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Who Pulls Your Strings?


By Jim Kirwan


The answer to the Question might surprise you

Because the answer is “you”.

Once you realize that the bribes which ‘Amerikan-politicians’ are being bribed with comes directly from you: Because ‘Israel’s money’ was stolen from us by Israel and is being used to pay their trained assassins from their Zionist Supremacy to kill us. Basically Israel’s using our own money to plan and carry out the executions of everyone that disagrees with Israel and your money is at the very heart of this particular treason.

Once you know this for the fact that it is—maybe you’ll be able to finally understand who is really pulling all the strings and why that continues to happen?

Who is behind Planned Parenthood’s multi-billion dollar industry in illegal body parts that are being illegally taken from aborted babies to sell for mega-profits today? That’s an industry that’s turning some American’s into Zombies, thanks to Israel’s control over Planned Parenthood ­ for starters.

Who’s behind the stumbling ‘Race-Wars’ in America that’s still trying to catch fire? Israel founded the NAACP and has been directing traffic for the looming race war from the beginning.

Everything from Political Correctness in the nineteen-thirties to the present day policies in public education, medicine and GMO Crops were each fostered and directed by Israel to utterly destroy the United States and the world.

Of course this includes those beneath the war on men, the perversion of women and the push to utterly destroy the physical basis for families of any type by twisting sex beyond all bounds while glorifying pedophiles. Israel has structured the perversion of the police away from protection of the public to the vilification of Veterans, women and people of color, along with Christians and patriots as “Enemies of the Police State” that Israel has created here, in what was the United States.

The policies of ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security and TSA are all servicing Israel in her efforts to totally eviscerate America. ICE serves as the distributor of some of the 50 million illegal immigrants from their arrival to their final destinations, courtesy of Homeland Security and the illegal government. DHS, along with the defunct Border Patrol are enabling the placement of the illegals across the nation. These circumstances have immeasurably helped to create “no borders, no laws and no human-rights”, which is exactly what Israel has sought since she joined the criminal UN to block United States citizens in every area of life on earth. And thanks to our SILENCE, they’re almost there…

Why are these things not challenged seriously or even discussed by any of these so-called politicians? The fact that they’re all traitors might have a bearing on that, given these still unfolding facts: These are just some of the most glaring crimes of the traitors and the treasons we have not chosen to deal with: They are not even close to the enormity of the crimes that we still won’t discuss.

How can you really think that you’re still ‘FREE’?

George W. Bush formerly began this hellish nightmare, yet no one dares to even mention who pulls his pathetic strings, then or even now, because they went far beyond Dick Cheney and all the so-called officials in charge at the time…


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