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Where’s The Air Force?


By Jim Kirwan


Open Letter to the U.S. Air Force

And all the traitors that are currently serving in that branch of the United States Military.

I’m a six-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. As a United States draftee you stole six years of my life with absolutely no benefits whatsoever: You justified that theft because you said that it was “the duty” of every draft age American male to serve in the military. I took an oath to “protect and defend the United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic, from 1957 to 1963, but the oath has no statute of limitations, and lasts for life. In exchange I received zero benefits from the government for six years of honorable service ­ because congress decided that those of us during that period of time in which the U.S. officially had no wars to fight ­ we didn’t deserve any of the benefits that those who served both before and after ‘us’ received.

My question is: Exactly where is the U. S. Air Force now for JADE-HELM-15? And what exactly, will your pilots be doing during the coming invasion of the United States? What will our fighters, bombers and drones be doing in the coming suppression of the people of the United States. Whose side will the “United States” Air Force be fighting on? It seems odd that after all the threats masquerading as a national exercise against ten states, that no mention has been made of what the “air-power” of this nation will be doing?

Will the Air Force be in charge of suppression of the people here from the air? All the other Special Forces seem to have their own versions of air-power, but “The U.S. Air Force” does not seem to have a role to play—why is that?

What has been published so far amounts to very little real information. The first hint of these tactics came when the government gave the U.S. Fifth Army and their 20,000 troops to the UN. That bit of treason was classified as “Northcom”, which was part of the totally illegal formation of ‘The North American Union’ that originally was to be responsible for disarming US citizens and taking our guns in order to make life easier for the New World Order ­ but there was apparently no role for the air force in that particular treason? Why Not?

That scam had the whole nation divided into the twelve zones that are the same twelve zones which now serve the Federal Reserve System. That was supposed to end the states and replaced them with Roman numeral “areas” but that map has disappeared. The one above defines the Constitution-Free Zones which now totally surround the entire nation ­ this outrage was supposed to be enforced by the old Fifth Army that’s been redesignated as “Northcom”.

Everyone is watching what’s being threatened on the ground with troops and heavy armor, not to mention tanks, missiles, and supposedly tens of thousands of thug-mercenaries (given the number of pieces of heavy equipment) that we’ve been seeing moving all over the nation ­ but still no-mention of what the U.S. Air Force will be doing during JADE-HELMS?

When I was serving my illegal six years of a draft that was no longer “needed” ­ ‘Air Power’ was rumored to be the next all powerful weapon that could win any war we were ever to be engaged in. But by the time we got into Vietnam where we dropped more bombs on that region than were used throughout the whole of WWII ­ yet we failed to win in Vietnam ­ and we still maintain that “Air Power” is the deciding force that makes America irresistible in any conflict, anywhere in the world today?

The Air Force that I served in had nothing to do with what it’s become today. True they gave me absolutely no benefits, except that after 50 years they finally “gave me” a Veterans card, but there are still NO BENEFITS attached to that fake promise. So I was wondering if the “mission” of the U.S. Air Farce is still as hollow as the promises they gave out to those of us who served from 1957 to 1963. We didn’t know that there would be NO BENEFITS until we got discharged.

I suspect that not only are the promises still fake but it begins to look as though the Air Force along with its drones, its bombers and its ‘fighters’ as well as all of its missiles and stealth aircraft, are nothing but another hollow paper tiger that will no longer defend the people of this nation:

So Air Force, what do you have to say for yourselves?

In the Air Force that I served in as an Air Traffic controller, 911 could not have happened because we were part of NORAD who at that time was charged with defending this nation, not permitting anything or anyone, from doing what NORAD allowed to be done on September 11, 2001. At that time the government of this country still, in theory, belonged to the United States and not to Zionist Israel.

But just yesterday Obama elevated the U.S. Congress to the same status as the internationally recognized nations that negotiated the P5+1 agreement with Iran. That’s the same congress that just by-passed the president (as the head of the ‘administration department of the United States) to invite the Prime Minister of Israel to address America from the dais of a joint-session of the U.S. Congress. A flat out crime as it was definitely interfering with U.S. Government polices by any standard.

Now in addition to by-passing the constitution and ignoring the U.S. protocols that cover our “lawmakers”, it appears that the U.S. Congress that has now signed over their loyalties to Israel in exchange for campaign cash ­ or threats of blackmail - to serve Israel and only Israel in international affairs ­ that is now actually running the US government outside settled-law of all legal channels.

Where does this leave the US Air Force when it comes time to defend America from its enemies whether foreign or domestic?

Obama Approves Congressional Review of Final Nuclear Deal With Iran

Apparently the U.S. Air Force goes well beyond cowardice in the face of the enemies of the United States ­ you have become just another pretender to fake-powers which your puppet-generals will attempt to use against the American’s that will fight this takeover on June 15, 2015 ­ and the lack of your wiliness to commit the Air Force to the literal defense of the people of this nation, proves that point.

You have murdered defenseless people by the million from high above every battlefield that you’ve been directed to participate in and yet your “record” against all the various “terror-garbage” throughout the globe has been pathetically ineffective at everything you’ve undertaken, at least since I was honorably discharged in 1963.

As a veteran I’m asking:

Where the Hell is the Air Force when the people of this nation needs its military, to honor all those oaths of military office -

When you enlisted in the so-called “U.S. Military”?



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