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Who Chose The 26 'Sandy Hook' Super Bowl Choir Kids?


By Wolfgang Halbig



From: Wolfgang Halbig <>
Subject: In accordance with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, Conn. Gen. Stat §§ 1-200, et seq., request is hereby made for production of materials relating to the following matters:
Date: October 29, 2015 6:15:40 AM PDT

Chairman Keith Alexander:

In light of the e-mails that I have received through the CT FOIA requests it is implicating you and Debbie Leidlein in having clear knowledge of 26 children that where randomly selected by whom we still do not know since Donna Page clearly states in her e-mail that she did not approve this Super Bowl Trip.

So take Donna Page out of the equation which now leaves the school superintendent, Debbie Leidlein and all the school board members who received the Cc: from a concerned Citizen who is an Attorney in Danbury, CT.

So now I am requesting which you should now easily understand since I have attached the communication in the e-mails provide to me for you're understanding.


Copies of all e-mails from School Superintendent Janet Robinson to Donna Page and all the school board members from Jan 1, 2013 through Feb 23, 2013 and all and any other mail correspondence between them to and from Janet Robinson regarding the Super Bowl Trip on Feb 3, 2013.
Copies of all e-mails from Donna Page to Janet Robinson and all school board members  from Jan 1, 2013 through Feb 23, 2013 and all and any other communications between them to and from Donna Page regarding the Super Bowl Trip on Feb 3, 2013.
Copy of the “anonymous donation Check” that the Sandy Hook Elementary School received to fund this expensive Super Bowl Trip on Feb 3, 2013.
Copy of the Jan 23, 2013 School Board Consent Agenda in which this donation was listed for Public knowledge.
Copies of all expenses paid and itemized from that “anonymous donation” for that Super Bowl Trip and a copy of the agenda that Janet Robinson has regarding that trip.
Copies of all correspondence between the School Superintendent Janet Robinson, Donna Page and the Choir Director Kristin Kristopek from the National Football League, CBS Sports regarding the Feb 3, 2013 Super Bowl Trip.
Copies of all News Media Releases from the School Superintendent to all of the local and National News Media about her allowing 26 children and their parents from Sandy Hook Elementary School to participate in the Super Bowl on Feb 3, 2013.
Copies of all Airline Tickets purchased for this Feb 3, 2013 Super Bowl Trip showing all persons who attended the Super Bowl.
I will pay for all expenses in copying and please invoice my attorney Monte Frank and mail to 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Florida 32775


Wolfgang W Halbig

Stratford to hire Newtown superintendent of schools
Nanci G. Hutson Updated 12:59 am, Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Janet Robinson
Former Newtown CT, School Superintendent
I missed it because she moved.
It was not until I received the CT FOIA e-mail requests that allowed me to find that NEEDLE.
Getting old is challenging.
Here is what I found in those CT FOIA e-mails from the Newtown School Board Members.

