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Watching History As Desperate
Neocon Empire America Dies


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


My main reason in writing this piece is due to a recent article by Paul Craig Roberts that reiterated a key part of the Neocon Doctrine that was stated by Paul Wolfowitz in 1992. His recent piece on the Neocon’s doctrine and ‘strategery’ (Bush mangling of the English language) regarding Russia and world stability has some very interesting points but missed a few items that I am aware of due to being inside of RNC when this Neocon lunacy was hatched and shifted into overdrive. There is a citation below from the Roberts article that is important to this entire article.

If a person knows what to look for, they can always tell when the Neocons are desperate to cling to power and push their forever failing agenda. They authoritatively write articles and get on the TV and intentionally misstate facts, twist the truth around and sometimes knowingly bald face lie to keep Americans believing in their idiotic agendas. They talk of events that have not even happened, such as “Russia invasion of Ukraine” knowing most Americans think they are informed by those 15 and 30 second sound bites they feed as ‘Sheeple food’ to their readers and viewers.

Even after the Minsk II agreement was implemented Zionist Jew Neocon Victoria Nuland goes before Congress and yet again states on the record the lies that Russia invaded Ukraine. Even the US General Breedlove in charge at NATO has stated Russia invaded with 12,000 troops, and Nuland said ‘dozens of thousands’. I hope she was under oath and perjury could apply to shut her up.

It does not matter to a Neocon that the head of the Ukraine army has already publicly stated that there were ‘no Russian troops’ in the Donbas that kicked Ukraine black and blue because they want to be autonomous and separate from the Neo-Nazi Fascist government in Kiev that Nuland and others blew $5.1 billion on an illegal regime change because that is exactly what the Neocons wanted.

Let us be candid on this matter because this donnybrook to get rid of these cretin Neocons has just started. Victoria Nuland is a lying, vicious Zionist Jew Bitch of a Neocon that could not care less the damage her ‘work’ has done to the people of Ukraine.

Another case in point being a recent WSJ article written by another one of the Zionist Jew ‘Israel First’ Neocon mouthpiece, Andrew S. Weiss.

Do you know what the private sector in Washington DC calls all of their ‘PhD weasel word experts’ behind their back? They are referred to as ‘a drip under pressure’, and I am not kidding. In the South, we all know what “BS” stands for and MS means ‘more of the same’ and PhD merely means ‘piled higher and deeper’ for many in DC that call themselves experts. Sometimes ‘educational laurels’ are not worth much more than that ‘piled higher and deeper of you know what’. I have watched some claim to be brilliant experts but are really about as smart as a bucket full of dirt.

Here is a perfect example of ‘a drip under pressure’ when the key spokesperson for the US State Department describes 12,000 phantom and non-existent Russian troops in Ukraine as ‘dozens of thousands’. This preposterous appearance by Nuland made me want to be a US House Representative for the only time in my life, because had I been she would have had no ass or head left before I had finished with her on March 4, 2015.


Astute watchers of Washington DC know that the PhD minions they like to surround themselves with are mouthpieces for the agenda and many are really not brilliant thinkers at all. They are just (sometimes) articulate writers to wordsmith and push an agenda for the politicians and the Neocon policy desires.

They excel in weasel words like ‘geopolitical’, weasel phrases like ‘geostrategic imperatives’ where none even exist. When needed they state on radio or TV, or write the facts 180 degrees in the wrong direction so the politicos have cover for the endless stream of stupid decisions they make and lunatic actions they put into motion. That they are lying to and misleading the American public is a key part of their plan and even part of their creed and manifesto.

I have never read such a story in the now Rupert Murdoch / NewsCorp controlled WSJ where every Weiss assumption is 180 degrees wrong and every statement of fact is mere conjecture and ‘Neocon wishful thinking’ that is equally as wrong. As we say in the South, his entire article was ‘backasswards’ as to the facts and realities.

Weiss should have to wear the label “Serial Liar” just like sex offenders and pedophiles do. Either that is the unvarnished truth about his lack of veracity or he is literally too stupid or too uninformed to write an op-ed for any newspaper, WSJ or otherwise. He (and idiots like Victoria Nuland) get venue because he is a Neocon but me and others intend to fix that problem and its effect on governance, policies, prosperity and world peace.

If you have time, read his backwards slant on reality titled “Putin the Improviser”. It should have a subtitle ‘by a Neocon conman truth manipulator’.

The Neocons (in DC, EU and Kiev alike) have suffered a resounding defeat in the Donbas and even their handpicked puppet Petro ‘Porky’ Poroshenko has proven to be yet another Neocon failure. The US has been nurturing him for leadership since 2006 because he fit the Neocon profile they were seeking for this illegal regime change in Ukraine and the current hostile moves against Russia. If the USA does not regime change him soon, I am 100% certain that the Neo-Nazi Fascists that the USA bankrolled will get rid of Poroshenko.

Soon the news will come out who was really behind the Maidan snipers, and it was not the duly elected President Yanukovych of Ukraine that the USA funded the Neo-Nazis to get rid of for their targeted regime change. It will also come out to huge embarrassment to the USA and Neocon propaganda machine (and their EU puppets that followed suit on Russia sanctions), that neither Russia nor the Donbas secessionists had anything to do with the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH-17 whatsoever.

And no, Victoria, there are NO RUSSIAN TROOPS IN THE DONBAS. There are Russian troops in Crimea but even the CIA director admitted to Congress that Russia had not violated a prior treaty that allowed Russia up to 25,000 troops in that part of Ukraine that is Crimea, now reunited as part of Russia. Now Russia can put as many troops as they want there, and that too has the Neocons tied up in knots and lying out their ass every time they utter a phrase.

The Ukraine matter is not a civil war as some are clearly reporting in western media. They are not terrorists, they are not rebels trying to take control of Kiev. The states of Lugansk and Donetsk are secessionist movements that do not want to be under the Fascist Neo-Nazi Neocon boot heels of DC and Kiev. As hard as they have fought and as much as they have endured and suffered in death and injuries and destruction of their homes and infrastructure, I think Lugansk and Donetsk are very serious. The people of Donbas have made it crystal clear that they want no part whatsoever of this new aberration the USA and EU wanted installed into power in Kiev, and the charge led by this idiot Victoria Nuland in the US State Department.

Crimea avoided war in voting to opt out of the Kiev regime and voted to rejoin Russia. Merely that act of self-determination brought out the best in Washington DC lie telling. The Neocons wanted to deny Russia having a navy port on the Black Sea, but failed on that maneuver, too. They are still wigging out after Syria and Russia agreed to let Russia have a naval port in the Mediterranean.

The USA fears this secessionist move and a vote of autonomy and self-determination for two reasons. It would create a buffer zone between the new Neo-Nazi Fascist Russia-hating Kiev regime and block the Neocon / NATO lust to be on the borders of Russia itself. Secondly, not only Lugansk and Donetsk have left but the other states such as Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa may well vote to secede if they do not see vast improvements out of Kiev soon.

With all of this talk, bluster and threats from Washington DC and NATO about Mariupol, Americans need to check the map. That city is in Donetsk Oblast (state) and that entire oblast voted to secede from the Fascist Regime in Kiev along with Lugansk. The cease fire line that was negotiated is not the state lines of Lugansk and Donetsk. It is where the battles ended, but the entire states voted to secede. The total area is almost twice as large as where the battles were ended by the Minsk II accord that was implemented by Belarus, Germany, France and Russia, without the DC and Neocons present. (Sorry, Victoria, you were not invited because the world knows you are not hemmed in by the Truth!)

