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Have You Experienced
Weird Electronics Problems?

By Ted Twietmeyer

During the pre-dawn hours of August 30, strange electronics problems have been experienced by people in the northeast. At this time I will not specify exactly where. Malfunctions can include DSL modems that require re-starting, often along with the need to re-boot one or more computers to make them functional again. It may not be limited to these devices, and may include other electronics.

 Due to the way devices have malfunctioned, I suspect malfunctions are caused by an external source. That won't be disclosed at this time.

 American Express often collects monthly payments from card-holders at the end of the month. Earlier in the week American Express alerted card-holders on their website that it may become unavailable. Card-holders that logged onto their account to make a payment saw the following message in red text:

 "Our systems will be undergoing maintenance from Friday, August 30th until approximately 7:00 AM EDT on Sunday, September 1st. You may experience limited access to your account information both on our website and when calling into our Customer Service Call Centers. Your pending charges, account alerts, and credit line information will be unavailable, and you may experience delays when making a payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience while we improve our systems."

 Why would a major credit card company choose the end of the month to "upgrade" EVERYTHING - a typical time when salaried people pay their card accounts - to allow data processing people to take their service off-line? Perhaps they were already told about a possible electronics disruption and this was a way to alert customers of an upcoming problem.

 American Express was not an isolated case. National Grid electric customers had problems logging in to their account on August 30, 2013. When customers called the utility company about the problem, the representative said nothing when told about the website problems. I know this because I'm a National Grid customer, too.

 I am conducting a survey of readers who have suddenly been experiencing strange electronics problems, with special thanks to Jeff Rense for posting this.

 Please email if you have experienced strange, unusual problems with any kind of electronics that required re-starting or re-booting to restore operation. This can occur with motor vehicles, televisions, etc...
 I will tabulate responses and post results if enough people respond. Names will be converted to two initials and all personal information withheld. If specifically do want your name used, then state that, too.

 Be sure to include:

 1. Type of electronics that quit working such as but not limited to home electronics, vehicles, satellite dishes, televisions, phones, etc...
 2. What you did to make your electronics work again such as using a reset button, unplugging it, re-booting, re-loading, etc...
 3. Whether or not it refused to function again after you attempted to fix it
 4. Your city/country.
 5. Date/time you first noticed the problem
 6. Your time zone
 7. Any strange activity observed in your area at or around the time it happened, including bad weather

 This is not the first time electronics malfunctions have swept through an area. After seeing it happen again, it seemed like a great time to ask the public for additional input.

 At this time I will not disclose what possible causes of malfunctions may be. That could slant the results.

 I thank you in advance for your assistance,
 Ted Twietmeyer

 email to



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