 E-mail TO:  Craig T. Hoekenga II, ESQ
Jan 25, 2013, 9:37 pm from Donna Page Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal appointed.
Cc: and
Dear Craig
I am afraid I must defer your questions and concerns to Superintendent Robinson as any approval to do this was not made by me.
So it is or was the School Superintendent Janet Robinson who made this Super Bowl trip happen.
Must watch the Feb 5, 2013 Newtown School Board Meeting and the actions of School Superintendent Janet Robinson.
E-Mail to Craig Hoekenga from the Newtown Board of Education and Debbie Leidlein Chairman of the School Board Cc: Janet Robinson School Superintendent
January 31, 2013 9:46 am
Dear Mr. Hoekenga
Please accept my apologies for the delayed response.  I am finding it difficult to keep up with all the correspondence I am receiving on a daily basis.  I also wanted to be sure I understood all the facts regarding this trip before responding.
Now we have Debbie Leidlein, Superintendent Janet Robinson and Donna Page all knowing the facts and with all other school board members Cc:
Concerns of Craig Hoekenga.
Please note that are inquiries are about the Super Bowl Trip.
He (Craig) believes and other families belief this is a misguided decision by the School Superintendent and Debbie Leidlein and other School Board Members.
Keith Alexander who is the Newtown School Board Chairman today while under oath at the CT FOIA Commissioners hearing stated that he did not know anything or cannot remember anything about the Super Bowl Trip when he was Cc on all e-mails,  Strange.
This is under Oath at the CT FOIA Commissioners Hearing in Hartford, CT on June 3, 2015.
KEITH ALEXANDER, having been called as a witness herein on behalf of counsel for the Complainant, and after having been first duly sworn,
was examined and testified as follows:
*** *** ***
Q. You're the Chair of the Board of Education for the Town of Newtown?
A. Yes.
So my question to Mr. Alexander is we have information, I believe, Your Honor, I think Mr. Halbig testified during the last Commission hearing that there is evidence or information that a group of children from the Sandy Hook Choir went to the Super Bowl.
We did not see that on the consent agenda, and we are looking to see whether those documents were complete.
Q. Do you think School Board policies are public record?
A. Do I think that?
Q. Are they?
A. I don't know what our school -- what our policy says about that specifically. I haven't looked for that information, so I don't -- I
don't have that covered.
And I don't remember whether that specifically is covered under the FOIA.
I don't know. I wouldn't want to say something that I don't know.
Q. So you're the Chairman of the Board, and you've been on the board since 2011, and you do not -- your testimony is that you do not know
the policies regarding school trips out of state?
Q. Okay. We will leave that to the lawyers then.
Do you know of -- are you aware of, or isn't it a fact that a group of school children from Newtown called the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus sang at the Super Bowl in New Orleans on
February 3rd, 2013?
A. I don't know what the name was given that you are referring to specifically. But I know what you're referring to, and I -- that
There were students that went to the Super Bowl, yes.
Q. Students went to the Super Bowl --there were students from Sandy Hook Elementary School that went to the Super Bowl?
A. I believe so. I don't have a direct record of that myself.
Q. As the -- as the -- okay. Okay.
Well, let me switch gears. As the chairman of the Board of Education, and also as a member of the Board of Education back in January 23rd of 2013, were you aware of any discussion regarding whether or not to
give permission to a group of students to travel out of state, a group of students from Newtown, Connecticut, to attend the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3rd, 2013?
A.   I was not the chair at the time. I was a Board member.
Q. I said that.
A. I do not remember having any conversations of that kind. I really don't remember.
It's not something that I can remember.
Q. So wouldn't, wouldn't the Board have had to approve such a field trip?
Q. Okay. So was this a field trip?
A. I don't have any information on that. I can't answer that question, ma'am.
Q. Do you remember ever discussing it at any meetings?
A. I do not remember discussing it at any meetings.
Q. Okay. According to School Board policy, don't these school trips need to be approved first by the Principal, and then the Superintendent,
and then go to the Board of Education?
A. Again, I don't have the policies in front of me. But I will say that under normal circumstances a school-sponsored trip requires those
Q. Okay. Was this a school-sponsored trip, to your knowledge?
A. Again, I don't have any information on that.
Keith Alexander was Cc: on every e-mail dealing with the Super Bowl Trip but does not remember?
Back to Mr. Craig’s concerns;
He (Craig) states that the silence by Superintendent Robinson and Ms. Leidlein will make this issue not go away.
How did the Newtown School Board approve an “anonymous donation” to Sandy Hook and did not explain it to the public what the donation was nor, more importantly, its value?
Craig Hoekenga questions to Donna Page on Jan 25, 2013 at 5:37 pm were very simple about the Super Bowl Trip on Feb 3, 2013.
He asks Donna.
First, he thanks her for coming back to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Second, he wanted to voice his concerns to her and other families, frustration over the trip to the Super Bowl next week that is being offered to the 26 “randomly selected students”.
We want to know who approved this Super Bowl Trip?
Why was it only open to the 4th grade class?
He tells Donna that the only benefit he sees is that 26 selected students and their parents are able to go on a once in a lifetime trip.
He believes that their has not been an outcry so far by other families is because it has been kept so hush hush.
He recommends that the entire trip to the Super Bowl should be cancelled.
Lastly, he wants to know how they the school board members can justify that these 26 students miss another three days of school when you the school district just received a waiver from the state.
Craig T. Hoekenga & MACHADO, LLC
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