These DC and NATO ‘threats’ towards Putin regarding “don’t make a move on Mariupol” was already decided when the entire state approved the secession vote.

The Ukraine economy has collapsed, 272% hyperinflation is running rampant, interest rates now at 30% to desperately attract capital, buried in debt, a seriously devalued currency, and on top of that the IMF and EU are now demanding severe austerity measures. Some of those measures are demanding cuts in salary and pensions up to 50% on a people that are already living in poverty. The Ukrainian people are for the most part are already severely impoverished and in dire-straights, and now they have to suffer even more? Most are starting to resist and say NO WAY. To Hell with this idiotic plan DC wanted to force on Ukraine.

The Neocons could not care less about the hardships on all of Ukraine or the deaths their minions have inflicted in the Donbas region and even in Odessa when it was attacked. They consider their elitist doctrine and agenda to be more important than trivial things like the quality of life, food to eat for Ukrainians, water and heat in their homes, or even the lives of other human beings.

I know many people in Ukraine who are giving serious thought of joining Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk and seceding from the fascist Kiev regime the US installed. The illegal regime change Washington DC wanted has now evolved into yet another Neocon foreign policy disaster and there are real human casualties on the receiving end of this callous blunder by the DC Neocons.

The acts that have fueled the western media propaganda, such as the Maidan snipers, the Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk secession votes, and MH 17 were Neocon Agenda 201 and all have backfired in the Neocon’s face.

So in desperation they now try to change the subject and the focus to the murder of Russia opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. My grandfather had an interesting way to define the word ludicrous as being “an ant walking up a female elephant’s rear leg with rape on its mind”.

There are no suspects yet in the murder of Boris Nemtsov, yet the Western media is already painting the picture for their readers and viewers that Putin is entirely and unequivocally to blame, just like the Maidan snipers, Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk, Russian invasions that have yet to happen, and the shooting down of Malaysia Air MH 17. Now lunatic Senator John McCain has stated that whoever did it, Putin is totally to blame. As many Americans know that is not the first time McCain has run off his mouth or has been an embarrassment to America.

All evidence is to the contrary on what the Western media is publishing and providing as hype, conjecture, rhetoric and propaganda and when necessary, just bald faced lies like Victoria Nuland.

The western media and DC have the ‘case solved’ from afar, with no more facts to support their rhetoric than other claims they have made towards Russia. They cannot put any evidence on the table for it does not exist; it is just TV media ‘vaporware’ created by the Neocons and affiliated spin doctors.

Such rhetoric and lies from the US and the media are part of the Neocon agenda towards Russia and any other nation on this planet that gets in the way and refuses to bow down to DC and the Neocon’s doctrine.

I for one would be elated if Americans ever connect those dots in their mental fabric to recognize that conjecture is not fact, and assumptions and political spin are not facts, and neither are propaganda and hollow agenda driven rhetoric. And better, premeditated lies are not the Truth. When the Western media rushes to point a finger of blame in the complete absence of evidence (or is being covered up by governments as is the case on MH 17) it is almost always (+99% of the time) the media bullhorn to shout down any dissent, any questioning of what the facts really are and what the truth really is. Just accept the lies as the truth and go shopping, America.

Two facts are known. First, Nemtsov was no opposition threat to Putin whatsoever. He did not have the momentum or the numbers in his favor, so Putin doing this is not likely as he has now an 86% approval rating from the Russian people. That would be the equivalent of the female elephant brushing that ant off her rear leg to avoid rape.

Second known fact is Nemtsov recently met with the US Embassy in Moscow. That is even on video if you take the time to look for it because he was questioned by Russian TV media on why he was meeting with the US Embassy in Moscow.

The current US Ambassador to Russia is John Tefft and he is a known Neocon. I bet if the media were to dig deep they would find out that Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland were on conference calls with John Tefft many times as they lined up the illegal regime change in Kiev. I can just hear Hillary now: “What difference does it matter? We came, we saw, the Ukrainians died!”

He was the US Ambassador to Georgia when Bush tried to pull off his brain fart in South Ossetia in August 2008. After that posting that blew up in Bush’s face, Tefft was then moved to being Ambassador to Ukraine in 2009 by the Obama Administration. That was during the same period of time that the USA was funding $5.1 billion for the illegal regime change we all witnessed in 2014.

I may be the only American to have ever reported that Ukraine provided a light armored group for the idiotic caper in Georgia in 2008 and it was totally wiped out and did not come home. Russia is swift, decisive and devastating when defending Russian citizens or its national interests and security.

Odds are pretty high that Obama appointed Tefft to Ukraine to set up the 2014 Kiev regime change. Then Tefft was appointed as ambassador in Moscow to stir up some more trouble for Russia, since the Neocon game plan has to win or the USA and their Neocon espoused empire is going to crash and burn.

So that you can keep up with how I analyze this Neocon fiasco, Neocon Agenda 101 was their now failed Global War on Terror. Only the deaf, blind and dead cannot hear or see what a colossal failure that has been. Neocon Agenda 201 is their idiotic move in Ukraine, thinking they can handle Russia and push NATO to every border of Russia they can. Neocon Agenda 301 is their pushing a very bad hand against both Russia and China, and their first chess moves were in Donbas (especially Malaysia Air MH 17) and probably Tefft’s posting to Moscow as an attempt for another color revolution and eliminating Nemtsov to point more blame at Putin.

I can think of one color revolution that is needed but it would be in the USA at a place called Washington, DC, clean the house out and flush the toilet.

With Putin now standing at 86% public approval rating in Russia, there is no effective opposition; only those the USA wants to put forth and stir up as ‘opposition for regime change’.

Desperate people do desperate things and right now after their fiascos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, the Neocons are very desperate.

The following in bold and brackets is cited from the Paul Craig Roberts article and then my comments below on other dynamics that need to be factored in when people are dissecting this lunatic Neocon business plan and rejecting it as the sheer stupidity it is.

[“The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad. At that time China’s rise was estimated to require a half century. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the Uni-power, the “world’s only superpower.” Neoconservatives proclaimed “the end of history.”

By the “end of history” neoconservatives mean that the competition between socio-economic-political systems is at an end. History has chosen “American Democratic-Capitalism.” It is Washington’s responsibility to exercise the hegemony over the world given to Washington by History and to bring the world in line with History’s choice of American democratic-capitalism.

In other words, Marx has been proven wrong. The future does not belong to the proletariat but to Washington.

The neoconservative ideology raises the United States to the unique status of being “the exceptional country,” and the American people acquire exalted status as “the indispensable people.” “

The neoconservative doctrine of US world supremacy is most clearly and concisely stated by Paul Wolfowitz, a leading neoconservative who has held many high positions: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Director of Policy Planning US Department of State, Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador to Indonesia, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Deputy Secretary of Defense, President of the World Bank.

In 1992 Paul Wolfowitz stated the neoconservative doctrine of American world supremacy:

Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.

For clarification, a “hostile power” is a country with an independent policy (Russia, China, Iran, and formerly Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad).”]

The real Neocon agenda to enforce what Wolfowitz said in the above comment surfaced publicly in 1990 and 1991 with Desert Shield and then Desert Storm under the George H W Bush Administration. Even one of their JINSA / Pentagon Zionist Jew Neocons stated very clearly why Saddam Hussein and Iraq had to be eliminated as a regional power in the Middle East. Of course, with the 4th largest oil reserves in the world the Neocons thought that would be a nifty ancillary benefit for pushing that war, lies and all. Yes, America, Desert Storm was fabricated and yet another NEOCON LIE.

