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We Need A National Discussion On
America’s Overpopulation Predicament


By Frosty Wooldridge


According to top demographic experts, the United States stands on the brink of an overpopulation dilemma: we face an added 100,000,000 (million) more legal immigrants within 35 years, and a total population load of 138,000,000 (million) people added to America by 2050—a scant 35 years from now. We expect to jump from 321 million to 438 million people within three decades.

(Permission to publish this graph by Roy Beck,

The run up to those accelerating numbers won’t be pretty for anyone. As our numbers explode beyond carry capacity, our water shortages will become unsolvable.

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water," observed Benjamin Franklin in 1774. But he was wrong. In the United States, we utterly fail to appreciate the value of water, even as we are running out. We Americans are spoiled. When we turn on the tap, out comes a limitless quantity of high-quality water for less money than we pay for our cell phone service or cable television. But as we'll see, what is happening in Vegas is not staying in Vegas. It's becoming a national epidemic.” Robert Glennon, Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and what we can do about it.

Our energy crisis will become acute beyond our capabilities to solve it. Oil WILL exhaust itself in this century, but we will be left with feeding 10 billion people by 2050 without any gasoline to drive the tractors or haul the food.

As we go from this happy hydrocarbon bubble we have reached now to a renewable energy resource economy, which we do this century, will the “civil” part of civilization survive?  As we both know there is no way that alternative energy sources can supply the amount of per capita energy we enjoy now, much less for the 10 billion expected by 2050. And energy is what keeps this game going. We are involved in a Faustian bargain—selling our economic souls for the luxurious life of the moment, but sooner or later the price has to be paid.”  Walter Youngquist, energy  

Resources cannot withstand the enormous consumption of modern America let alone the devouring combines of China, India, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Chris Clugston, author of Scarcity: Humanity’s Final Chapter…spoke to the fact that our 100-year long raping of the Earth’s resources cannot continue indefinitely. He said, “Our modern industrial existence is enabled by enormous and continuously increasing quantities of non-renewable natural resources—fossil fuels, metals and nonmetallic minerals. NNRs serve as the raw material inputs to our industrialized economies, as the building blocks that comprise our infrastructure and support systems, and as the primary energy sources that power industrialized societies. Neither our natural resource utilization behavior nor our industrial lifestyle paradigm is sustainable. This is our predicament.”

Everything you own and everything you do daily devours water, energy and resources. But, the United States expects to add 138 million people within 35 years. Exponential growth cannot and will not be tolerated by Mother Nature. At some point before 2050, she’s going to kick back hard on humanity, i.e., catastrophic climate destabilization, water shortages, warming oceans, acidified oceans, plastic-laden oceans, species extermination pressing the Sixth Extinction Session, lowered quality of life, bigger and more dangerous cities, more and more poor and, in the end, collapsing civilizations.

Seven of our states face water shortages in 2015. California leads them off along with Texas, Florida and Arizona. Once these 100 million people land on our shores, they become our problem. Once they reach America from their overpopulated countries they fled, they create the same crisis in our country.

We need a national discussion NOW. We need to understand that we cannot continue immigration-driven population growth to the tune of adding 138 million more people in three decades.

So often, people feel overwhelmed and overstressed as to what’s happening to our country. Instead of complaining, take action.

Here’s what you can do to create a national discussion on overpopulation. Write emails recommending and even demanding that these media outlets interview, address and discuss America’s overpopulation crisis. If 10,000 or 50,000 people write letters to these addresses demanding a national discussion, you must appreciate that they will respond. If Donald Trump can fire up the nation, so can you:

Template for your letter:

Dear producer, talk show host, editor:

Demographic experts project the United States adding 138 million people to our shores within 35 years. They state we face growth from 321 million to 438 million with 100 million stemming from legal immigration, their children and chain-migrated relatives. We cannot sustain those numbers. We need a national discussion on human overpopulation in America. We must address quality of life, our degrading environment and the crisis of too many people living on a finite land mass. Please interview, investigate and seek solutions to our overpopulation predicament by America’s best. This dilemma isn’t “if” but “when” if we fail to change our endless immigration juggernaut. You may seek 35 top experts at the bottom of this letter.

