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Where Do We Go From Here?


By Jim Kirwan


This article is seemingly extremely inconsistent. The reason that this is so, is because this is part of the plan by which this nation and the planet are being attacked, and this has been going on since 1066 A.D., in case you were wondering…

To understand the number of totally conflicting demands being made by hundreds of unofficial and yet supposedly legal groups now ­ we need to go back to Victorian England: To the time of workhouses for the poor, child labor and artificial political-correctness for the rich that still resonates through the current system, with the same hypocrisy which continues to infect the public around the world today. The official explanation for this comes in the current Mossad motto: “By Deception Thou Shalt Make War”

When syphilis struck the people of Victorian England, the problem in that deadly disease, for which there was no known cure, was partially addressed by proclaiming one’s purity of thought and deed, in order to have the public believe in the ‘rightness’ of leaders of society in that time.

What was not generally known, was the fact that the spread of prostitution and legal drug use had never been higher than during that supposed time of total-abstinence. Child slavery, work houses for the poor, theft, rape and murder became common beneath the public-cloak of societal purity. This era was later known as the misbegotten ‘Dickensian world’ which never really ceased. Boarding schools where children were separated from both their families and from members of the other sex grew and that has continued into our upper-crust culture of private schools today as well.

Other hypocrisies are taking the exactly opposite view from the Dickensian era, in our lame attempts to combat the seeming total collapse of the global society today: In this world now everything is not only permitted but sought after ­ so long as the behavior being lived concentrates on defying parents and embracing the state.

This, in addition to the currently lame attempt to alter the flag. But we’ve seen numerous flagrant and obscene facts that have been uniformly ignored by the general public. One of the most glaring obscenities is the public life of Barry Soweto and his ‘wife’ Michael.

What this means is that the president is at least bi-sexual, as he’s living with a transsexual male without acknowledging any aspect of the physical facts ­ ostensibly because such things might violate their right to privacy, even though these two people are the President and supposedly ‘the First Lady’ of the United States…

A further cornucopia of obvious personal duplicity, came yesterday in this article which involved fifteen thousand U.S. Government workers as part of 37 million cheating spouses ­ on an international adultery website.

Millions of users of the cheaters' dating site Ashley Madison have been identified in the huge global hack.  

A 9.7 gigabyte data file of user's personal details was posted to the dark web on Wednesday.

It includes private data including name, address, phone number and credit card details as well as sexual fantasies and profile photos. 

Washington D.C. has the highest rate of membership across the U.S. and at least 15,000 are from government agencies using .gov and .mil domain names.

They include the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, the House and the Senate.” 

Fifteen thousand U.S. government workers - including White House staff - among 37 million cheating spouses identified in hack of Ashley Madison adultery site

While this revelation does not involve ‘major-crimes’ it clearly reveals a great number of people who prefer to lie about their most private side of life. This has to have been going on for a very long time, to reach the scale of these practices. But when you think about the fact that the public has known about the duplicity in the Office of the U. S. Presidency, almost from his beginnings as ‘the president’, it becomes far easier ‘to understand’ the behavioral miscarriage of millions of people ­ since such private matters have been quietly public throughout the last six years of Obamanation’s twisted “presidency”.

Add to this the strict and growing determinations about how children should be treated today. The separation of boys and girls, is again being demanded. At the same time any difference between boys and girls is being destroyed by making bathroom facilities into unisex places in schools and other places around the nation. In fact some states and schools are pushing to eliminate the terms boys and girls as ‘sexist terms’. Marriage between men and women is about to be attacked as well: While sex education in primary education is being pushed to allow sex between adults and children as young as seven, while at the same time a variation of unisex, is growing. This is reminiscent of Stalin’s Bolshevik attitude toward ‘workers’ in the Stalinist era of 1945 and the Eastern German version of that same era.

America has had several years of that model in Janet Napolitano, the former head of Homeland Security, who is now the president of the University of California, as of 2013.

America is in deep trouble when it comes to the ‘quality’ of the people that are put in charge of our education, our nation or our lives.

And America does not have a clue about how to deal with most of this.

Many still want to talk in terms of the years ahead or the supposed coming elections that will change nothing, because all we have left will only exist until in the end of this year.

Some of us recognize that we’ve already lost the current generation but what most still refuse to grasp is that there will be no “Next Generation” to worry about because our children already belong to the criminal Fascist State of USI in the 2015 of today.

This has happened because we’ve allowed ‘the pretend-owners’ of our lives to pass hundreds of thousands of illegal laws, over the last fifteen years without so much as a whisper of complaint. What this society and the world needs now is to eliminate 99.9% of the tyrannical laws that were never needed in the first place.

Most of the potential answers can at least begin with some of what’s contained in these two articles: They’re not long, but they are concise.

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