Edward Luttwak made this comment in an interview about what ‘we’ were going to do to Iraq. However the ‘we’ rings hollow because the Zionist Israelis never boot up and lock and load a weapon to join the US or other coalition partners in the wars that Israel wants.

["Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend the bulk of their lives outside of their country, and who fritter away the Kingdom's oil profits on prostitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris. No, Saddam is building railways! Creating electrical networks! Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure! After eight years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini, he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard, which incorporates so many of this technical elite, in order to rebuild his war-devastated country. These people are his technicians, his engineers. If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes, they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region, and we cannot allow this to happen."]

That is a quote above by a Zionist Jew Israeli Neocon and is exactly what Paul Wolfowitz was espousing as the Neocon doctrine for world domination. Even George H W Bush was on TV talking about ‘new world order’ after they attacked Iraq and then imposed severe sanctions on the basis of nothing so Iraq would not be a regional threat to the Neocon doctrine.

My solution for the Neocons and the Zionist Israeli IDF is the next time they want a war based on their lies and falsification of facts, they get to be on the front line and take the first bullets, mortars and artillery rounds instead of US soldiers that have better things to do with their lives.

It was Bush, Cheney and the other Neocons that decided all of those abundant natural resources were just too juicy of an enticement not to fabricate a war based on lies and take over control of the oil and natural gas in 2003. That stupid idea failed, too.

What the US has refused to articulate clearly for all parties, Americans and foreign alike, is this New World Order they are pushing means every nation on Earth has to kneel to DC as if the Neocons have all of the answers. I have been watching for decades and have not seen that DC or the Neocons have any answers that any Americans or foreigners want as a solution.

The fact of the matter is whatever a given person or people’s problems may be the Neocons could not care less. Part of the Neocon marketing plan is ‘what to fear’ and ‘who to blame for it’ and lying to achieve that illusion is meaningless to a Neocon. Such trivial concerns as what people really want gets in the way of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ of the world both militarily and economically. Part of that effort includes all of the spying and political manipulations so the Neocons have no rivals. It also includes the endless hype, conjecture, political spin and lies that emanate from DC and their affiliates abroad that just love to chime in on the discussion but have nothing relevant to say.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron being a perfect example for nothing relevant to say, or Stephen Harper in Canada or Tony Abbott in Australia. In case you have ever been wondering, Cameron, Harper and Abbott are Neocons, too. They are part of the ‘Neocon Mouth’ when the other puppet masters want to stay behind the scenes.

The Internet media site ‘Russia Insider’ has just run an article about the Neocon’s ‘failed full spectrum dominance’. I agree that even in failing it does still justify all of their Draconian ‘security measures’ because one aspect of the Neocon doctrine (in addition to lying to get the US domination they seek) is to put in place a Fascist Global Police State to be the enforcers in their delusional, not attained and never will be attained Global American Empire. That ‘security measures’ matter is why freedom and liberty are being eroded in most nations because they are not compatible with the Neocon Doctrine, nor is true representative democracy.

It is a good article and I have watched closely whether the Russian media or the US media has been telling the truth. Sadly for American Mushrooms, Russia is speaking and reporting the truth and the EU and the rest of the world are starting to clearly see that.

After George H W Bush was defeated by Clinton, the Neocons knew they had to come up with a plan and fast or they would be negated by all of the Clinton sell-outs of America he did at every turn. Most Republicans thought George H W Bush was a sure thing for reelection but they failed to factor in the damage the Bush family excels at to the US economy every time one of them has been in office.

During the Reagan and GHWB administrations the Far Right Christians were pretty quiet and OK with the overall policies they saw from those two Republican presidents. When Clinton was elected and there was a massive socialist and Marxist move by Slick Willie and his Bolshevik Marxist wife Hillary, the conservative Far Right Christians mobilized fast.

In the heart of America it really is about ‘values’ and ‘character’ when it comes to our leaders, but it needs to apply to our nation as well as family values and national values and character. It is the Neocons that have made damned sure that such things no longer matter or get in the way of their Hell bent agenda into the abyss.

The Far Right conservative Christians knew that Clinton was going to promote everything from abortion to gay rights and gay marriage to solidify that side of his voting base. Their only real surprise was the Clinton push for partial-birth abortion but that was an appalling canard to conceal another agenda.

While America focused on that, Clinton was holding a fireside sale of American assets and technology to China, to get campaign finance for him and Hillary, of course. He was also busily at work with Boris Yeltsin and certain parties inside of Russia to blow the bank vault doors wide open and plunder Russian resources just as some of the Russian oligarchs were doing with Yeltsin’s blessings.

The lust to control both the CIS Caspian Basin and Russian energy might is what Wolfowitz was talking about in 1992, and yes, Clinton as an unwilling Far Left Neocon played along to go after those assets so the USA would not have any rivals that have global power.

They missed their flight, because China and Russia got it done anyway in spite of the Neocon Doctrine. That is why you are seeing this idiotic stirring up of tensions with Russia and using Ukraine and the rest of the EU states bordering with Russia as cannon fodder.

I guess many Americans do not realize that after Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan defused the threat of nuclear war between USA and USSR, then came Boris Yeltsin as president and Vladimir Putin was at that time the Prime Minister of the new Russia Federation (photo above).

Some readers may know or remember the name Boris Berezovsky (23 January 1946 ­ 23 March 2013). He was the front man in the Yeltsin regime for CIA, MI6 and US and UK elites that coveted the huge oil and natural gas reserves of the Caspian Basin region. That also relates to the Wolfowitz comment in Paul Craig Roberts article regarding “the former territory of the USSR”. When Putin ascended to his first presidency, Berezovsky fled to the UK because Putin was bringing charges of treason and financial crimes against him for throwing the doors open and lining his own pockets to let the West elites into the CIS region for natural resource plundering. Yeltsin was allowing the same within what is now the Russia Federation and Putin slammed that door shut.

Behind the scenes the US and UK refused for many years to extradite Boris Berezovsky back to Russia, due mainly what would come out in trial about the underhanded US and UK actions towards Russia and its resources all during the Clinton Administration. It did not take Russia long to figure out that for all of the posturing and mouthing off by US and UK about “rule of law” that is a meaningless concept when protecting corrupt insider assets that helped to plunder Russia. For years Berezovsky was the Front Man for US and UK energy companies and intelligence agencies to get them into the CIS region of the former USSR and take over all of the oil and natural gas they could get their hands on in the Caspian Basin. That was obliquely stated by Wolfowitz in his articulation of the Neocon Doctrine in 1992.

If anyone wanted into the CIS region, Berezovsky was the ‘go to guy’ to get that done.

Former CENTCOM commander General Tommy Franks almost let the cat out of the bag when he and Rumsfeld were before Congress in early 2001 after Bush was sworn in. Franks admitted that one of the primary missions of his command was ‘the Afghanistan pipeline and access to the natural resources of the CIS region’, which is ‘territory of the former USSR’ as Wolfowitz explained the Neocon Doctrine. Neocon Donald Rumsfeld had to hurriedly change the subject because that was about 8 months before September 11, 2001.

