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Victims Of The Past

By JIm Kirwan


We’ve actually upended the natural cornucopia of life by design:

Turning the natural abundance and prosperity

Of everyday life

into a commercial wasteland of global

starvation, thirst and death.

We’ve been living this way since the Robber Barrons ruled the new world with fists of iron, banks of greed and brazen slavery. That was at the end of the Nineteenth Century which continued over into the beginning of the star-crossed Twentieth Century.

Between the Civil War and 1900, steam and electricity replaced human muscle, iron replaced wood, and steel replaced iron (before the Bessemer process, iron was hardened into steel at the rate of 3 to 5 tons a day; now the same amount could be processed in 15 minutes). Machines could now drive steel tools. Oil could lubricate machines and light homes, streets, factories. People and goods could move by railroad, propelled by steam along steel rails; by 1900 there were 193,000 miles of railroad. The telephone, the typewriter, and the adding machine speeded up the work of business.

Machines changed farming. Before the Civil War it took 61 hours of labor to produce an acre of wheat. By 1900, it took 3 hours, 19 minutes. Manufactured ice enabled the transport of food over long distances, and the industry of meatpacking was born.

Steam drove textile mill spindles; it drove sewing machines. It came from coal. Pneumatic drills now drilled deeper into the earth for coal. In 1860, 14 million tons of coal were mined; by 1884 it was 100 million tons. More coal meant more steel, because coal furnaces converted iron into steel; by 1880 a million tons of steel were being produced; by 1910, 25 million tons. By now electricity was beginning to replace steam. Electrical wire needed copper, of which 30,000 tons were produced in 1880; 500,000 tons by 1910.

To accomplish all this required ingenious inventors of new processes and new machines, clever organizers and administrators of the new corporations, a country rich with land and minerals, and a huge supply of human beings to do the back-breaking, unhealthful, and dangerous work. Immigrants would come from Europe and China, to make the new labor force. Farmers unable to buy the new machinery or pay the new railroad rates would move to the cities. Between 1860 and 1914, New York grew from 850,000 to 4 million, Chicago from 110,000 to 2 million, Philadelphia from 650,000 to 1 1/2 million…

While some multimillionaires started in poverty, most did not. A study of the origins of 303 textile, railroad, and steel executives of the 1870s showed that 90 percent came from middle- or upper-class families. The Horatio Alger stories of "rags to riches" were true for a few men, but mostly a myth, and a useful myth for control.

Most of the fortune building was done legally, with the collaboration of the government and the courts. Sometimes the collaboration had to be paid for. Thomas Edison promised New Jersey politicians $1,000 each in return for favorable legislation. Daniel Drew and Jay Gould spent $1 million to bribe the New York legislature to legalize their issue of $8 million in "watered stock" (stock not representing real value) on the Erie Railroad.

The first transcontinental railroad was built with blood, sweat, politics and thievery, out of the meeting of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads. The Central Pacific started on the West Coast going east; it spent $200,000 in Washington on bribes to get 9 million acres of free land and $24 million in bonds, and paid $79 million, an overpayment of $36 million, to a construction company which really was its own. The construction was done by three thousand Irish and ten thousand Chinese, over a period of four years, working for one or two dollars a day.

The Union Pacific started in Nebraska going west. It had been given 12 million acres of free land and $27 million in government bonds. It created the Credit Mobilier company and gave them $94 million for construction when the actual cost was $44 million. Shares were sold cheaply to Congressmen to prevent investigation. This was at the suggestion of Massachusetts Congressman Oakes Ames, a shovel manufacturer and director of Credit Mobilier, who said: "There is no difficulty in getting men to look after their own property." The Union Pacific used twenty thousand workers-war veterans and Irish immigrants, who laid 5 miles of track a day and died by the hundreds in the heat, the cold, and the battles with Indians opposing the invasion of their territory.

Both railroads used longer, twisting routes to get subsidies from towns they went through. In 1869, amid music and speeches, the two crooked lines met in Utah.

The wild fraud on the railroads led to more control of railroad finances by bankers, who wanted more stability-profit by law rather than by theft. By the 1890s, most of the country's railway mileage was concentrated in six huge systems. Four of these were completely or partially controlled by the House of Morgan, and two others by the bankers Kuhn, Loeb, and Company.

J. P. Morgan had started before the war, as the son of a banker who began selling stocks for the railroads for good commissions. During the Civil War he bought five thousand rifles for $3.50 each from an army arsenal, and sold them to a general in the field for $22 each. The rifles were defective and would shoot off the thumbs of the soldiers using them. A congressional committee noted this in the small print of an obscure report, but a federal judge upheld the deal as the fulfillment of a valid legal contract.

