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The War Within Wars

By Jim Kirwan


Part Three: Continuing the 13 pages from Part One.




President Abraham Lincoln, acting as the Commander in Chief, prosecuted the war against the insurrectionary states while acting in the name of the United States, and using powers given the government of the United States in the District of Columbia by the Constitution. Few indeed today, recognize the sources and extent of those powers…

The acts of government during that period may have never been connected to those of the New Deal under examination here, but for two texts created and published by one William Whiting, Solicitor General for the United States in 1871, after prosecution of the Civil War. See War Powers under the Constitution of the United States, Military Arrests, Reconstruction and Military Governments, a 737 page recounting of the legal history of that period. See also Military Government of Hostile Territories in Time of War. Mr. Whiting’s work’s are commonly found only at What appears in this letter might likely prove perfectly incomprehensible without at least a fundamental understanding of Mr. Whiting’s published works. I believe understanding this letter to be profoundly impossible without that knowledge…

Little appreciated is the indisputable fact that at the close of the Civil War, the Confederate States of America was a conquered Nation, and it’s People a captive People. Moreover, President Lincoln, acting in the name of the United States using powers given the government of the United States in the District of Columbia by the Constitution, was the face of the conquering nation that had conquered the Confederacy, and the Elected Leaders of the United States its only voters.


Across the long arc of history, slowly and imperceptibly since before the Industrial Revolution, the congress together with various Chief Executives have separated the government of the United States, the ultimate sovereign in the District of Columbia, from the rest of the American People; joined its very formidable forces together with non-governmental foreign interests; first

the “foreign credit organizations29” (The Federal Reserve); and later the League of Nations, today, the United nations. Thus allied together with each other, elected officials of the United States, Foreign Bankers and members of the United Nations, have made a conquered nation of the People of the several states.

They have accomplished this by stealth and by secretly making use of the war powers granted to the government by the Constitution, and honed to perfection during the Civil war. Local laws of a conquered country may be changed not only by the law making power of a conquering country, but by virtue of belligerent rights in the conqueror.30 The prior local laws of a conquered country have no force or effect whatever except by permission of the United States.31

k) Could this be how Martial Law replaced the Constitution today and the rights of all Americans - today?


Whatever agreements have been reached by elected federal officials with the United Nations, or with other Nations abroad, none have effect in the several states except under the war power granted by the Constitution.

k) Again it appears that the reason the last two imposters from the Oval Office continue to demand that the public recognize that “We are at War” has a lot more to do with laying monstrously illegal laws upon us from outside the government than it could ever have; if the Constitution hadn’t been blind-sided by the New World Order and their conspiracy-to-steal the United States from its People, while making us all into Enemies of the State.

They are not now, and can never be “treaties made under it: and binding on any People outside of the District. The NWO is simply a bootstrapped coalition that exists wholly by federal betrayal of its duties to America. A coalition self-designated as the NWO.”


At the outset presumably, the objectives of the foreign credit organization part of the NWO coalition were to loot American wealth, together with creation of a general welfare scheme requiring a careful listing of the biological identity of every American individual in federal annals. These objectives were sought together with a planned abrogation of the gold standard in favor of a currency of no fixed worth.33 All of this would have inured to their benefit; there was money to be made here!”

k) Social Security ironically turned out to be a hugely profitable Ponzi-scheme. Government has stolen massively from the public: From the employee’s and their employer’s payments that went into the system, whereas millions never collected a dime, as they died before that could ever begin to come back to them. And no one tracks that money ­ the government just ignores that little over-accumulation...

The first step was the inauguration of a new National Bank in 1913. The Federal Reserve Act created a kind of banking not seen in America since Andrew Jackson’s Presidency. The second step was to have been the Sixteenth amendment, formerly adopted in 1916 but never ratified. The 16th amendment to this day, is not the true source of the present federal income tax, nor is it that of any direct tax imposed by the several states. Whatever may be the form of the Governments remaining several states, all are subordinate to the United States following the conquered status of their People. By 1920, nothing remained of the United States Treasury, its buildings, or its treasure. All of that along with everything in America, had been subsumed into the new banking system with title to everything having secretly become property of the coalition. 34

Remember if it isn’t Gold and it doesn’t represent Gold, “Commerce” outside the District can only be done with “foreign bills of exchange.” Many archaic banking terms take on a whole new range of properties when considered in light of what Congress has done to the several states through its war powers.

These collateral effects of a Congressional supremacy achieved by the New Deal legislation will need to be banished forever for American governments to be restored.