The only thing I can give credit to Clinton for is that he proved to be the same level of degenerate as President as he was as Governor of Arkansas. As they say, leopards never change their spots. We Arkansans knew him all too well and is exactly why he lost Arkansas in the 1992 and 1996 elections. We knew firsthand that Clinton was neither “the Democrat messiah” nor presidential timber. We knew his word was dirt and that he has no major principles that he would not compromise for political expediency. America found out the hard way what the truth was regarding “Clinton principles and ethics’. He and Yeltsin were just two rotten peas from the same rotten pod.

Clinton did refuse to buy off on the Neocons demands for him to be a war president for most of his 8 years in office so they could push hard and fast for their consolidation of Global Empire America. After the USSR disbanded in September 1991, more than one year before the 1992 elections, the Neocons were already trying to consolidate every power base they could to force their agenda through.

That included Neocon demands for US presidents (GHWB and Clinton) to attack and take over the Caspian Basin. As early as 1989 in the George H W Bush Administration, they had planned to launch “Operation Steppe Shield” purportedly to ‘defend American interests in the CIS region’ including the former USSR regions of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Yes, they have been planning this move on the CIS, Caspian Basin and Russia for a very long time, all the way back to Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski creating Al Qaeda to stir up problems for the USSR in their Islamic areas on the southern side of what was the USSR. September 11, 2001 was just their excuse to finally move on it and steal all they could get.

This was footnote 44 in my book ‘One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas’ because I knew Washington DC would go into overdrive trying to kill every key link I put in the footnotes. To protect against that I also put text of published sources so readers could see what the news was inside and outside of the USA that they missed.,10987,1101910318-156631,00.html; Mar. 18, 1991; Soviet Union: Operation Steppe Shield? - Washington is worried that a show of U.S. military muscle might be needed if civil war engulfs the U.S.S.R.; By GEORGE J. CHURCH. American intervention in a Soviet civil war? The thought sounds even crazier than -- oh, say, a suggestion last Aug. 1 that the U.S. might send half a million soldiers, sailors and aviators to the Persian Gulf to fight a war against Iraq. But around the Pentagon and the CIA, the question is by no means dismissed out of hand: circumstances can be foreseen in which the dilemma would at least need to be addressed. There is nothing farfetched about the idea that there might be a civil war in the U.S.S.R. Senior American intelligence officials believe there is a "very real" possibility of widespread rebellion.”

They conveniently left out that it was the CIA and Special Forces all along since Zbigniew Brzezinski created Al Qaeda leading the rebellion to get control of all of the oil and natural gas in the CIS region. The US created ‘Islamic extremism’ to push the USSR out and let the USA in.

One has to stop and think a minute about the sheer absurdity of the USA claiming its ‘national interests’ in other sovereign nations. That is a major problem with this Neocon driven doctrine that they can go crap in the living room of another nation anywhere and anytime, but no nation may do the same to the ‘exceptional” USA.

Many Americans have no clue how much that self-serving Neocon and DC arrogance is detested all over the world.

If USA being #1 is nothing more than lies, deceit, and violence to promote natural resource theft is it any wonder to you why the USA is no longer held in high esteem by any nation on this planet that has been on the receiving end of their hostilities?

I have had the chance to talk to Russian and Chinese military people. The only reason they are engaged in major defense and weapons programs right now is they clearly see by example that the USA / Neocons are not to be trusted. The people I talked to indicated that their military commands believe that if push comes to shove what the US Navy is now to project power and intimidation will be used as a ‘pirate fleet’ to interdict and divert supply to America and cut other nations off from their own supply chain.

The US is making it clear to the rest of the world that they are not going to stop pushing this failed US foreign policy until they get their way. Just ask John McCain why he stays stuck on stupid.

They might get their way when Hell freezes over because most of the rest of the world is turning its back on the US and moving on without them.

The Neocons had a doctrine, they had an agenda for global empire, but they had to wait for the “Pearl Harbor” to happen before Americans could be sold on the idea to wage war but hide that Neocon agenda behind the curtain of that fabricated war and what it was really about.

On the day before September 11, 2001, the real reason for their fascination (i.e., national interests) with the CIS / Caspian Basin region was published in Houston Texas, USA:

September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal.

That is not the first time or statement about US intent to waste 20-25% of the total world energy supplies on a ‘lifestyle’ while denying other nations the right to even build an economy so they can produce in this purportedly wonderful Neocon New World Order.

That is not a smoking gun statement by James Dorian; it is a smoking howitzer as to why the USA had planned for many years to attack and take control of the CIS / Caspian Basin region. They needed that damned pipeline across Afghanistan to get the oil and natural gas to the ocean. Dorian was giving backup for the reason for the Neocon Doctrine that we had to get control of all of that oil and natural gas or a regional power might arise, or worse, another global power.

They overlooked the facts and reality on two matters. First, USA foreign policies have alienated most of the world, and secondly most of the CIS region still likes and trusts Russia more than the USA. The new Russia is quite different from the USSR.

Like all Neocon plans, they failed to get control of the CIS or the pipeline across Afghanistan. Even after 13 agonizing years of failure and defeat of their ‘mightiest military in the world’ to achieve their mission there is still no pipeline.

I have noticed that many are criticizing Obama’s decision to leave US troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. He did not make that decision. The Bush Administration and the Neocons in the previous DC regime made that decision for Obama before September 11, 2001 and then in 2003 made their reasoning clear in foreign media but failed to tell Americans about it.

23 Feb 2003: OPIC agrees to fund the pipeline and Bush has guaranteed to protect it with U.S. troops (without telling the United States citizens). “23-02-03 Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan (TAP) have signed a protocol for trans-Afghanistan Gas Pipeline Project… However, some recent reports had indicated that the United States was willing to police the pipeline infrastructure through permanent stationing of its troops in the region. The US ExIm Bank, the Trade and Development Agency (TDA) and the Overseas Private Insurance Corporation (OPIC) had also shown readiness to finance such a project, if leading American energy giants come forward.”

One of those groups the Neocons wanted in their fold were actually two as factions but basically on the same side when it comes to “America has to be #1”. One side of the Far Right Christians are about the biggest bunch of lunatics on the face of this planet. They are truly more of a danger to America than any Islamic terrorist. They call themselves ‘Christian Dominionist’ and truly believe it is their Mission from God to conquer the world by force for Jesus Christ.

This American history mantra of the Neocons that Paul Craig Roberts is writing about in his article includes these nutcases that think it is a Biblical and a historical mandate to conquer and rule the entire world for Jesus Christ by force, since Americans are the ‘indispensable people’ living in the ‘exceptional nation’.

There is a psychological diagnosis for such; it is called delusional. There is also a theological diagnosis and it is called “an evil cult that has no theological authority or basis to back it up”.

Many Americans and foreigners alike cannot grasp exactly what the Neocons are other than they are bad news. Exactly as Zionism is a power cult and a clique, the Neocons are also a power cult and a clique.

It was very easy for the Neocons, even the Far Left Zionist Jew fringe lunatics-side of them, to recruit these Christian Dominionist into the Neocon doctrine and policy fold when Clinton was in office for two terms of American absurdity and Oval Office sex capers.

If you want to know what a Christian Dominionist is, Erik Prince of Blackwater USA is a Christian Dominionist. To these people that inconvenient part of the Ten Commandments about “thou shalt not kill” is merely a suggestion, not an order from God. Money for killing vetoes God every time, right? Why evangelize when it can be quicker to bomb a nation to its knees or deploy Special Forces or private mercenaries and just murder who is getting in their way? They are blood-thirsty and power hungry because it takes money to go conquer the world for Jesus Christ and hold onto that empire until the Second Coming.

