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When Laws Were Few

By Jim Kirwan

The police were peaceful and the public was real!

Welcome to the Police-State

Where every single thing & person is controlled, Unto Death!

Have you never wondered where all this violence comes from? When did the United States go to War against every person here? The Zionistas say that they ‘need’ all those military weapons “to keep us safe” but at the same time the only crowds they roll out this shit for are to crush the population.

They have never used this kind of illegal and unauthorized deadly force against drug cartels, dope dealers, bank robbers or any criminal cabals at all. The major drug dealer in the USA is the CIA and they don’t use these war-wagons against them, or the DEA or ICE, or indeed against any of our totally out of control criminals who run this place. And beyond that there’s the constant and obsessive spying on every person, in virtually any location, from the bathrooms and bedrooms of our homes and workplaces, to whatever we read or see or watch as well as whatever we write or say or think: That is a totalitarian mindset that needs to vanish because everything they say this is being used for is nothing but a billion more lies.

The day will come when this entire edifice comes roaring down and when it does the survivors will literally tear these outlaws into pieces, before it’s over and I’m looking forward to it.

But perhaps the strangest mindset which they’ve just revealed in Ferguson represents the latest wrinkle in behavior that goes well beyond human.

The cops that look like gang-bangers, playing dress-up as 21st Century warriors but with weapons that are all too real ­ have developed a new phobia.

Everyone must be kept moving at all times”

No congregating is allowed!

The reason for this is that they want to ensure that people don’t begin to actually talk to each other about the reasons why hundreds of thousands of people have come out to confront their sorry asses.

Dispelling the Myths

That’s always been the reason behind the tyranny throughout the ‘new’ school systems, that amount to nothing but mental prisons pretending to teach students but in reality all they are attempting to teach is ABSOLUTE & TOTAL OBIEDIENCE to any authority figure, anywhere on the planet. That’s why schools are now based on ZERO TOLERANCE, augmented by “NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED”.

It’s the same in City Council meetings, government hearings, political gatherings of any type (the public is only there to listen and rubber stamp what others have already decided) and the Oligarch’s don’t want the public to ever be able to freely compare notes or to finally speak to the realities behind all the bullshit. It’s also the same on public transportation of all types, no talking, no eating, no smoking, and while it’s not mentioned they mean “no thinking, no questions and no interaction with anyone else for any reason”.

This is why the NO SMOKING ban went statewide in California, rather than let there be any choice, in areas where smokers (80% of the public) outnumbered the politically-correct (by less than 20%).

The issue was NOT smoking, it was congregating and the actual and often heated conversations that came from those encounters: And by rigging that vote the Zionista’s got their war, again! I really miss those conversations, because they frequently led to major defeats for the government, every time they did something totally stupid!

In today’s world people are not allowed to have secrets from the public in public places: To do so is to be guilty of terrorism by default.

Banks routinely refuse to accept cash, because “they suspect their patrons of money-laundering” if you want to pay for anything with cash. Personally I require the bank to honor my cash, and so far they have complied, with what is not put into the form of a request!

Now their “rules” here in the city technically include a “law that does not allow any more than two people to come together on a city sidewalk at any time.” I have yet to see them enforce that one ­ but if we have riots, that will be used to grab people up and throw in jail, plus the hefty fines that will no doubt accompany each arrest. In fact there are “laws” against everything that was once considered commonplace, legal and normal: But now quite literally EVERYTHING MUST HAVE PERMISSION TO BE EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT, much less engaged in!

Fck the city, the county, the state and this feudal-fascistic system that calls itself the US, but which is nothing but another illegal corporation that needs to have its charter publicly destroyed ­ just as soon as we succeed in ending Israel.

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott ISRAEL

If anyone were to take the time to add up just how invasive this government has become ­ I think they would be totally astounded as to how many different areas of life these assholes have inserted themselves into: No questions permitted and total compliance is required ­ unless of course you REFUSE everything they demand of you, but there are too few of us to make a difference now.

There’s a fascinating article today, which compares the last time the planet went into exactly the kind of global-meltdown we’re headed straight into right now!

The Last Time Civilization Collapsed

And all of this, at this moment is dependent on killing all the natural interactions of people with each other, which is what keeps any society sane. Before there were shrinks and all their criminal activities, there were always other people: And that’s what kept people going despite the depressions, the crashes and the wars.

Well the evil-oligarch’s have finally figured it all out, and that’s what is behind all the very public insanity in places like Ferguson ­ which is designed to keep everyone isolated and frustrated, not to mention being terrified of whatever might be done to anyone at any time…

Some of the other areas of life that have also been totally captured are religions of all types, medical professionals, teachers and the entire educational system and of course all the professions where the worship of filthy lucre is the ONLY thing that everything must always be about! There can never be anything like a life that you got to pick and develop further, on your own: There is only whatever these bastards decide that you must do, or starve.

When I got out of the Air Force I could have walked straight into being a fully qualified civilian Air Traffic Controller, starting at $50,000 to $75,000 depending on where I went to work. I passed because the one thing the military-experience taught me was that I wanted nothing to do with any thing that used that mindset (which includes business, government and especially spinoff-businesses from a military application).

By the 1980’s Reagan reinforced that decision; when he broke the Air Traffic Controller’s Union: Just to send a message to the Unions throughout the country. I went private with my life and my efforts and have stayed that way since I left the military in 1961. It’s too bad that billions of others didn’t elect to do the same thing with their lives ­ but for what they wanted to do with their talents, but “so it goes”, sometimes.

The entire center column on is filled with the story of the almost total failure of this nation, and the planet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take your pick, read a few articles that might be of interest, and decide for yourself if you want to continue to believe the crap being floated on the lying mainstream media, or the boob tube any longer.

But do not mistake the time we’re living in for anything that has ever gone before: Because everything is different now, and we won’t be going back to anything that worked—ever again—unless we force the end of what we have created in “the NOW”.


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