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Voters - Wise-Up With This Solution

Ted Twieitmeyer

Democrats got their butts kicked in Florida, and the Affordable Health Care Act is blamed for this. GOOD. But voting republican will not fix anything. It will *not* matter which party you vote for. Party platforms are just like the the boy who cried wolf too many times.

Washington politics heavily depends on:

1. Voters having NO MEMORY of countless broken promises for decades, not just four years ago.
2. Voters remain ignorant of active socialist engineering - to build a totally controlled society quietly in the background.

Here are a few facts about key campaign promises:

* Remember the "Contract with America" platform? Turned out to be utter bullshit. They broke the contract, not America.

* Obama originally ran for office stating his party is all about "change." He led people to believe that he stood for change for the better. YET NO ONE ASKED HIM FOR SPECIFICS ABOUT WHAT CHANGES HE HAD IN MIND. Now we know what those changes are. He has a proven track record of bypassing Constitutional laws using executive orders. Now he is infamous for "I've got pen and a phone." Scary that all it takes to bypass United States government laws is 1920's technology. Can anyone else on Capitol Hill do that? Unaccountability is required to create a socialist state to replace America as we know it.

* A transparent administration? Endless abuse of power with executive orders, including those executive orders issued in secret. Drone strikes to kill anyone, anywhere are claimed to be needed for "national security." In reality, this is a modernized version of the late USSR.

* Health care was to be affordable. "Affordable" according to the government is a $5,000 or more copay that must be met before government health care pays one cent of your medical bills. During those months that you are paying out of pocket to meet that copay? You are still paying monthly health care insurance premiums that are several hundred dollars per month. Some great deal that is. Do not feel sorry for thousands of Americans that bought into this lie. It is their job to do basic research BEFORE signing up.

* ONE VISIT to the emergency room easily runs up a bill of $3,200. I know this for a fact. I've have seen what my private health insurance paid for a family member to fix a broken wrist after falling on ice. Private copay for the visit? Just $50 - not the full $3,200.

* Once you sign up for government health care you cannot cancel it. Another broken promise. Like making a deal with the devil. Or as the proverbial godfather saying goes, "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."

* You can keep your own doctor? Another broken promise.

* Unemployment continues to increase. Why is this happening? Simply because more and more jobs go overseas and stay there. Remember Reagan? Few people remember labor secretary Reich started a new, clever way to determine unemployment. If someone is unemployed 6 months or more, if they have not found a job they are now counted as employed. This bold lie continues to this day. Some experts have said actual unemployment is closer to 30%. I'm sure every reader knows at least several people who have lost their job or will be soon.

* Common Core education - nothing more than yet another way to lower America's standard of education. Even worse than Bush's "No Child Left Behind." Common core is a government directive that further destroys America's ability to compete in the world, and every teacher hates it that I've spoken to. They know what it is, but need their jobs.

Enough said - facts are facts. For damage control, both major political parties will promise to fix healthcare and many other things wrong with our country AFTER they get into office. I for one refuse to believe any such promise. How many times has that promise been made by politicians in the past?

Broken promises and secret agendas have done nothing but make life worse for Americans, not better.

NO MORE bullshit Washington. The jig is up. To all political parties - PROVE your worth NOW, NOT LATER. Smart, informed Americans NO LONGER believe your bullshit.

Any lawyer will tell you verbal promises are very difficult to enforce. Politicians know this - almost all of them are lawyers.


DEMAND everyone running for office signs a BINDING CONTRACT on PAPER to live up to their campaign promises. Legal text, signed in ink, binding and notarized. Not signed with their lips. If they are voted or re-elected into office and do not live up to their campaign promises within the first year, they MUST resign.

Politicians both new and incumbent - no matter who you are, back up your promises with a binding contract or do not run for office. Period. Americans have had enough and are sick of suffering at your hands.

Ted Twietmeyer



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