I have written about this in the past and is easy to find if you search my first and last name and “Christian Dominionistas”. That is a term I coined to describe this part of the Far Right fringe lunatics behind the Neocon doctrine and policies. I have reason to believe that both Bush and Cheney are also Christian Dominionistas as well as many of the better known Neocon names that were in the Bush Administration like Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice, et al. If you want to know who the others are, merely look at who Jeb Bush has put on his team for the Oval Office bid in 2016.

Or course, to consolidate power they also made sure the Zionist “Israel First” Jews like Wolfowitz, Feith, Zakheim, Perle and others were included in their delusional dream of US global empire.

In their Dominionista minds they do not care how many non-Christians or even non-Americans they kill regardless of religion. The entire world has to be conquered by force and under the Christian jackboot heels of ‘Christian America’. That is truly what some of them think, so the Neocon doctrine has a feature that is more than just claiming history anointed America to rule the world because capitalist USA defeated communist USSR. These nutcases think the Bible grants them that global domination mandate, too.

It was this mindset that changed the “USSR boogeyman” to “Islamic terrorist boogeyman” from 1992 to 1996 while I was inside the RNC. Then just waited for their Pearl Harbor so they could launch their plan to regime change 7 nations in 5 years and push for Global American Empire, and take over the oil and natural gas of the CIS region, and Iraq next and then Libya and so on. Of course, it did not take them long for their little red wagon to be high centered in the vortex they unleashed and Bush never got around to ‘doing’ that many nations in so few years.

They failed on every goal and now America is buried in debt due to a Neocon business plan that is totally and utterly insane.

They failed and will continue to fail because now they think they can handle Russia but have yet to prove they handled or can handle Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or Ukraine. This time they are violating a warning that Will Rogers left us on his observations of Washington DC.

Another variant of these lunatics are the Zionist Christians led by the likes of Pastor John Hagee in San Antonio. These people have no problems at all preaching hate for all non-American Christians and all non-Israel Zionist Jews, and especially anyone that might have Islam as a faith. All for the glory and protection of Israel, regardless of what the Bible says on the subject of killing and murder or what is and what is not the best interest of America.

There is no Biblical mandate for Israel as it exists today as a Zionist objective. That is exactly why there are at least 7 movements in Judaism to rid itself of the blood thirsty power cult of Zionism. The head of the Likud Party in Israel and current Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is both Fascist Zionist Jew and Neocon if you want to know what one looks like. Occasionally they foam at the mouth like rabid dogs due to their thirst for killing, and exactly like the American Neocons a complete scofflaw on what is right and wrong.

In a very real way many of the Far Right Zionist Jews in Israel and the US and EU are Zionist Dominionistas but I have not written that story yet but will in due time.

I wish the Bible dealt with the matter of what the definition of oxymoron is, because Zionist Christians is exactly that in being two words that should never be used in conjunction in a sentence. Zionism is not a religion and Christians owe absolutely nothing to Israel under current evil Zionist cult management and policies.

In case you are thinking and wondering, the Fascist Christian Dominionistas, the Zionist Christians and the Fascist Zionist Jews are buddies and after the same goals.

For any nation such as America to profess to be a Christian nation that God loves and is ‘one Nation under God’, but is directly or indirectly slaughtering people across the world has to be the 21st Century version of a new Cardinal Sin. It would really chap their asses if I were to give them the same Christian rebuke I am focusing on the Neocons, but first matters first. Suffice to say for now that Russia as Eastern Orthodox Christian is putting the USA Christians to utter shame as to what a Christian is and is not.

America is no longer the ‘shining light on the hill’ and there is no moral high ground or moral authority that the USA can claim as “indispensable, exceptional” or even conscionable and worth emulating.

The only thing resembling ‘war president’ that Clinton did was have the CIA upend the Bridas Corporation agreements with Turkmenistan and Pakistan and isolate the Taliban / Bridas for the Afghanistan leg of that same damned pipeline that the USSR was after, then Bush. All failed; there still is no pipeline. Yes, Clinton launched some cruise missiles at Afghanistan and Sudan, but was otherwise too preoccupied with chasing skirts.

That was not good enough for the Neocons because the likes of Republican John Sununu (Reagan Administration) and Nicholas Brady (GHWB Administration and Amerada Hess oil company board member) were already lining up huge oil and natural gas leases and blocking out the Democrats that wanted in on the Really Big Oil and Natural Gas Deal over there in the Caspian Basin (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the other ‘stans). Clinton would not order the attack until the Republican deal doers let his favorite political donors have a seat at the hog trough, too.

When it appeared that Clinton might pre-emptively attack and start the Global War on Terror early, the Republicans made sure his hands were so full of lawsuits and investigations he was otherwise preoccupied. He had already started the Patriot Act at the Janet Reno DOJ and was trying to figure out a way to go ahead and take over a lot of Caspian Basin oil and natural gas for his buddies.

That Clinton and CIA action in Turkmenistan to block the origination point of the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline was in the mid 1990’s as PNAC was assembling its power base. It took until September 9, 2003 for Bridas Corporation to prevail that the Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals in New Orleans. They won almost $500 million for interference of contract in Turkmenistan in the case titled Bridas SAPIC v. Government of Turkmenistan and Turkmenneft. I have written on that many times and it is easy to find by searching my name and Bridas SAPIC.

Of course, that was almost 2 years to the day too late to stop Bush Cheney and their launching of the Neocon doctrine after September 11, 2001.

Maybe this will get some Americans to wake up from their slumber. This is also in my book “One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas” and from the last interview of Osama bin Laden on November 22, 2001 about 6 weeks after Bush Cheney attacked Afghanistan and used September 11, 2001 as the excuse.

This was footnote 107 (of 957) and not one newspaper in the USA ran this because it did not fit the Neocon doctrine, agenda or narrative:

11:01 2001-11-22

Bin Laden: Not all Americans are bad

Mohammed Omar predicted the current campaign by the USA in Afghanistan 5 years ago, claiming that when the Taliban would not allow the US to build a pipeline they will begin to attack us, justifying it with Bin Laden.

Omar’s words are reported by Hamid Mir, who made the last interview with Osama Bin Laden, who declared that he is not against the American people, only the politicians and the state.

In the first interviews, Osama Bin Laden had declared himself against all the American people but he had changed. He admitted that there were many good people in the United States and it was the politicians and State, which he despised. He told Mir that he had seen many western people on television protesting at the bombing in Afghanistan and concluded, “They are good people. They are not Moslems, but they condemn the bombing”.

The Neocons also did not like Clinton’s overtures to make peace not only with the Palestinians but also the previous Assad regime in Syria so he could at least attempt to look ‘presidential’. The Neocons have always considered Syria as one of the regimes they are destined by history to topple because it is a democracy, does not answer to DC, and is a regional power threat to their long term agenda. It recently has come out that Israel was spying on Clinton and Assad to make sure things stayed as Israel wants it to be in the Middle East.

The Neocons were pulling their hair out and things got shrill on the US media waves when Russia put a naval base in Syria and then defused their ‘chemical weapons’ ploy by having Russia take care of that matter and their ‘regime change’ for Bashir al Assad and bombing Syria went up in smoke but no bombs. That negated their lust to bomb Syria into the Stone Age as they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq before, then Libya.

