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Weaponizing Global Stupidity

By Jim Kirwan


San Francisco's library collection

was cut in half by the number of their books in the mid 1990's.

This destruction spread from SFPL to the nation.

In the headlines today the 'future' of 28,000 Eurocrats along with the future of NATO & the UN have entered the crosshairs that began when the world allowed the EU to separate the rights of the public from the bureaucrats that have stolen Europe: In tandem with the UN that was illegally given control over everyone in America, without any input from the public in October of 2015.

Obama/UN Announce global Police Force

The global mess is as bad as it is because the creatures 'representing' anyone, anywhere are not legitimate, and haven't been since the end of WWII. All 'states' have lied about where their true interests are.

One clear instance of this remains with the resident Arab & Muslim communities, that have been responsible for the recent attacks, that have been passed onto the few that are embedded in the ever-expanding migrant populations, that no one is willing or able to do anything about, because of international “PC” dictates. All of this goes directly back to the creatures that made every attack possible: Just as in 911 where no one who was in a responsible-position was ever fired or punished ­ in fact many of those un-indicted-criminals were promoted instead. Remember our “supposed powers that be” created first Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

This goes back to the criminal Admiral Poindexter, who ran 'Information Awareness', together with Marine Col. Oliver North for Reagan. The name has been changed dozens of times since then—but the lawless spying upon all citizens continues unabated today under NSA. This is how contemporary spying on the public got its start, along with the 'Death Squads' that have morphed into today's mercenary armies, world wide.

With all of that in place by the 1980's the unindicted criminals already had total control over the populations that are being attacked in the US, and to some extent overseas as well. The hijacking of the global-public, has been going on for decades. This has kept the world in virtually invisible chains. This is also why 'the bombings' & 'the 'terror' will only grow until people everywhere 'DEMAND CONSEQUENCES' for those “supposedly in charge”.

That has not happened because the truth would have revealed too much about those who were and are really behind everything that continues to decimate the global society ­ which are the same people that Trump will“out' if he lives long enough to take the one public-office that could indeed bring down this entire House of Cards from the top down, that should have happened decades ago...

Until something like 'TRUMP” becomes reality. The failure of 'police' everywhere will remain at the core of the war-crimes, the genocides and the crimes against humanity worldwide: Because across the entire spectrum 'THOUGHT-CRIMES' & the Thought Police of the Politically-Correct and weaponized-stupidity will remain in charge everywhere.

This will be true until the world recognizes the truth behind the Muslim religion as quoted in this recent interview with Jeff Rense from Frosty Woolridge, nothing can ever change.

Islam isn't in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominate.

The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

Crosstalk: Europe Terrorized

The depth of the Real-Terrorism is coming from the indigenous people

We must begin to connect the dots in order see

how the global-lawlessness is connected across the planet.


The planet is ensnarled with deceptions on all sides, while the real political and physical targets of global-duplicity keep on expanding

in the shadows cast from the CRIMINALLY-ILLEGAL ACTIONS in Nevada, through Oregon & Idaho. These three former states of the United States are under direct attack from DHS & the CRIMINAL Just-Us system of lawless governance, beginning at the county level all the way up through the White House. That must be confronted and defeated now.

These illegal actions are at the core of this War on America and all Americans. The real people that have become the targets of the courts and the lawless government agents that are joined at the hip with the global enslavement in Europe & the Middle East, by the global-failure to ever allow anyone to connect the dots that would clearly show the population of the planet—who those creatures are in the world that have always been behind this nightmare.

This goes back to all the ancient and un-indicted war-criminals that have been clearly running this world, since the end of World War Two.

The Rothchilds, Kissinger, almost all the US presidents going back to Roosevelt, and all of the Israeli administrations since long before Israel became a state.

This might appear to be an impossible task: but with the take-down of the first of these international criminals, the entire edifice will almost immediately come crashing down. For this to happen the world needs a TRUMP to get behind, not because he's perfect—but because he has clearly marked a path to freedom, that's been absent for far too long!


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