these events and knowing our part in them could leaders, being so imbued with goodness, (Israel) as to further draw red lines and to contemplate sending in the missiles and bombs again: This time on Syria and possibly even on Iran? ~

What other country could magnanimously spend four to six trillion dollars on two “good wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq against lightly armored minority insurgencies without winning or accomplishing a single thing?

And that’s not even counting the funds sunk into the Global War on Terror and sideshows in places like Pakistan and Somalia and Yemen and the staggering sums that since 911 have been poured directly into the National Security State!

How many countries possessing the finest fighting force in the history of the world have engaged in endless armed conflicts and interventions since the 1960’s onward ­ except in unresisting Panama and tiny Grenada ­ (And yet) Never managed to definitively “win” ANYTHING!?

And talking about exceptional records, what other military could have brought an estimated 3.1 million pieces of military equipment ranging from tanks and Humvees to port-a-potties, coffee-makers and computers into Iraq; and then transported most of them out again while destroying the rest or turning them over to the Iraqi’s?

The center of the US military is now drawing down its forces and has already destroyed more than “a hundred and seventy millions worth of vehicles and other military equipment”. What other force would have decided ahead of time to shred dismantle or simply discount seven billion dollars worth of equipment, about 20% of what it had brought into the country? The general in charge probably calls this “the largest retrograde mission in history”.

What other military would be capable of carrying a total consumer society right down to PX’s, massage-parlors, boardwalks, internet-café’s and food-courts to war! Let’s give credit where

CREDIT is Due!

k) Rummy famously explained that the military in Iraq no longer needed to bother doing the small-stuff like providing their own mail service or working in the food service industry—that, along with much, much more was being done by private contractors for double or triple the cost it would have been if the military had done what they had to do during WWII. Hence the swimming pools, the sauna’s and everything else that most Americans don’t have or can even dream of.

We’re not talking about retrograde here folks—we’re talking about an exceptional RETROGRADE. What other military could, in a bare few years in Iraq have built a staggering ‘five hundred and five military bases’ ranging from combat outposts to one the size of a small American town: With their own electricity generators, water-purifiers, fire departments, fast-food restaurants, and even miniature golf-courses at a cost of unknown billions of dollars? ~

Hearings on the Missing $2.3 Trillion from the Defense Department were announced on 09-10-01 the Day Before 911. That’s $2. 3 TRILLION on transactions in one year alone…

Bush: “Those weapons of Mass Destruction gotta be somewhere!” …

Then only a few years later “The great Iraq giveaway: The U.S. hands over billions in bases because it’s too expensive to fly back.” Abandoning all of them, dismantling some, turning others over to the Iraqi military or into ghost towns: Leaving others to be looted and stripped!

And what other military, in the same time period, thousands of miles away in Afghanistan could have built more than 450 bases, sometimes hauling in the building materials and now dismantling them in the same fashion?”

k) Clear evidence of the criminal-privatization of the entire government military contracts and procedures that were captured and doled out by Rummy Cheney & Bush, to make those traitors who were already filthy rich: Far Richer still!

If those aren’t exceptional ladies and gentlemen I don’t know:

What Is!


In a world where it’s hard to get anyone to agree on anything: The covert strikes that George W Bush launched and Barack Obama escalated in Pakistan’s tribal areas “stand out”! These hundreds of strikes caused not only significant civilian casualties including women and children while helping to destabilize a sometime ally, but it almost miraculously created public-opinion unanimity!

Opinion polls indicate that a Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not style 97% of Pakistani’s consider such strikes “A bad thing”!

What we passively allow overseas

Will be actively brought home to us’

And what other power could have secretly kidnapped at least one hundred and thirty-seven prisoners, some (if not most) innocent of any such acts or associations ­ from off the streets of global-cities as well as from backlands of the planet.

And what other nation could have mustered “a coalition of the willing’ from 54 countries to lend a hand in its “rendition operations”? We’re talkin about more than a quarter of the nations on planet earth people!

But wait! That isn’t all. Can you imagine another country capable of setting up a global network of black sites and borrowed prisons, with local torturer’s on hand, places to stash and abuse kidnapee’s and other prisoner’s ranging from Poland to Thailand to Afghanistan. Egypt to Uzbekistan to US Navy ships on the high seas: Not to speak of that jewel in the crown of the offshore prisons ­ Guantanamo! ~ Such illegality on such a global-scale simply can’t be matched! And don’t even get me started on torture, it’s fine for us to take pride in our exceptionalist tradition but you don’t want to pour it on do ya? Bush: “The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

How about the way the State Department, to the tune of $750 million dollars, constructed in Baghdad, the largest and most expensive compound on the planet.

