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Want UFO Disclosure? Forget About It


By Ted Twietmeyer

UFO and alien issues will never, ever be announced voluntarily. Only the aliens themselves have the technology and clout to force this issue.
What would any alien species benefit from bringing all this out? Nothing.

Besides the implications it will have on many religions, here are just a few reasons why government will not disclose the alien issue:

*  No one in the military wants to be the one to declare to the world that we cannot defend our skies from them

*  Requires admitting that government created countless lies to cover it up

*  Admitting the coverup program kills and discredits countless employees who reveal it

*  Admitting the military has back-engineered alien technology for many decades for its own use

*  Admitting alien and military abduction issues are real, serious and cannot be controlled

*  Declaration that alien species are real, live among us and come and go from Earth anytime, anywhere they want

*  Admitting that over 100,000 aliens of various species already reside here on Earth

*  Taxpayer dollars in deep black programs are used to keep many of them in secret bases around the world

*  Revealing that trillions of dollars of taxpayer money continues to be spent on all aspects of this

*  Revealing the military uses Grays grown in tanks to assist military abductions

*  Revealing cattle mutilations are part of feeding some species kept in residence

*  Admitting deals were made with various alien species for many decades which were broken by both sides

Surely many more reasons exist which are not listed above. Even if you dismiss most of the above items listed, keep in mind it only takes just oen ro two of these items to ruin the career of politicians.

So is it any wonder why the alien issue remains classified?
Would you like to be the government spokesperson or politician who brings the alien issue to the public?
What politician(s) could ever hope to be re-elected after this came out?

Yes, the truth is out there - and it will STAY out there.
No matter what Mr. Podesta or anyone else thinks or wants.

Artistic employees at NASA and other agencies have a very secure future airbrushing photographs and images for decades to come.

--Ted Twietmeyer


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