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War Without End - II

By Jim Kirwan

The rules of International Law that were created at the end of WWII, that were made to stop these horrors, have not been applied anywhere since the New Millennium began. Yet the dozens and dozens of color-revolutions that went through their paces were meant to bring back the unfinished nightmare that began as World War I.

If the world was really seeking new people with fresh strong voices:

Individuals such as president Putin to reconfigure and reformulate the global maps that the First World War gave the world: Then we would have gone out of our way to insure that the events of World War One could be taught and studied by people everywhere. Since this was not done, then unless we go back into history, we shall all be forced to repeat this all over again.

If the world was actually serious in seeking new and better ways to run the world according to human dreams and needs, then the lessons of history must be part of that effort. If this series were to be used in single episodes per week, and taught in public schools, then maybe Americans might learn the differences between enslavement and freedom the world over. It hasn’t happened yet but the possibility still exists.

Too many individuals today have no honor and no personal knowledge of self-responsibility which has reduced humanity to barbarianism, savagery and hate. This could be reversed if and only “IF” we could learn from our collective past that could assist us in lifting ourselves out of this current darkness which must be crushed.

Beginning with the eighth hour, in the series: Here’s a rough translation of some of what is mentioned in PART 8:

The wars on the battlefields began to be offset by ‘rebellions’ at home in Germany and elsewhere. By 1918 these rebellions were becoming a major part of the real issue behind the European dissatisfaction with the war. Anti-war movement began to gain new life on the homefront. This was partly the result of the two front wars that were decimating the home front. The horrible personal cost of the wars at home created a situation that ‘never let up’ despite all the supposedly victory laden news from the various fronts. This was happening while Germany was winning the war on all fronts—yet losing the same war at home in 1917 because of the lack of food.


The Americans entered the war in 1918 with a quarter of a million troops and fresh forces to energize the stagnated and war-weary European armies. The Germans, not long afterward lost nearly a million troops by March, which gave rise to the collapse of German moral, for the first time in the field. That statistic clearly outlines the changes. The Nazi’s had only 20 tanks while the combined Western forces had thousands of tanks and a new will to win. The French the British and the Americans began alternating assaults across the German lines, taking back town after town, which led to the inescapable feeling that the end for Germany was well on its way.

The Balkan Front then began to collapse as well. Its troops “naked, barefoot and hungry.” That was followed by the Serbs attacking the Bulgarians, who surrendered in September as the war wound all the way back to its beginning point.

October 1st: Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria were losing as well and the German high command, in the field, began to know that their efforts were now almost lost as well.

Episode 10:

An Armistice was declared on the edge of peace as the European war remained a slaughterhouse while terms were debated. The final Armistice was presided over by US president Wilson, the same man who had sold out America to the International Jews in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. That act, which was never legal, marked the end of the United States, just before WWI officially started.

Wilson tried to force his “New World Order” on the world, but his “League of Nations had no teeth and subsequently failed. However the United Nations which succeeded it has proven to be equally useless as well. Wilson’s “New World Order”, on the other hand is still alive and has been killing Americans ever since.

The Russian Dynasty of Frederick the Great was murdered by the Communists and collapsed as one more Empire that WWI had claimed as part of its legacy.

The Amnesty was signed on 11 November 1918 - but the battle for total control of the planet lingers on. Ten million died but our future has only just begun to reflect the real damages and costs of WWI via its hideous conclusions that we’ve only just begun to realize…


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