Morgan had escaped military service in the Civil War by paying $300 to a substitute. So did John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Philip Armour, Jay Gould, and James Mellon. Mellon's father had written to him that "a man may be a patriot without risking his own life or sacrificing his health. There are plenty of lives less valuable."

It was the firm of Drexel, Morgan and Company that was given a U.S. government contract to float a bond issue of $260 million. The government could have sold the bonds directly; it chose to pay the bankers $5 million in commission.

On January 2, 1889, as Gustavus Myers reports:

... a circular marked "Private and Confidential" was issued by the three banking houses of Drexel, Morgan & Company, Brown Brothers & Company, and Kidder, Peabody & Company. The most painstaking care was exercised that this document should not find its way into the press or otherwise become public.... Why this fear? Because the circular was an invitation ... to the great railroad magnates to assemble at Morgan's house, No. 219 Madison Avenue, there to form, in the phrase of the day, an iron-clad combination. ... a compact which would efface competition among certain railroads, and unite those interests in an agreement by which the people of the United States would be bled even more effectively than before.

There was a human cost to this exciting story of financial ingenuity. That year, 1889, records of the Interstate Commerce Commission showed that 22,000 railroad workers were killed or injured.

In 1895 the gold reserve of the United States was depleted, while twenty-six New York City banks had $129 million in gold in their vaults. A syndicate of bankers headed by J. P. Morgan & Company, August Belmont & Company, the National City Bank, and others offered to give the government gold in exchange for bonds. President Grover Cleveland agreed. The bankers immediately resold the bonds at higher prices, making $18 million profit.”… This article continues at the link below

The actual end of the original Robber Barrons has been removed from the web, but what’s important is that there has been a massive resurgence of their criminal-empire that’s currently killing the entire planet. Here’s one small part of its resurgence:

Since the world allowed the Stazi-State to embark upon this global resurgence beginning in the heart of the Middle East to eliminate and control all our competitors in the oil & gas production worldwide: The planet has been locked into this battle over this Nineteenth Century technology which we have refused to leave behind.

In the war-stories which the Robber Barrons concocted they claimed all credit for everything they’ve used to get this far. Overlooking their murder and extermination of people like Tesla and the theft of his inventions that was meant for the free use of the entire world: But which Edison stole, then turned into “the invention of electricity” that Tesla actually discovered. Tesla wanted to insure a better way of life for the planet, among other things, but once the government got their hands on his life’s work everything went into weapons technology that we’re still using and still trying to “develop” today.

Cutting to the chase: Once we began to destroy Iraq in 1991, the rebirth of the Robber Barrons began. All our wars in the middle east have been about the total control over oil and gas production and the elimination of all our competitors, in any country from Venezuela and Nigeria thru the Middle East to come to rest now inside Ukraine and the pending war with the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India and China—the international agenda is now clearly written for everyone to see.

However there’s a huge dark-side to everything we’ve done to date. We have left of legacy of the scorched earth policies that we first used against the native-population while we were clearing the land that had been home to the natives for over 5,000 years. Israel has been copying that same plan in their treatment of the Palestinians since that war began in 1948. Here’s part of the story as told on RT today.

The link is problematic because it’s being censored on my computer which makes it almost impossible to transcribe... I can only hear three words at a time in the 28 min video. What you need to hear, if you can get it, begins at 10mins 24secs. The US is selling oil again thanks to a huge influx of oil in the US due to the fracking which is poisoning US ground water. From there the video goes on to explain how much damage the 20 year war in Iraq did to their oil and gas stocks. That’s followed by how much oil and gas is no longer available from Libya, due the total destruction of that nation as well. The charts of the losses in the region tell the story. Then RT goes on to explain the situation from Venezuela and other sources for the world’s oil market: outlining the total picture of this “resource” worldwide—due directly to the war and invasion polices of the US and Israel.


Add to this the man-made damage that’s being done to the whole of the US during the man-made drought throughout the west, coupled with nuclear disaster in Carlsbad that’s poisoning New Mexico and parts of several other states for decades if not for thousands of years.


All of this is directly due to the savagely blatant policies of private oil and gas companies that have never waivered from their goals; no matter how many billions of people are displaced, tortured or murdered. In the end the entire effort is directly keyed to retaining the nineteenth century “technology” that has long since been bypassed. But because of the total lock upon that resource, these private global companies will never stop until they are able to sell every last drop of oil at usurious prices, throughout the world.

Meanwhile: The natural choices that every person ought to have faced, requires that every particular choice we individually make must be continuously made: Time after Time, if we are to survive as individuals and members of the human species that calls this planet home.

The greed and the usury coupled with the bloodthirsty and insatiable determination to own the entire world must be thwarted once again, just as the Robber Barrons were originally chained up and stopped way back there in the mists of history.

If we can’t do that now, then this fantastic adventure of being able to live out your life upon this planet will die, long before it was supposed to.

The War of Lies


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