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The Wake Of The United States

By Jim Kirwan

The U.S.A. is way past “distressed”, we’ve been very dead

For a very long time!

This is one of the days that I’ve mostly chosen to ignore, at least since 2001 because the corpse of this place is beyond ugly to the point of hideousness…

I did find one exception back in 2012. Here’s a piece of that article:

America has become a wasteland because we can no longer trust each other. In the end this failure became a betrayal of ourselves and is what has led us to confinement inside the private bell-jar’s of our own design.

Failure ~Success

We’ve consciously transferred everything we cared about into those nameless pursuits that led us ever deeper into greed and the pursuit of illicit powers that were meant to flatter our exaggerations, while we attempted to pacify our egos that have long since left reality behind. That’s just part of the basic training needed to begin to practice this Vulture Capitalism where there is no RESPONSIBILITY for any of the things we do continuously.

That having been said: Once the Individual becomes completely divorced from that reality where ‘RESPONSIBITY’ naturally follows from the choices that we make—then everything else about our lives is also UPSIDE DOWN.

We learn through the failures that go hand in hand with life. In reality those failures can teach us how to find and have the reality that goes with real success; even when ‘success’ might not be obvious to anyone else but ourselves. The world is about a whole lot more than money or toys, power or acquisition; it’s about being a human being and living a life that means something beyond ourselves.

The fact that we have failed as a nation, as a people and as individuals, need not be the final entry in our lives: but to “DO” anything with this knowledge we must look at ourselves and actually see what’s really there. Are we more than our individual resume’s can reveal? Aside from business or occupations who are we really: Do we have a life? Most especially what are the things that we would fight to protect, if we could, in this world of BETRAYAL on every side? Our dreams are important but our convictions outweigh everything else, because they are the only things that we can actually influence—provided they are real.”

There’s more at the site with images

We know for instance, if we think about it that this “nation” has already been broken into the districts shown below, so there is no mystery about ‘our future’ at least as far as the United Nations is concerned.

What makes this galling is that since the entire planet has already been broken up this way for all the 225 nation states, our future is clear. The old U.S. actually begins the Roman Number Count with I thru X. But the truly damning part of this breakdown is that each sector is controlled by a lowly colonel: because these former states aren’t even worth wasting a “general” on: When it comes to administering this once proud place. Are you feeling “special” yet?

If we don’t actually take this nightmare by the horns and kill it, then our way of life is over.

““CONTROL” is not something that anyone has in this life, we can plan or dream—schedule or fantasize—but in the end we actually control almost nothing about our lives. Instead [our lives] become a series of opportunities and tragedies that we can sometimes benefit from, and sometimes not. Ultimately it always comes down to the choices we each choose to make and how well adapted we are to make the most of any experience…”

Nature will not "take a number” and wait for us to choose when we will decide to act. And of course there are things like, say, the Eruption of Yellowstone, which, if that were to happen would not be something that most people could “prepare for”. Practically there are still many things that we could begin to prepare for and almost every one of those things requires complete and determined attention—which is not something most Amerikans have ever done—yet!

On an interview yesterday with Mike Harris I mentioned something that might still be of some real value to the majority of Americans.

We were talking about the 12,000 plus people which VT and some of its leaders have been studying: Because that’s roughly the number of creatures that are behind everything that’s been done here to insure that the flag does not ever fly again, right side up.

I mentioned that while it might be gratifying for the 330 million of us to go after the 12,000 most blatant traitors: It might not be the most effective use of our meager but collective resources. Veterans Today has some very tough and experienced members that might be just the people to undertake the arrest of say; from half a dozen to a dozen of our most public traitors; in order to bring about the total collapse of everything they’ve been working toward since 1913?

It’s as simple as these kinds of things ever get. Using the few that have the experience and the training to act—the public could be behind the capture of those members of the elite, with the highest profiles, in order to spread massive fear among all the rest of the 12,000 plus.

Once any small number of those creatures gets arrested; then that entire deck of filthy-cards will come smashing down on their entire enterprise because all the rest of them will try to flee for their lives. This is basic war-game theory. Pick the biggest most outrageous bullies and crush them in front of their pack of followers and the entire dynamic will revert to end everything that has brought us to this point?

It seemed like a very good idea at the time: Especially because we have so few options to actually take some of these barbarians in hand; in order to end the criminality here inside this war torn nation.

Ironically since they gifted us with all these illegal ‘laws’ which they are now using against us, we need to use these same laws against them: We can now prosecute them as the TERRORISTS they truly are.


They have all approved of the tortures for use on faceless Americans which they routinely arrest: Why not arrest them and confine them to “rendition” water-boarding and all the rest of it, since that was the point of artificially “legalizing those tortures” in the first place.

But they never dreamt that the public might decide to use the Patriot Act, the NDAA and the RICO Act against them. They have proven they are behind the entire destruction of the nation, the constitution and all the former laws of this place, so they qualify as terrorists: Why not use their sanctioned rules and regulations against these real traitors who brought actual “terrorism” to the United States!

At the end of the day just thinking about doing this might be a lot more productive than concentrating on how helpless so many still seem to believe we’ve all become!


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