On February 10, 1939, six years after the bankruptcy of 1933, a date precedent to adoption of the U.S. Code, all general and permanent laws of the United States relating exclusively to internal revenue in force on January 2, 1939, were repealed, saving only the “penalties and forfeitures incurred under any

Statue hereby repealed, may be prosecuted and punished in the same manner as if this statute had not been passed!

By executive order on April 10, 1940, and on May 7, 1940 all “Americans in foreign states,”37 in54 Stat. 179, were placed under authority of the TWEA, Section 5(b, U.S.C.A. (2010) ~ and the Secretary of the Treasury. This was the actual date of the onset of the war against Americans. It followed closely on the heels of the Supreme Court’s rejection of the New Deal Legislative enactments.”


“ …A way was needed to change governments in the states. In 1932 Congress wrested an “Interdependency Clause” from governments of the several states then extant, a scheme benignly known as “Cooperative Federalism” ~ Under the auspices of this agreement, every state has adopted the Uniform Commercial Code, or the Law Merchant, that ancient body of rules generally accepted as International Maritime Law. The Founders had expressly rejected this as part of Constitutional law. Cites omitted.

Whether all or any of the elected officials of the several states are aware today of their existing status as military governments is not addressed in this effort. Almost certainly a few individuals in every state are aware and accepting of it, particularly in their judiciary. The Executive Order of April, 1940 is indeed the beginning of the New World order that lusts for domination of the planet, and all the People’s on it. It was accomplished by the United Nations, a willing Congress, the President in his role as Commander in Chief, and the stat governments all acting in concert with each other. Concealment of this history was easily done since the time period coincides exactly with a nearly complete governmental influence and control of public education…

Making use of the fact that Congress had earlier created a new government for the District of Columbia in 1871, instigators in government after 1916, conspired together with foreign bankers and have, acting in the name of the United States using powers given by the Constitution, conquered the several states, and made its People a captive People. Finding no other possibility of doing so, together with a few important insider’s in the Executive and legislative departments have very gradually, made enemies and captives of Americans in several states. The second war repeats exactly the legal consequences to American Liberties, including a civil death,38 but absent the armed hostilities of our first Civil War.

Today all “numbered” Americans are perpetual captives of the new government of the District of Columbia and the United Nations acting as defacto state governments…


In 1933, Congressman Beck, speaking from the Congressional Record, states:

I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of emergency is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency, there is no Constitution. This means its death. It is the very doctrine that the German chancellor is invoking today in the dying hours of the parliamentary body of the German Republic, namely, that because of an emergency, it should grant to the German chancellor absolute power to pass any law, even though the law contradicts the Constitution of the German Republic. Chancellor Hitler is at least frank about it. We pay the Constitution lip-service, but the result is the same.”

There are five hundred and thirty-five men and women in Congress who with their advisors, have for all practical purposes found a way to control nearly everything that goes on in America, and very nearly all of the financial transactions anywhere in the civilized world. These five hundred and thirty-five people represent a mixture of a handful of the most purely evil people one might find, combining their efforts with others among them, who for the most part simply never bothered to inquire. These are the only voters in the entire world who actually wield power the 315,000,000 People in the united States. Wouldn’t it be better if a few ore of them actually understood what they’re doing?”

k) They know exactly what they’re doing now and for the most part they also know what happened in the past as well. These creatures need to taken to a public stadium lined up and shot, in public, for selling out the entire nation…

It should not pass notice that the entire Federal Judiciary has stood mute while two other departments have had their way with us.”

k) In common parlance today, that act would be called serial-RAPE in the Streets, and it should never be forgotten!

In 1916 when the Brushaber Decision was handed down, the high court had refused to allow “one provision of the Constitution to destroy another.” ~ Two decades later, in 1935, when Perry was decided, they made no objection when Congress threw the whole thing out. Each of these federal jurists at all times thereafter, enjoyed a first amendment freedom to speak of it, no grant of power to intercede in the acts of the Commander in Chief was required. But hey, there was money to be made here. President Lincoln’s fear of the judiciary seems well founded.

For almost an entire century, for good or for ill, America has been a conquered nation, and the New District of Columbia its conquerors. How each of us feels about that is a matter of individual choice. I for one protest.”

Thank you for taking the time to examine the evidence I have offered.

Respectfully, Jerry McNeil

The content of this letter is copyrighted. © There is no copyright on government record. Anyone may make unlimited non-commercial used of the content of this letter and/or the evidence CD attached thereto provided that attribution for its content is made to the author”

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