The Neocon war hawks and Clinton also had NATO and CIA minions arming the Serbian Muslims to kill the Serbian Christians so the USA and NATO could ride in for ‘the rescue of those poor Serbian Christians’ after about 100,000 of them had been slaughtered. We might all presume that Clinton was too busy diddling with Monica Lewinsky to be concerned about the body count that was racking up in Slavic Christian Serbia. (The Russians and Serbians are from the same ethnic background and why they use the Cyrillic alphabet rather that what westerners are accustomed to. That fact that the Serbian Christians are kin to the Russians might explain the delayed concern for the Christians in Serbia until the body count surpassed 100,000.)

Actually I have reason to believe it was just a ‘warm up exercise’ for this incessant propagandizing and fear mongering about the “Muslims”. They were not ready to launch the GWOT and they were not about to let Clinton launch it.

It is not fair or historically accurate to label the Balkanization of that part of the world as “war president” when Clinton just went to play ‘Wag the Dog’ and get America’s focus off his affair with Monica in the White House and the Paula Corbin Jones v William Jefferson Clinton lawsuit he had to settle out of court. After his peccadillos were held accountable he was then impeached and reprimanded by Congress and then disbarred in Arkansas for life as an attorney for lying under oath in a US District Court case.

The more Clinton drug his feet (and chased skirts like the sex-crazed idiot he is) the more the Far Left Zionist Israel-First communists and DNC warmongers for Israel started to detest him over at DNC. They wanted the wars that Israel and the Neocons wanted, whether that was in the best interest of America or not.

After GHWB got sent packing in 1992, the RNC and the Far Right Neocons came up with a plan and put it into motion. Just to win elections and get the Jewish money and vote behind Republicans for the 1994 upset Clinton was handed when the Democrats lost both the House and Senate, they let the Far Left lunatics come over to the RNC and Neocon side. They let them change camps, dress up and pretend to be Far Right Neocons that are concerned for Poor Little Apartheid Warmongering Israel, defending America and pushing the Neocon doctrine / agenda for global hegemony and empire.

Getting the Christians onboard and behind the Neocon doctrine and then the Far Left ‘Israel First’ Zionist Jew money behind their sworn enemy Republicans was the coup that Americans failed to notice. That was in 1992 to 1994 while I was an insider at RNC and America has since been sliding downhill faster each passing year.

That is when the entire political discourse in America went into complete breakdown and lunacy mode.

The US TV show “The Network” was being completely honest and on target with the show that characterized the Tea Party for what they are. They are truly ‘the American Taliban’ but there is another way to look at them. They are a hodgepodge of the conservative Far Right Christians, Far Right warmongers, the Far Right haters of Big Government that oddly enough keep voting for bigger government, the Zionist Jews that are Israel First, with a heavy dose of both Christian Dominionistas and Zionist Christians.

That is why most people have a hard time identifying and understanding what the Neocons are or grasping why they have such a stranglehold on the political discourse in America. This is now melded together to the point ‘for the glory of American Empire per Neocon doctrine’ that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the true ideology of any of them regardless of which side of the aisle got them elected and into office.

That is also why we now have campaigns in America and idiots like John McCain babbling about America being “founded as a Christian nation” out of fear of losing an election to some religious zealot that may or may not be religious at all. As a matter of fact, America was not founded as a Christian nation. Even in the early years John Adams in the Treaty of Tripoli and later Thomas Jefferson made that point very clear but too few Americans know a damned thing about real American history.

With that fact in hand and a firm self-awareness of what America is and is not, it is little wonder that Americans have not one damned clue regarding the true USSR and Russia Federation history.

It was also during the 1992-1996 time frame when the former NPF (National Policy Forum) people led by John Bolton quietly formed PNAC and started pushing Clinton with greater force to attack. The original PNAC manifesto was addressed to Clinton and key members of Congress. The American Empire was waiting to be conquered and they wanted war and domination. Everything you have seen since Bosnia Kosovo, through September 11, 2001, and right on through what is now 5 completely failed brain farts of the Neocons was decades in the making.

It was during the GHWB administration that he and Gorbachev came to an agreement and the USSR pulled back out of Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The agreement that NATO was not to move east to the borders of the new Russian Federation was generally adhered to during the GHWB and Clinton Administrations, but has been completely disregarded and breached by the later Bush Administration and Obama.

What George H W Bush as a Neocon did not let anyone know was that their first priority under the Neocon Doctrine was to forcefully deal with Iraq, Iran and quietly line up as much as they could in the CIS region since it was known to be loaded with vast reserves of oil and natural gas. There was no emphasis to violate the NATO expansion agreement by Bush and mostly by Clinton, since Russia was dealing with internal problems and reorganization and had yet to emerge as the energy colossus they are today.

Where Clinton crossed the line was using US and NATO forces against the Serbians, which are related to the Russians and right after that Bush started pushing NATO to every border they could. They even built into the EU membership program that it was trade bloc, monetary union and NATO as a package deal.

The Neocons stayed quiet and low profile during the Reagan and George H W Bush administrations but they were there in the circle of power but had yet to seize power. Both Cheney and Rumsfeld were in the Reagan administration and up to their well-known dirty tricks. Paul Wolfowitz was the architect of what some refer to as the Wolfowitz Doctrine and he was involved in the Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 administrations in key positions to effect and quietly implement the overall Neocon Doctrine. Of course, Cheney was Secretary of Defense in the GHWB administration and later Vice President in the Bush ­ Cheney era and Rumsfeld was back on the playing field as Secretary of Defense and the secret plans to regime change 7 nations in 5 years.

Their biggest brain fart yet is on the horizon that these delusional morons think they can dominate Russia and China, and the BRIC. Their ‘containment of revanchist Russia’ mantra is impossible due to the BRIC and what is now the real world opinion of the USA and these foreign policy hacks that call themselves Neocons.

By the time PNAC submitted their doctrine and manifesto to Clinton and Congress, what Americans thought were Far Right warmongers also included the Far Left communist nutcases that had defected from DNC and Clinton to RNC because they wanted the Israel war agenda implemented and the USA to carry the water to do so regardless of how much blood or money it cost.

I wrote in a recent article that the architect of this defection from DNC to RNC was engineered by former RNC chairman Haley Barbour, another Neocon that commingles patriotism, religion and Neocon Doctrine in any manner he chooses.

The Neocons all share common traits, such as lying, presenting facts that are 180 degrees backwards to mislead America, no regard for the law, no hesitancy to further their doctrine through any amount of deceit and violence, and tribal mentality. It took a while for me to clearly see to what extent the Neocons had infiltrated government at every level and in many nations, corporate management, finance, lobbyist groups, intelligence agencies, media and even which military people are promoted to the highest levels of authority and command. They even extended that to the pulpits in America’s churches to push for a war mindset wrapped up as ‘defending America’ from a boogeyman the Neocons created. After the USSR went to democracy and capitalism, the Neocons needed a new gig.

They wanted ‘lock-step management’ so there would be no dissenters among their grand vision to rule the world under the Neocon Doctrine. A good example of how the Neocons are deceitful is how they characterize NATO and US threats towards Russia and any response from Russia is then presented to the world as Russia aggression.

When George W. Bush came along and crossed the line of separation of church and state with his federal funding of ‘Faith Based Initiatives’ and gravitated and solidified the Christian bloc on the Far Right, the only possible response from the Far Left (Obama, his appointees, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, et al) was to take on the masquerade of being Far Left / Right warmongering Zionist Christian Neocons, too.