Thank you,

Your name

List of experts:

Bromwell Ault

Don Collins ,

Chris Clugston,

Dr. Diana Hull,

Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm

Top experts from multiple areas on hyper-population growth, environmental and political perspectives:

Top experts from multiple areas on hyper-population growth, environmental and political perspectives:

1. Dr. Diana Hull at <

2. Governor Richard D. Lamm  Denver University, Denver, CO  

5. Mr. John Rohe: A Bicentennial Malthusian Essay, publisher, writer, speaker

6. William Ryerson, director,

7. Dan Stein, director,

8. Bob Dane, communications director,

9. Susan Tully, field director,

10. David Paxson  at

11. Frosty Wooldridge author, “America on the Brink: Next Added 100 Million Americans”

12. Kathleene Parker

13. Roy Beck director ;

14. Don Collins at  International Family Planning

15. William Dickinson author of “Bio-Centric  Imperative” at

16. Richard Heinberg “Peak Everything”

17. James Howard Kunstler  “The Long Emergency”

18. Edward C. Hartman “The Population Fix”

19. Chris Clugston: Following is a high level summary of a detailed analysis of America’s “predicament” and it’s inevitable consequences. The complete analysis and associated models, evidence, and references can be found at

On American Sustainability—Anatomy of a Societal Collapse (Summary)

20. Bromwell Ault, Eminent Disdain: Triumph of Cynicism Over Integrity in 21st Century America

21. Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates: History of America’s Immigration Crisis,

22. Juggernaut, Growth on a Finite Planet; Too Many People, Lindsey Grant,

23. Brenda Walker, writer, speaker,

24. Fred Meyerson, at Rhode Island University.

25. Robert Walker at Population Institute,

26. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies at

27. Peter Seidel,

28. Robert Engleman  at

29. Yeh Ling-Ling, a naturalized citizen of Chinese descent born in Vietnam, is Executive Director of Alliance for a Sustainable USA based in Oakland, California.  You can visit her group's website at ;

30. Aldolfo Doring, Amanda Zackem  Doring and Zackem filmed a compelling documentary featuring 15 of the top experts in the world as to the unsustainability of current  energy and population paths.  “Blind Spot” creates a new understanding of what the human race faces in the 21st century on a number of levels by the world’s top experts on climate, species extinction, energy, water shortages and much more. Brilliant work!

31. Dr. Jack Alpert,, systems model designer on sustainability.

32. Mark Krikorian, The New Case Against Immigration,

33. Dr. Steve Camarata, or

34. Donald A. Collins, Jr,, ;

35. Eric Rimmer, UK,

36. Ira Mehlman, immigration specialist,

Richard Heinberg nailed it:

37. Frosty Wooldridge, America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans.

"...the discussions in Denmark took place in a conceptual fantasy world in which climate change is the only global crisis that matters much; in which rapid economic growth is still an option; in which fossil fuels are practically limitless; in which a western middle class staring at the prospect of penury can be persuaded voluntarily to transfer a significant portion of its rapidly evaporating wealth to other nations; in which subsistence farmers in poor nations should all aspire to become middle-class urbanites; and in which the subject of human overpopulation can barely be mentioned.

... It's no wonder more wasn't achieved in Copenhagen." 

Thanks to Steve Kurtz for drawing my attention to this. Emphasis, in italics, is mine. In my judgment, Derrick Jensen's "Forget Fewer Showers" was the best article written in 2009. I think Heinberg's "The Meaning of Copenhagen" will be the most important article written in 2010.

Email addresses:

60 Minutes:

Charlie Rose: (org)



USA Today: editor@usatoday or or


Washington Post:

Wall Street Journal:

US News and World Report:

Los Angeles Times:

New York Times:

Neil Cavuto:

Bill O’Reilly:

Your own local paper and radio talk shows.

Meet the Press:

Face the Nation:

Fox and Friends:




NBC: or

Good Morning America:

Top 100 Radio Talk Shows: email addresses galore

Let’s get to it. Our country awaits your actions.




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