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Warning - Fake Eviction
Notice Probably Has Virus

By Ted Twietmeyer


There is a new form of spam email going around. Worried homeowners might be so concerned that they will open the attachment, causing them to possibly add a virus to their system or worse. Once you launch a program, no firewall or antivirus program can stop the damage a virus can do before it is too late.

See text below this image:


Here are some of the indicators this email is a fraud (see screen capture above):

1. Sending someone only a email to vacate violates due process. A process server usually must physically deliver a eviction notice sent from a bank. If that fails then a notice may be placed in a newspaper. Consult a local lawyer for legal advice to confirm due process in your area. Most likely you'll find that a email is not a valid, legal means of delivering any notice of this type.

2. Screen capture below shows email text has terrible English. Statements like "... within a ten days period..." and  "in our turn we are kindly asking you..." No legal notice would be written with such terrible english. Eviction notices never use the word "kindly." Email text looks similar to spam emails from Nigeria.

3. Using a PKZIP file extraction program to preliminarily test the attachment revealed the attachment is actually a .EXE file (see blue arrow in picture above.) EXE file extension defines this really is a executable program, not a document. Once this is opened (launched) by the user it can cause unlimited damage to your computer.

Under NO circumstances should you ever launch any .EXE file sent to you from a unknown source! Today's virus programs can actually destroy not just computer files, but also hardware such as hard disk drives and motherboards. You can suddenly find yourself owning a dead computer not even worth the cost of repairing it. This virus can spread to other computers in your home or office network, destroying them as well.

Oddly enough at the time of this writing, the actual website is down. It is important to point out here that the sender of any email may not be what you see listed in your email inbox.

Ted Twietmeyer




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