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Where Jobs Are Stable
And Money In Made Today

By Ted Twietmeyer


Have you wondered what professions have the best income in today's economy?

Let's look at a number of professions and businesses. You may quickly see a common denominator:

* Hospitals - Despite Herculean efforts to maintain a good image with the local community, they capitalize on the misery and suffering of anyone who enters their doors. Visitors and patients alike enter with happiness and hope. Patients are at the mercy of doctors. Visitors are often leave in utter despair after seeing and hearing about their loved one's condition. Or hearing that Obamacare has refused to perform life-saving surgery. After visitors leave patients are alone again. Visitors are consumed with concern when they leave the hospital - after narrowly avoiding being run over by the armored truck coming to take sacks of cash, checks and credit card receipts to the bank.

* Nursing Homes - These institutions are mostly used as warehouses for patients holding one-way tickets "waiting for the heaven train." With the high cost of beds today, these same patients could be living at the Marriott or Hilton, minus the stench of human waste in the air. Watch out for that armored truck. It just might make you a patient.

* Doctors - They still command a upper-class salary even under new health care law rules. No matter the treatment outcome, they still make the big bucks whenever people suffer. The more a patient suffers, the more money they get. Specialists do extremely well. Who said blood-letting is not used anymore?

* Test labs - Doctors send you out for a MRI, CT scan, X-ray, ultra-sound scan or a blood test with impunity, like they are sending you out for coffee. Of course this is only done when you are suffering, not when you're feeling well.

* Nurses and medical staff - It's common knowledge that more pain and suffering will be coming in the door of doctor offices, hospitals and nursing homes at any second, which is why they are hired in the first place.

* Pharmacies - No one visits a pharmacy window unless they unhealthy. Most people are not aware that retail mark-ups on prescription drugs are typically 10,000% or more. This was made public many years ago. Yet we didn't see Obamacare limit drug profit margins did we? No wonder drug manufacturers can produce and air endless commercials airing at more than $1 million each, airing on multiple networks - while warning their latest new drug can kill you. It's amazing they get away with this.

* Medical Device Manufacturers - Only someone suffering or in pain will get a device implant. Medical devices have outlandish price margins like drugs.

* CPA Accountants - These people create suffering by flattening everyone's wallet. Even the smallest corporations must employ at least one of these people to meet the letter of corporate law for books Yet there are few accounting functions a knowledgeable bookkeeper cannot do.

* Lawyers - There are the defendant(s) and the plaintiff(s.) Whether or not your lawyer loses your case, he or she always gets paid, even though any defendant can lose property, money, freedom of even their life. A plaintiff filing lawsuit is suing because they feel they have already suffered and want revenge. Lawsuits really boil down to getting revenge. Even criminal penalties are a form of revenge by government. Instead of having two separate tables for plaintiff, lawyer or district attorney and defendant and lawyer in courtrooms, why not have just one long table called the misery table. No real motive exists for lawyers to do their job properly for defendant or plaintiff, unless money from damages is involved.

* Judges - These men and women earn good money, regardless of the level of suffering and misery they preside over. They play god in thousands of courtrooms across the country, with no motivation to judge properly. That judge caught "pumping" himself? He's just one who was caught - how many more are out there? That notebook computer they have on the bench? Who knows what they are watching on it. Judges should be required to always have a video connection from their computer to a big flat-screen TV, bolted to the wall above the bench.

* Emergency Medical Techs - Paid ambulance and fire department EMT people are hired for one reason - everyone knows more suffering, pain and death will be forthcoming soon. It is only a matter of time.

* Paramedics - Same suffering-based employment as EMT people, but paid more for their work. Paid paramedics are often more callous and less caring, forgetting the desire they had to help people during their training.

* Police officers - Like EMTs knowing more suffering will be along sooner than later, so will more people come along soon that commit crimes. Some police officers take out their frustrations on someone sooner or later, making more people suffer needlessly. No one ever knows when a police officer will snap. A traffic stop today can be a rolling a roll of the dice for any driver.

* Bill Collectors - These people capitalize on unfortunate financial circumstances which often involuntarily enter millions of lives. Many who work the phones in this profession are on a power trip, actually enjoying themselves while doing their work.

* Banks - They take hard-earned money people deposit with and earn double-digit interest from it six nights/week in the currency markets. That profit is not passed on to you. This is why they don't care if anyone comes into a bank to borrow money. Banks pay people about 5% a year in a savings account, then make them think they are getting a great deal. We can imagine how often bankers laugh at depositor ignorance in board room meetings about this.

* Stock Brokers - These professionals get their commission whether or not your stocks gain or lose money. When your stock(s) lose money, brokers never take responsibility for not warning or protecting you from the bad investment in the first place.

* Insurance Brokers - Another profession which has a ridiculous profit margin. How often do you hear of a insurance company going out of business? Ever think about what companies like Geico and Progressive spend to produce and air commercials? Insurance companies exist to profit on fear that something bad MIGHT happen. And indeed, something bad will happen when you don't pay premiums when due.

* Funeral Directors - These ghouls suck as much money as possible from surviving family and friends. They use your misery against you to sell you services and accessories the dead don't need. Going to view someone at a funeral home is one thing - but making arrangements for a loved one is a ENTIRELY different matter. When you go to arrange a funeral for a beloved family member who has passed on, I can promise you that beneath that phony ghoulish smile is a cold sales professional. It will be one experience you'll never forget. NEVER make arrangements for a loved one by yourself for any reason.

* Paid Priesthood - Perhaps we should call this profession "pay-per-scripture." Sometimes a plate is passed twice in each worship service. Someone may belong to a congregation for 50 years and faithfully pay their offering every week. But when they die, the priest who might spend an hour or two doing their funeral, has the gall to take a envelope with cash for his/her services! A priest should be performing a funeral service out of love and respect, not money. Paid priests already earn enough tax-free dollars but they expect more? Something to think about when doing your income taxes.

What's the common denominator with all these professions and businesses? All of these capitalize upon suffering and misery. Oddly enough, none of these misery professions can be outsourced and performed overseas. When manufacturing left America so did many of the happier and rewarding professions with it. such as building a factory or productive business which gives people a income and security.

Is it any wonder you rarely see people smile in public anymore?

Ted Twietmeyer



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