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Betting Against Ourselves Since WWII

By Jim Kirwan


One of the last ‘living lies’ from the Bush ‘die-nasty’ is on his death bed. This Skull & Bones member of the global criminal cabal, is the last literal connection to the official establishment of the Nazi regime, in the U.S. through his father Prescott Bush, who was convicted of aiding and abetting the enemy before and during WWII. The Bush family members are all Skull & Bones members.

Most of America knew nothing about this because in exchange for not going to jail for his crimes: Prescott Bush promised that “No member of the Bush clan would ever run for President of the United States”. Not only was that “promise” broken; in the fact of GWH Bush becoming the forty-first president, his twisted seed George Junior became the forty-third US president. Now his inept other brother, “Jeb” is slated to become the next president after Obamanation: That’s potentially three Nazi’s in a row, yet the people of the USSA still see nothing wrong with that?

To unravel how this came to pass we need to look back again into the history that was covered-up surrounding how GHW Bush managed to get into politics after his father, Prescott, was caught supporting the Nazi’s.

During WWII, GHW Bush was a US Navy fighter pilot who ditched his two man Navy plane, leaving his navigator to die; claiming that “his plane was on fire, so he was forced to bail-out”. Much later, it was established that his plane was not on fire and that his escape from a supposedly burning fighter had been staged to establish GWH Bush as a “war hero”, when in fact he was following his father, using treason to insert himself into American politics, as part of what was needed to cover up the fact that “Poppy” had always been a wimp: Thus the Bush Sr. event, proved that traitors in the USSA could never go wrong betting against the United States ~

As the memory-span of most Amerikans is less than a week long.

It’s been made clear that this nation is nothing now except just another part of the global-war-cabal. And that to get here, even before WWI, the USSA had established controls through the Rockefeller education system, financed by the Rothschild’s that taught the worship of war along with the unspoken traditional “service” which became part of the requirement for ‘manhood’ or maturity, in America, for both men and women serving in the supposedly American Armed Forces.

Those who wear the uniform today are serving the USSA, US Incorporated and Israel. The proof for all of this is clearly stated by the gold fringe on the US Flag, indicating that martial law is in effect, as the flag is now worn backwards, (Stars on the right instead of the left with the gold-fringe), by cops and officials at the local and state levels of government. Other parts of this was mentioned in the previous article.

The Kool Aid:

Today there’s another story which clearly outlines just how totally screwed up the USSA actually is. This story concerns the newest jet fighter that is not capable of firing even a single bullet and won’t be able to defend itself for at least the next five years due to computer problems. These problems were built-in from the start of this monumentally huge project: To build the astronomically expensive fighter that was to replace every American fighter plane, currently serving in the world today: Nothing says “SABOTAGE” more clearly than the obscenity below…

The Pentagon’s fighter jet F-35 may not be fully operational until 2019 due to a newly discovered computer glitch. The $400 billion ultra-sophisticated jet, the most expensive in US history, was expected to enter service in 2015.

But there’s something far more dangerous than everything else we’ve continued to do everywhere in the world: Especially since the beginning of the New Millennium.

At the center of everyone’s world there’s always been an unseen gyroscope that controls the life of everyone that lives on the planet today. This invisible device applies to every person, every religion and in every part of life because there’s a natural BALANCE present; throughout the universe that we can never violate.

Yet despite this unwritten law of nature people the world over continue to kick this gyroscope within themselves, at every possible opportunity: Whenever and wherever ‘real-balance’ might interfere with whatever scheme we want to see succeed.

We all know that everyone on this planet came from a woman, in order just to be here: Yet we have allowed our ‘owners’ to declare total war on all women as one of the key components of a totally impossible global policy that can never succeed.

The second part of this insanity is the total war we’ve also allowed them to declare upon all of nature, as if there are no laws anywhere that can restrict whatever our would-be owners have demanded for themselves.

The Gyroscope outlines not just the four directions that most of us know about but also the “above and below” which gives the native-gyroscope its six directions. Since we have chosen to use this ‘sacrament’ like a soccer ball, every time there’s any conflict about whichever “way forward” this corrupted world has decided to move in: It’s no wonder that the planet is spinning out of control and headed for the disaster that being totally out-of-balance will always lead to.

The gyroscope that was intended to maintain the real balance within, but now it has become far more like a man-made-kaleidoscope that totally shifts; with every turn of events. Hell it’s no wonder that everything is constantly upside down as we continue to move at the speed of light toward near total destruction…

When you try and listen to ‘the experts” as they prattle on about the gold and the money-that-isn’t, about the politics and the dozens of quagmires, not to mention all the tar-babies that are blocking any real progress in most places as we speak: It’s all become gibberish that has no depth or meaning, when it comes to what will happen to the planet that can no longer grasp any purpose or direction any longer…


The future has been dead for much longer than most could ever imagine. We allowed the miniscule few to use up the vast natural resources of the planet. They’ve destroyed the rain-forests, the mountain ranges, cutting off the tops of mountains to strip mine coal, flooding the streams with slag, to pollute whatever’s left of the natural drainage wherever that’s been convenient for the filthy rich. They’ve polluted the water, the earth and even the skies of the planet, in the name of global profits.

The food has been patented and poisoned just like our bodies have been patented, registered and stolen to be used and sold for profit by the corporations that are no longer satisfied with just being fake-humans, now those same corporations are demanding that they alone should become the nations of the earth. That way they alone will own everyone on the planet—if there’s anyone left to kill or own.

There is nothing left for “a next-generation” to inherit; and we did this all at light speed! When Bush Jr., started his run for the Tarnished House there was a small amount in the national treasury that was referred to as ‘being in the black’. That was true until Bush started talking about “Recession” and almost instantly we reverted to Ronnie’s favorite way forward, by using ‘other people’s money’ or permanent DEBT financing.

And today fifteen years later we can’t even measure the size of any of the debt that is supposedly owned, in the quadrillions, that we are supposedly responsible for…

The USSA is beyond “dumber than a box of rocks” to have put up with this, even for one year, much less for FIFTEEN YEARS of total failure, unimaginable debts, a totally blown economy, a place with no future whatsoever: Yet we still continue to listen to the same war-criminals as if they were either sane or loyal: We can’t even keep track of how many American presidents have committed massive amounts of treason, publicly and repeatedly, most especially dating from the end of JFK all the way to this moment.

One other little footnote that most people still missed was the real reason why Building Seven had to be destroyed during 911- because it contained the records of all those who bet against America and the airlines that went down on that day. Many of those troglodytes who got rich, were part of agencies like the CIA and the FBI that decided to destroy the evidence of their treacherous treason: But the real crime has continued from that day to this, in every one of our continuing Wars’ Against the World that actually began by attacking the real Americans and whatever’s left from the scorched earth policies that deepen more with each and every day…

Happy New Year America!

May this year bring us all some real answers for a change…


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