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What Has Israel Done For Anyone Else

By Jim Kirwan



The United States has been led around by the nose since before Israel succeeded in stealing a place in the United Nations, thanks to Dirty Harry Truman and the Brits.

The concocted lies that allowed the Zionists to create the Israeli get-out-of-jail-free card, was built on the totally false story of a Jewish Holocaust carried out by the Nazi’s. Nazi uniforms were worn, but the third of the SS that did the most of the captures were Zionists, serving the Zionist cause.

The German state, under Hitler, was about to be attacked by the Zionists ­ but history now shows that Hitler just beat the Zionists to the punch when the Jews were rounded up and attacked in Berlin. History has also proven that the supposed numbers of dead Jews came from being worked and starved to death and not from being put into ovens that did not exist. Even the numbers of the dead was at least tripled, by the Zionists to keep their myth alive, long after that war came to an end. Now all of it is coming up for a global review of what actually happened as opposed to what current day Israel is still trying to prevent the world from ever knowing.

That was the massive global-lie that supposedly lent credibility to the now Apartheid Jewish state which is still claiming to be a democracy.

Israel is not a finished state because she still has no fixed borders and thus cannot qualify as a state in any normal terms.

The larger question has to be:

What the Hell did Israel ever do for Any American?

We know that Israel has murdered American soldiers and civilians in the hundreds if not the tens of thousands. We know that Americans have died by the tens of thousands in all of Israel’s wars: Whereas there is no proof that any Israeli’s have ever died protecting any Americans—anywhere!

Every American administration, after JFK has spent endless amounts of time money and the lives of millions of American people: Dying “for Israel”.

America has given to Israel in the tens of TRILLIONS of dollars, in weapons, in aid, in bonus gifts that have exceeded all bounds.

This practice goes back to the beginning of that sink hole. Israel comes first; over and above any and all of the needs of every American—yet this is never mentioned in any of the coverage of our continuing political, military and social affairs with these blatant traitors.

In every agreement between nation states there must be clear cut, written trade-offs. Each nation always gives and takes from such agreements: However this unwritten “unholy-contract” is held aloft as an unbreakable bond between Israel and the United States—while at the same time the USA gets only unpayable debts, espionage, treason, sabotage, criminal activity and global-crimes from Israel against the entire world: Despite all of this there is absolutely nothing of any use to any American that has ever come publicly to us from Israel. (1)

Israel has brought us AIPAC & all her friends of Israel, to prey upon our people, with traitors to this country that continue to violate US laws by being here, because the entire bunch of them are unregistered. They’re illegal according to the law, as they are still “Agents of a Foreign Power.”

Israel and her Jewish run global-banks have taken over America’s money which is now headed straight to hell. There is no precedent for having allowed international Jewry to steal the printing and distribution of US money and our supposed Treasury Notes ­ for the entire one hundred years plus, that this practice has been firmly in place. That’s because the traitors throughout this government have been protecting this public-hijacking since the day it was signed into the illegal-law that it hangs on, from 1913 until the present day.

Israel’s part in the various shadow-governments and most of the thousands of fake US security agencies has always been a massive part of turning the United States into a fascist Police-State with communist overtones, from which no American will be allowed to escape, Thanks to Israel’s DHS inside America. (1)

Our food supply has been poisoned, the air is unbreatheable, the water is toxic and the land is being turned into the second coming of the Dustbowl that will end the entire food supply for the nation for the next few hundred years. HAARP is laying waste to the remaining forests and the waters of the earth. The nuclear devastation has only just begun and no one with a public voice is calling for an end to any of this. We are losing the life in the oceans at phenomenal rates, thanks to the sabotage of Fukishima by Israel & USI. And the same thing is being seen in at least a handful of similar plants around the US now.

The school systems in America were targeted by Rothschild’s back in the late twenties, along with the introduction of the eight decade long campaign to end American life, by the national implementation of Politically-Correct policies that were designed to murder Western Civilization. (2)

Big Pharma and Medicine are both weapons in the eugenics war against all Americans. And there’s no medical care for anyone in this country who is not filthy rich. And there never will be until we overthrow these Israeli-traitors from our midst.

America is starving to death. This nation is in ruins. Our people will soon have very little water to drink and none to grow anything with. That’s why Monsanto and Huge Agribusiness are producing drought-resistant crops. That unheard-of artificial alteration of natural seeds was created long before this drought was ever on the horizon ­ and still the public does not speak!

Americans have lost their jobs, the value of their money, their retirement funds, their way of life and any possibility for any future at all except whatever might come from being locked up in FEMA Camps, for those not tortured or murdered, in exchange for whatever Israel continues TO DO to the US and to people everywhere! (3)

Yesterday I got entangled in a conversation, after a memorial service for a friend of mine, with someone who claimed to be the treasurer for the State of New Mexico. Coming back to the city from the service she kept asking me: “But, if you’re right then what will you do about any of this” and I expressed frustration with the enormity of this problem. This morning a possibility came in a flash ~

The world needs to hold a global-referendum on Israel & USI.

That might sound preposterous, but in fact, since globally the world has lost all faith in the representation of politicians across the planet: We have little choice. The fake-representatives chose to steal our nations from their people, so now: We must take charge of them by holding an international referendum that will force an end to the criminal elements at the global level, beginning with Israel & USI.

The serious nature of such a national referendum in the United States might again be able to lead other nations to deal with their own problems as well, in a similar manner: If that is, we have enough people with the spine to stand against these traitors in public for the first time…

The one thing that has been made crystal clear to me is that Americans need to re-familiarize themselves with one-syllable words like: NO, STOP and Not in this lifetime!

We also need to get back to the simplicity of the core values of simple language. We must permanently-bar all lawyers from ever holding any political office in the United States.

But first we must as one people begin to make a stand on behalf of posterity, human-rights and the freedom of billions of real people everywhere: We could begin that task by ignoring all political parties and turning off the totally corrupted media outlets from television to the garbage of the print media nationwide. That’s actually easy when compared to what will happen to the nation.

If we fail here’s what our future will be like:

1) The Unholy Commandments

2) The War on Kids

3) Gaza in Syria



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