In case you missed this nuance, this was also when Bush unleashed the Christian Dominionista nutcases like Erik Prince and Blackwater USA to push the US Neocon agenda as private mercenaries. They loved that new concept because they do not have to discuss it with Congress at all.

Get that picture straight in your head because now, both sides of the DC aisle, are trying to pull the US and Europe into a war with a nuclear superpower named Russia. And make no mistake in judgment, the new Russia Federation is not the USSR, they are not trying to reassemble the USSR, but this constant provocation by the US and NATO to its very borders has been called.

Russia has recently announced that further harassment and threat to Russia via Ukraine will get a military response. I figure that would be over in about 5 to 10 days even with just conventional weapons.

One of the things the Neocons really have a chip on their shoulder about but the media is mum on it is the fact that while the US was warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq and losing, most of that oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin region they coveted all the way back to Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski creating Al Qaeda as a ‘strategery in Bush terms’ is now firmly in the hands of Russia, China, India and some other nations.

Merely pens and contracts have defeated the Neocons mantra of ‘mightiest military in the world’, and most Americans already know what the costs have been in American blood and money pissed away on a brain fart that the Neocons are solely responsible for creating. They are not as important to history as they think they are except for the idiotic policy directions they have promoted and pulled off, and then go hide under their desks as the blowback hits back home and the entire world knows they misjudged again.

After the ‘GW Bush GWOT Disaster’ the Neocons felt they needed breathing room and rebranding. What we all knew as PNAC [Project for a New American Century] has now re-labeled itself FPI, or Foreign Policy Initiative. They did that quietly just like Erik Prince renamed Blackwater USA as “Xi” as if now the Chinese are pushing US mercenary and private military interventionism.

There has been a coup d'état in America and it was the Neocons on both sides of the aisle that pulled it off. They had the assistance of the MSM because those idiots were told to and then just rolled over and never asked the hard questions. They never bothered to perform their function to investigate, report and inform the public with the truth. Many times when Americans think they are hearing the news all they are listening to was an anchor reading to them on the teleprompter something that was written by the Neocons or their associates.

After the Bush-Cheney-Neocon idea about Afghanistan to take over the Caspian Basin, and failed, the Neocons had to rebrand very fast before the ire of America was aimed at them. After their idiot idea to assault Iraq in a second Illegal Unjust War of Aggression and failed, the Neocons needed time to regroup and try to hone their business plan since it was stinking up DC like ‘three day old dead fish’.

They failed in that bid as did the US and UK when they thought September 11 2001 was such a nifty idea and their pipeline right of way theft would be a walk in the park, since the ‘world’s only Superpower with mightiest military on Earth’ were coming after the Cave Men in Afghanistan. Bush even announced that on his bullhorn at WTC, but was secretly planning to regime change 7 nations in 5 years.

There really was not any evidence whatsoever that Osama bin Laden or Afghanistan had anything to do with September 11, 2001. They needed that attack on America to launch their war and go for the oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin. James Dorian in the Oil and Gas Journal stated exactly why that would be needed to shore up their dreams of empire.

I take no pleasure whatsoever in informing America that the “Cave Men” kicked our ‘mightiest military on Earth’ ass black and blue just like they did the USSR (1980 to 1988) and the British before them in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. The Neocons have a ‘concept of a business plan’ but it has proven to not work in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. It does not work in the Real World because empires will never be accepted on this Earth again. The lust for empire first and foremost denies freedom, liberty and self-determination. They have pushed this lunacy so far it is also destroying economic prosperity.

It is not difficult to grasp why empires fail if one takes the time to understand the violence and then subjugation it takes to assemble that empire.

Paul Craig Roberts is exactly right in his assessment that the Neocons think history handed them a mandate for Empire with the collapse of the USSR. They can be as delusional as they want to be in those DC Ivory Tower think tanks but the facts are the facts and wishful Neocon thinking will not change the course of how this world has changed since the USSR disbanded in September 1991 and became the Russian Federation.

However, the Neocons show their arrogance and ingrained stupidity in drawing the conclusion that the dismantling of the USSR suddenly handed them the reigns and anointed them with the right for the US and the Neocons to ‘rule the world’. In fact, the USA did not defeat the USSR proletariat and American style democracy and capitalism was what the entire world now wanted, but of course completely under US and Neocon control. What the people of the world wanted was freedom and liberty, self-determination, economic opportunity, but not the Neocon’s version of it. The esteem for America has vanished since September 11, 2001 and it is now considered the pariah of this world and the greatest threat to world peace and prosperity.

I have yet to see the US media address the matter of why foreign polls outside of the USA clearly indicate that most of this world thinks the biggest problem and threat in this world is the United States of America.

I will tell you a true story that happened and I was in Washington DC for a week on business to see part of this unfold. This goes back to the time when Paul Craig Roberts was part of the Reagan Administration in the Department of Treasury and I was in DC and NYC often dealing with the 21% interest rates that was burying the US economy.

When former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa came to the USA for long meetings between the husbands, the Secret Service and Nancy Reagan took Raisa Gorbachev on tours of Washington DC and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia. It was the largest Secret Service convoy I have ever seen in Washington DC to give ‘First Lady of the USSR’ Raisa the grand tour while the husbands tried to become friends, trust each other, and change the course of the world.

One of the stops on a tour included a Giant Foods store, a very nice grocery store chain on the East Coast. Mrs. Gorbachev toured the entire store and was noting the bountiful supply of everything available to the shoppers. As the tour went to other locations she saw another Giant Foods and demanded to see that one, too. Apparently she was suspicious that maybe the first Giant Foods store with plenty for all might have been a special US propaganda show put on just for her.

Again, Raisa Gorbachev toured the entire store, and then a third grocery store hoping she would find one that was as vacant and picked over as the stores in the USSR.

She cried at the third one when she realized that capitalism was providing for the many and the USSR system only for the communist elite and the people were suffering. The USSR under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev made a decision to drop the communist business model and become a democratic and capitalist society.

That decision was not a surrender or a mandate handed to the Neocons and their lunatic doctrine. That was a decision for world peace and stop pretending that the Communist model was working. The communist model was back then every bit as dysfunctional as the US Business Model per Neocon Doctrine is right now and has been since 1990.

There was a huge move inside of Russia by the communist hardliners to block that dissolution of the USSR from ever happening. However, two men prevailed, then President Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin, who personally helped to stop the diehards from toppling Gorbachev and keeping the USSR intact. Putin did that at risk of his own life, just like the Colonists did in America to stand up to the British Empire and King George.

In a very real way those days were a revolution of change inside Russia, just like the Revolutionary War was that created the United States of America. The Colonists knew they might lose the war, and so did Gorbachev and Putin.

I have often wondered to what extent Raisa’s Giant Foods tours had on changing the course of history.

The Neocons hate Putin because they assumed when he arose to power it would be business as usual as when Yeltsin was in office. They found out quickly that it was not business as usual and he was cleaning up the mess Yeltsin and Berezovsky had made. Then he checkmated them in Syria during the same time Russia and China were locking up much of the oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin. If that were not enough, he cut major deals with Iran, Venezuela and China, then helped to form the BRIC.

They were apoplectic that Putin would not bow down to them as the Neocon Doctrine dictated. The Russia Federation had arisen as a global power in spite of the Neocons dreams and schemes. It has appeared to me for about 10 years that the Neocons resent Putin being the leader they can only hope to be but never will be.

