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Vulture Capitalism


By Jim Kirwan



Currently the EU, led by IMF, The World Bank, The Bank of International Settlements, and dozens of other criminal associations:

Have taken international greed, arrogance and global crime to entirely new levels of global corruption.

The ‘West’ began this crime wave right after the conclusion of WWII, with their military occupation forces that are still very much in place all around the world today?

“Vulture Capitalism” represents a quasi-legal way for struggling people, states or nations to make the leap from “potentially-successful enterprises” to that mythical place where applicants theoretically could have enough money to do what that person, company, place or state needs to do - not just to survive ­ but to get to real success: This is made possible by the amounts of finance necessary to make that leap from ‘never-enough-money’ to all the financing and possibilities that too much poverty always prevents in the “early-years’ of any venture, for anyone willing to “dream the impossible dream” that usually becomes indebted in financial transactions that can never meet the ROI (Return on Investment) in the incredibly short term. That’s the evil-key to losing the entire promise. That’s also the theory that makes it “possible” for millions of projects, dozens of states or nations which the Vulture Capitalist is always ready to fund: Because when the venture fails then the Venture Capitalist will own whatever was being ‘funded” for pennies on the dollar ­ while the then bankrupted-borrower with be stuck with insurmountable debts that can never be wiped out.

When you add in the totally fallacious financial structures, the Fake Trusts, the Funds that aren’t worth the paper their written on, and the global-corporate policies that guarantee failure for the borrower, and success for the “lender”: Then you have this inexplicable disaster that still allows nation-states to continue to play follow-the-leader right off the deadly-cliffs

and straight into the unknown ­ rather than to do what they must to DEFAULT on the whole damned thing ­ everywhere and start over after the bankers are hung for their crimes…

That’s the entire secret behind America’s Economic Hit-Men; backed up as they always were by teams of Death Squads that were all too willing to “enforce” their contracts to assure the “success” of these troglidyian schemes that turned the almost comfortable world of 1945 into the literal depths of Hell itself that it’s become today. This is how hundreds of independent nations quietly became slave-states to what now calls itself “The New World Order”. This has been happening for 70 years now.

“Vulture Capitalism” is a major global-crime that has killed dozens and dozens of countries and destroyed the lives of Billions of People ­ its practitioners should be publicly hanged at the first opportunity. But instead we get to watch these same criminals dangle ridiculously “false-hope” in the face of a dying European Union, in which, if people the world over do not revolt now ­ then they will all be condemned to lives of impossible poverty, torture and debt that can never be escaped.

That’s why the other nations of the EU have to join Greece and DEFAULT on this colossally criminally-created DEBT that none of those nations will ever be able to repay. If half a dozen states joined Greece then the EU would collapse… as it should have long ago.

What kind of person dares to think that they will ever escape, when facing what the EU member states are still facing now ­ which is to cut their own incomes further, increase their own taxes and then move from the chance for new growth to higher prices and slashed business opportunities ­ to satisfy the same banks that are demanding extortionate amounts of money for themselves, while the embattled nations continue to fall further each and every day: That’s insanity by every measure…

While all this is going on, a huge new cost increase is being added by NATO which, by the time all is said and done, will add NATO’S exorbitant MILITARY COSTS, to every nation’s ever-increasing DEBT-DRIVEN future for nations that are headed straight into hell already.

That increase by ten-fold in military hardware for the EU will not be free ­ all those filthy profits are what all these ‘wars’ are all about. The EU is not used to having to pay for their military toys - and they will be very surprised when they start getting the bills for this round of “war-games” which will only increase, the deeper they get into US global War Debt. The US is playing the EU like a cheap guitar ­ against non-existent “enemies” ­ while they’re about to attack a somnambulant America that still refuses to track the truth.

The obvious solution has to be for a number of EU states to join Greece to COLLECTIVELY END the power to the fake banks and reclaim the sovereignty of the populations of Europe, by DEFAULTING, on masse, against the EU and the criminal banks, which would seem to be the only thing that makes any real sense at all. Iceland did it. Iceland arrested their criminal bankers and hung some of them and today Iceland is well on the way back to where they were before they took the poisoned-banker’s-bait and almost totally disappeared. The European Union was supposedly created to IMPROVE the lives of the people in it: HAS THAT HAPPENED FOR ANY NATION IN THE EU?

Hell the whole damned enterprise is staring at global bankruptcy!

U.S. Pacific Command and 23 Nations prep for Amphibious Assault To Enforce The New World Order Rules

Please notice that Russia (USEUCOM) has been added to EU. And China (USPACOM) contrary to current politics according to this map, already includes India all of Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia which the US believes, according to the video, are already being run by the U.S. ­ or more properly as the map says - “The U.S. Pacific Command”.

BTW if anyone wonders what all those illicit profits that have been stolen from the working people are being spent on, by the Rothschild’s and all their grossly deformed friends: Then you might want to study the map above very carefully ­ because as you can see the world has already been broken up into seven “regions” - each of which begins with just two letters: U.S. Then watch the video, and remember how many of the nearly 60 million refugees (this year) have not been assisted by these supposedly humane forces that have only one purpose: Full Spectrum Dominance over the entire planet ­ and they’ll get there if ordinary people don’t stand against them, wherever these global-thugs appear as cops in military uniforms.

8 min VIDEO

Either there are other nations in the world, or there is only the New World Order ­ the world can’t have this both ways. It’s way past time that the US had their over-amped ass handed to them by the rest of the world.

The sooner this happens the better the chances that the world will have to survive, whatever’s coming in the near-term future.



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