The Death of the Green Zone:

A one-hundred and four acre size citadel, with 27 blast-resistant buildings with an indoor pool, basketball courts and a fire station ­ which was to operate as a command and control center for our ongoing garrisoning of the country and the region. Now all the garrison’s are gone and the embassy staff has been cut ­ it’s global-white-elephant but what an EXCEPTIONAL ELEPHANT! Think of it as a modern Amerikan Pyramid. It’s a tomb in which buried-dreams of establishing a Pax-Americana in the greater Middle East. Match that sight of a memorial thousands of miles from home? ~

Or match this! Between 2001 and 2011 the United States poured at least $51 billion into building up a vast Afghan military. Another 11 billion dollars was dedicated to the task in 2012 with almost another $6 billion planned for 2013?” (k -That’s really easy to do when the public has to foot all the bills with money that isn’t real anyway)

Washington has also sent in a legion of ‘trainers’ tasked with turning that force into an American-style fighting outfit. At the time Washington began building it up the Afghanistani army was reportedly a heavily illiterate, drug-taking, corrupt and ineffective force that lost from one third to one half of its force to casualties and non-reenlistment and desertion in any given year.

In 2012 the latest year for which we have figures, the Afghanistani security forces were still heavily illiterate, drug-taking and an inefficient outfit that was loosing about one-third of its personnel annually. A figure that may even be on the rise! The United States and NATO allies are committed to spending $4.1 billion annually on the same project after the withdrawal of all their combat forces in 2014.

Tell me that isn’t EXCEPTIONAL!”


Given all of this as background ­ how in hell can the same people that created all that waste and the needless slaughter of millions of people, actually believe that they can now wage-war-successfully on the same people that made all that criminality possible?

If WAR is declared upon the people of the United States, where will the attacking forces, which also call themselves Americans, get the influx of supplies and replacement bodies needed? The ‘troops’ we used and abused so freely to FAIL everywhere were employed by a specially privatized system of WAR & PROFIT ­ and US troops have been in this untenable situation since virtually the end of WWII?



The people of the United States are more heavily armed, personally, than any army in the world today. And we have the power of now clearly knowing; just how we were used to make all that fake-money that was thrown away - just to keep the bogus privatized contracts operating. That’s now crystal-clear in just this one short video.

Nero has been making up bogus Executive Decrees since 2011 that supposedly give him total authority over every man woman and child in the country and indeed in the whole world. This nation is huge and during those overseas wars we had a rear echelon to act as our supply base. If and when Americans come under attack by this Zionist-directed force, there will not be any safe-havens in a nation that will have become suddenly hostile to every dictate given. Once our submission evaporates, so does even the possibility of success among the freshly outraged that will only grow with every passing hour!

Despite all of that, which everyone ought to clearly understand, neither Nero nor his real owners have chosen to implement Martial Law: Because they KNOW they cannot win against us now - Because nothing here will go even half as well as it did in the two wars above, plus Viet Nam.

All of which we clearly LOST!

Over twenty years in Iraq,

10 plus years in Afghanistan and 15 years in Vietnam

And all for nothing!

There will be no fresh troops to send in. The “troops” they are planning on using against this country have little or no training, they are not combat hardened, and will evaporate once fighting actually begins—everyone knows that to be the fact. Moreover with our own military overseas and traitors attacking their friends and families here at home ­ rebellions throughout the services will explode wherever troops are stationed if this treasonous invasion of America were ever launched. The very idea of being able to attack America from within by using traitors at every level, is as insane as Netanyahu has to be!

Add to this the current disaster that is unfolding as this is being written. Nero is nearing a full meltdown on the monetary collapse, and his criminally contrived health-care-bill which is flat out extortion! The public is about to figure out that all that global-DEBT is totally unreal. Moreover as the public begins to understand more, they will demand that the erroneous DEBT be sent back to those who created it: The public will begin to disassemble the entire government -because every part of it has been nothing but a lie, for as long as most people can remember…

Ironically it’s clear that “We’ve Already Won!” ­ all that remains is to strip the criminals of every cent, then execute the leadership, and get back to beginning again without all the garbage that’s been generated over the last 40 years.

There must be a return to the basics of the Constitution, without the theft the lies and the treason from all those traitors contained in all that crap that was generated just to enslave this country from top to bottom. It will be painful for the survivors, but that won’t be nearly as bad as what will inevitably happen if we fail to act now ­ when it really counts.

We can start by arresting every Zionist sympathizer and by using RICO statutes to strip them of every asset they own, or are connected to. With that money and most of the real assets left in this country, we can initiate the reversal of “the greatest wealth-transfer in history” from the poorest to the filthy-rich. The formerly rich will pay for every bit of this reversal and thereby shall end this cycle of financial slavery at its core, by outlawing the OUTLAWS and seizing every asset they have world-wide.

The rest of the recovery will follow, but we have to begin now!


1) American Exceptionalism ­ 8min 40sec VIDEO





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