It is comical in a sadistic and ironic way that the Neocons think their Doctrine is as important as the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and in some ways even negates far the far more important documents.

This has not been a unipolar world since World War II. There was no ‘victory’ as the Neocons claim or history handing the USA an entitlement to rule the world under the Neocon doctrine. The USSR saw that they were too vulnerable and none of their ‘5 Year Plans’ ever amounted to anything significant except a lot of paperwork for a lot of communist bureaucrats. Their system did not motivate people to be better and strive to achieve.

There was a time when America was the model for that, but not anymore. America lost that position after Reagan even though some of his actions did not turn out as intended. In all, I give Reagan credit for two things. He got America back up on its feet through the 21% interest rates in his first term, and he defused the situation between the USSR and the USA to where nuclear war was not imminent due to a mistake or a misunderstanding.

It is far more accurate to say that Russia, the new Russia, realized it was holding itself back in not being capitalist and democratic and continuing the Cold War any longer was just not workable and made no sense.

Unfortunately history will record that the USSR looked into the mirror and made the needed changes, and still are. The nation that went the wrong way after September 1991 was the USA in following the Neocon doctrine and delusional thinking that Global Empire was the answer or even achievable.

Russia’s natural resource might in minerals, oil and natural gas has them poised to be one of the major superpowers on Earth for the rest of this century and beyond. Even Merkel of Germany and Hollande of France are now coming to their senses that there is no secure future for Europe without Russia as a direct participant in that. Of course, that runs contrary to Neocon doctrine because they refuse to accept the reality of a world where the USA has to recognize what it really is and that it is not the unipolar sole Superpower in the world.

That China and Russia have to sit in the back of the bus, or be denied a seat, by these arrogant Neocons might be their epitome of arrogance and what Ugly American truly means. They prove every day how untruthful and how malignant of character the Neocons truly are.

That the BRIC, representing almost half of the entire population on Earth, needs to bow down to these Neocons is absurd if you really take the time to think it through. The sheer gall of these arrogant twits is beyond insufferable and the rest of the world has had enough.

The Neocons refuse to acknowledge that anyone could challenge their Empire or that this is no longer a unipolar world ruled by the dictates of Washington DC or the Neocons regardless of how much they wish otherwise.

The Neocons are failing, and the US foreign policy, because Washington DC has a delusional unworkable plan for what the world is now and where it is headed. The more they push that stupid approach, the less the rest of the world will respect or even do business with the USA.

For all of the GOP badgering and blustering about how bad Obama has harmed America, they are speaking with foul tongues and dirty hands because this lunacy was born on the RNC side from George H W Bush forward. The past 25 years have not been a demonstration of the greatness of America. Rather it has been an abject display of bullying, belligerence and hostility towards other nations and an attitude of inequity as if the USA is so star-spangled awesome everyone wants to be the same. Not anymore, the USA fell off that pedestal on September 11, 2001.

When America hears DC speak of lofty ideals such as “it is not acceptable for nations to attack other nations in the 21st Century”, they need to stop and reflect that the USA has attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, South Ossetia, Libya, Syria and Ukraine during the same time they are mouthing off and pontificating. Those are the ones you hear about on the news. If Americans knew how many black ops and special forces operations have been sent to attack in other nations, they might finally wake up to the extent of DC lies.

I can say with certainty what it is like to be an American living outside since June 2006. It is like looking back through the dirty windows and seeing how low the USA has sunk because of the Neocons and their coup over the US discussion of sanity and US domestic and foreign policy.

The EU collectively is now an economy that on average is about $2 trillion per year bigger than the USA. The USA is no longer the world’s #1 economy other than as one single nation but even that dynamic is changing fast. The US will be knocked out of their claim of being #1 in anything but debt racked up due to a foreign policy and energy policy that are both insane and are not sustainable over time.

It is projected that by 2025 China will take over as the #1 economy as a single nation and not long after that will even surpass the EU. Also, Russia, India and South America are each and every one emerging as major global economies and trading partners between themselves and trading less and less with the USA due to its militarism, spite and belligerence towards the rest of the world to force their ‘empire doctrine’ down the throat of the entire world.

There is another dynamic that is happening very fast and that formula is “BRIC + Germany” and will be by far the largest workforce and the largest economic output force on this planet. Most Americans do not know that the 86 million of Germany are about the same in industrial output as China. That will change over time and the more Germany backs the idiot US plan the further they will fall behind as China pulls ahead of everyone.

I saw a ray of hope in a recent poll by Gallup that maybe, just maybe, Americans are waking up from their slumber. A recent poll indicates that only 17% of Americans think USA is #1 economy anymore. They have not been the #1 economy for about 6 years and nothing has or will slow down China or Russia.

Americans Split on Worth of U.S. Being No. 1 Economically”

  • Half of Americans say it's important for U.S. to be No. 1

  • Percentage saying this is important is up since 2007

  • One in six Americans say U.S. is the leading economic power

The EU is even waking up to the reality that that USA demanded sanctions against Russia were Neocon politically motivated and are causing serious harm to the EU economies. That DC mantra of “Russia invaded Ukraine” and “Russia shot down Malaysia Air MH 17” are now clearly being seen to be politically motivated propaganda and lies emanating out of Neocon-driven Washington DC.

The harm being done to Russia, as Neocon Agenda 301, is now creating serious harm to the EU economies. The exports are down, the unemployment and people being pushed into poverty are skyrocketing all over Europe. Many of the leaders and real powers in EU are also realizing that Neocon Agenda 201 (Ukraine) was not a smart move and it is now backfiring on the EU members.

The Neocons are finding it impossible to sell the EU on the concept of war with Russia as being even remotely sane or needed, so now we get the Neocons trash-talking about EU thinking clearly and seeing things as they really are.

The Neocons were hoping that by hammering the quality of life in Russia there would be mass protests against Putin. The exact opposite has happened and the Russian people have rallied around Putin and their resolve is far stronger than the dysfunctional white noise and mayhem in America.

The Russian people know who Vladimir Putin is. He is the man that stood by Mikhail Gorbachev at risk of his own life to assure that the USSR and communism were history pages and Russia’s future was as a democratic, resource blessed world Superpower.

It has been said that to cure a problem first one has to admit there is a problem. That applies to nations as well as to companies and individuals.

We are now 24 years past Desert Storm in 1991, another Neocon plan that was a disaster for America and the Iraqi people, too.

America is no longer the #1 economy, the EU is and within 10 years or so China will be the #1 economy in the world. The EU will slip to second as a collective economy of EU members and the USA will find itself in #3 position. Sadly the US will have few friends left thanks to Neocon doctrine and idiot leaders in DC that put the stupid plans and idiotic ideas into motion.

The most ludicrous things to me about the Neocons is their arrogance and self-delusions that America stands for anything that the rest of the world wants. The other absurd thing is their self-appointed lunacy that they alone are qualified to lead this world but have not even one time since they appeared on the scene proven they can even lead America except with their lies to sell their agenda to mislead people.

It is now America that has to admit that its business model does not work because the USSR already has and is now a superpower named The Russian Federation. The first step in correcting that is to get rid of the Neocons and fix what is wrong inside of America itself.

There are only two paths to take. Either fix what is wrong inside of America or this Neocon Empire Delusion will collapse and disappear like the British Empire, Rome and every other empire in the history of this world. Even if they get desperate and launch the nuclear weapons to get their way, their track record says they will lose that one, too.


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